How Would You Customize Your Ford Fiesta?

By Ford Social Member

Just in case you think the Ford Fiesta isn't personal enough for your taste, for the 2012 model, three new packages give you even more flexibility for personalization.

“The Fiesta customer loves accessories and personalization. These packages extend the desire the customer has to make the car more tailored to his or her own personal tastes,” said Lew Echlin, Global Car Marketing Manager. “Personalization has been key since the Fiesta launched, and with the new packages we’re featuring the latest design trends so customers can do even more with their car.”

These three new packages build on the success of the current personalization choices Fiesta customers enjoy today. In fact, nearly 40 percent of customers purchase at least one accessory, and more than 26,000 Ford Custom Accessories items have been purchased by Fiesta owners.

A recent study by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) found that accessories drive sales, with the availability of accessories influencing more than 1 million new vehicle sales each year.

“The appeal of accessories reflects on other trends in society, including the desire to personalize phones, computers and clothing,” said Sheryl Connelly, Manager of Ford Global Trends and Futuring. “People don’t customize to stand out from the crowd; they do it to create a more meaningful connection.”

The new premium sport appearance package takes cues from the European Focus RS with several blacked-out components that feature Tuxedo Black paint, including:
  • Side mirrors

  • Headlamps

  • Grille surround

  • License plate header

  • Upper rear hatch spoiler

The package also offers 16-inch polished alloy wheels along with improved performance when ordered with a manual transmission. The package delivers improved performance through a shorter final drive ratio of 4.25 versus the base model at 4.07.

The new premium interior packages for the 2012 Fiesta draw inspiration from the runway. Available on high-level Fiesta SEL and SES models, the packages feature high-contrasting interior accent colors in Oxford White or Race Red that are strategically placed throughout the interior of the vehicle, similarities that can be seen in the latest collections in fashion and home design.

The contrast color is used on the center stack bezel, door panels and vent trim rings. The two-tone leather-wrapped steering wheel also offers a color-matched insert with contrast stitching, while the shift knob comes in black leather for even greater distinction.

The theme also carries through to the seats, where contrast-color leather seat cushions and seatback surfaces with perforated inserts are used. Contrast-color seams are applied in the bolsters, head restraints and seat surfaces. The seats also feature a debossed “Fiesta” logo and black leather bolsters.

There are plenty of options for customers looking to personalize their Fiesta in other ways as well. Ford Custom Accessories offers almost anything an owner would need to put a creative touch on Fiesta or give the car even more functionality. If an owner is looking to light up the interior, for example, there are several choices. An illuminated gear indicator shift knob comes with a digital gear display, while illuminated door sill plates add special effects with an LED Fiesta logo.

There’s also an interior light kit that includes one LED-generated light in the cupholder area and a light bar in the footwells. Owners can set a mood with their choice of seven colors that create the perfect ambience.

A rear roof spoiler exclusive to the hatchback is a chiseled head-turner that can be painted to match one’s Fiesta color, or painted in a contrasting color for even more flair. A four-piece, race-inspired body kit comes with a sculpted front air dam, side skirts and sleek rear valance.

Introduced for the first time in North America last year, a unique body-side tattoo graphic for Fiesta is being offered. Guaranteed to get looks, this striking tattoo, available in black or silver, spells out “Fiesta” on the side panel. It’s made of heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is precision-cut to fit the car’s curves.

Another option features Ford Custom Graphics by Original Wraps, which lets customers choose the size and design of several body-side and hood graphics or racing stripes from a portfolio of images. More than 22 designs are available in several different colors, and include a cityscape, bubbles, flames and even ninja blades. Check out the graphics at www.fordcustomgraphics.

Nearly a year after the Fiesta was introduced in North, the Fiesta accessory offerings continue to be well received. While some customers prefer appearance items, others are all about functionality. To date, the most popular accessories are custom manual transmission shift knobs, the Euro-style upper rear hatch spoiler and the Fiesta tattoo graphic.

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Austin B 10/14/2012
i love my fiesta.i be KEN BLOCKIN IT.! but its a dual clutch and i want some paddle shifters. ill even install em myself!! do it !!! !
Some Guy 12/25/2011
I'd like the following: turbo engine, xenon headlights, LED signal/brake lights, three-door hatchback, six-speed transmission, bigger sunroof, dual exhaust, and swivel bucket seats. No one offers swivel buckets anymore.
nlpnt 06/05/2011
hmmm.. how about that new 1.0 Ecoboost engine hooked to a 6-speed manual, in a 5-door with the S sedan's two-tone cloth seats.
Dan 04/20/2011
Please bring the Fiesta ST here! 1.6L ecoboost with >180 hp sounds nice!
Jesus Bauzo 04/06/2011
A Ford SVT Fiesta with AWD, 6-speed paddle shifter, Brembo Brake System, Dual Exhaust, Heavy Duty Suspension and a 1.6L EcoBoost Engine with 200 horsepower.
Karl Rotcavich 03/24/2011
I'd put it at my house
eRic 03/24/2011
my Ford Fiesta is customized with the Ford Racing Fiesta handling pack, Ford Racing Fiesta short throw shifter, silver SVT Focus wheels, a cold air intake and cat-back exhaust system.
peteMt 03/24/2011
Fiesta SVT - 1.6 ecoboost, suspension package, 6-speed manual, bigger brakes.
Eric Davis 03/23/2011
EcoBoost it! Seriously We need a hot hatch Ford in the US!
Ed Rybarczyk 03/23/2011
oh and make a 2-door too!
Ed Rybarczyk 03/23/2011
Gut it out, tube frame it, make it rear wheel drive and put some V8 horsepower in it! just like it should be!
Keith Browne 03/23/2011
No transponder key, crank windows, no power locks, and oh, did I mention NO TRANSPONDER KEY?
Amin Zamanloo 03/23/2011
ah ah fordan tushdum... bu namana di san allah
Ricardo Batres 03/23/2011
Ill trade it for a focus rs
thephantomhawk 03/23/2011
1.6 Ecoboost Please
Eric Meyer 03/23/2011
I would make it all wheel drive.
Graham Rushton 03/23/2011
Ha ha ha give me a break buy a mustang!
Peter Fin 03/23/2011
remove the engine!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Andrew Mark 03/23/2011
Tim Hornsey 03/23/2011
There cool cars thay are I had 1 of thos but iv the ST 150 now :D
Thoroughbred Ford 03/23/2011
Fun, this will ber very cool.
Timothy Dike 03/23/2011
give it 2 doors and the 1.6l eco-boost engine. I want one, but not with 4 doors.
Jane Walks 03/23/2011
I want to WIN a free one :)
Richard Irvine 03/23/2011
Buy a GT and I DONOT mean a new 1
Michael Marollo 03/23/2011
2.0l ecoboost!
Curtis Cardona 03/23/2011
By trading it in on a superduty .
Raul Albor 03/23/2011
Gymkana style!!! Gymkana3!!! Ken Block!!!
Andrew Dailey 03/23/2011
I could have got a brand new fiesta but I got a focus with my money from my truck
George Ewing 03/23/2011
by going to trade it for a Mustang!!
Scott Verkuilen 03/23/2011
Jack it up and drive an EDGE under it...
Zachary D Davis 03/23/2011
I would like to see a Fiesta Diesel. But if I am to buy a brand new Fiesta. I would create a Cold Air Intake, put a custom exhaust on it. Get the Ford's best audio system in it. Then I would tint the windows, and leave the rest standard. Maybe the 3DCarbon Body Kit, that looks pretty schnazzy.
Katelyn Bounds Stephens 03/23/2011
By trading it in for a 4x4 four door F150! :-)
Lala Elizabeth 03/23/2011
Bahaha I love the blow it up and get money forr a gt, id so the aame
Thomas Mays 03/23/2011
turbo kit, Fiesta R2 kit, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber dash, carbon fiber door panels, roll cage, speedline wheels, Fiesta S2000 livery, body kit, and AWD.
Ave Sala 03/23/2011
I would want it to represent our Troops, red white & blue etc
Dennis Spitzo Spitoleri 03/23/2011
u can customize those lil things? with what a remote control and a 9v battery?? i love my truck but still wish u guys would recall the peeling paint that i see on most expeditions and navi's and also the spark plug set up! thanks
Daniel Edward Zerbest 03/23/2011
You mean My F-150 pick up truck, I am a truck guy
John Latinik 03/23/2011
with a Supercharger!
Damon Harcum 03/23/2011
5.0 coyote Rwd.... single turbo
Robert Deneweth 03/23/2011
I would just drive it as is, maybe buy some winter tires/wheels....
Benjamin Barker 03/23/2011
ken block style
Nestle Salcedo 03/23/2011
Stick the Mustangs 5.0l engine in there...add the sho's awd and svt performance parts. =)
Gina McCloud Black Kates 03/23/2011
I wouldn't but I would my Mustang! LOL
Nuri Djavit 03/23/2011
Twin torpedo launchers and smoke screen.
Ryan Neil Doodle Ketner 03/23/2011
I would push it off a cliff and buy a Mustang.
Troy Mascull 03/23/2011
Haldex traction torque vectoring All wheel drive system with full time superchager and brembo big brake package
Ian George 03/23/2011
why are you a male and buying a fiesta to begin with ha ha ha . .
Roger Sales 03/23/2011
subtract 2 doors! Where's that lime coupe I saw?
Michael J. Kryvicky 03/23/2011
I would add a Turbonetics turbo, update the suspension, remove the interior, add a roll cage, and have a street/track monster!
Josh Clontz 03/23/2011
Give me a 6-speed and about 260hp. Then we are talking. I'd do coilovers, Megan Racing buckets, sway bars, lightweight flywheel and stronger clutch, short-throw shifter, cold air intake, exhaust manifold, catless straight pipes, larger intercooler, and put in a roll bar/harness bar for the multi-points.
Danny Crumbley 03/23/2011
With a 6.2 V8 and all wheel drive.
Ian Cloutier 03/23/2011
There giving RS options to make it look like one, but no turbo?
Tommy Knapp 03/23/2011
I'd take out the whole drive train and replace it with 5.0 mustang drive train
Josh Fleetwood 03/23/2011
Just like the boys over at Kicker did!
David Mortensen 03/23/2011
SHO motor swap
Robby Worley 03/23/2011
Turbo, tune, brakes, suspension and AWD so I can get rid of the WRX and be an ALL Ford family again!
Helene Currie Adams 03/23/2011
Definitely turbo it. I love my fiesta! My husband, who has had multiple mustangs (the most recent being a cobra) really enjoys driving my fiesta. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat!
Erik Hall 03/23/2011
Why yes I would
Benny Casey Jr. 03/23/2011
dual turbos,giant spoiler,dorsal fin on top and call it a pirahna
Ronald Duke Gillingham 03/23/2011
Performance upgrade to the 1.6L EcoBoost!
Aaron J Wells 03/23/2011
customize?? throw it away
Gene Granata 03/23/2011
I would turn it in to a Mustang - GO FORD!
John Ryan 03/23/2011
AWD and a turbo would be nice.
Thomas Kinsman Jr 03/23/2011
Is trade for a mustang
Craig Midili 03/23/2011
Put paddle shifters on the steering column.
Adam Hogue 03/23/2011
little trees air freshener
John Gagnon 03/23/2011
Lol ninja blades?
Nicholas Wakefield 03/23/2011
427 cobra jet
F1 Boston Kart Racing & Conference Center Official Site 03/23/2011
Nothing. Why customize a car built for economic driving?
Jon Williams 03/23/2011
Drop a 428 scj in it wit a shortened 9inch tubbed on a pinto frame
Joshua DeLand 03/23/2011
Satellite radio should be standard in the fiesta and all other ford vehicles!
Robert Headley 03/23/2011
trade it in and get a mustang
Gregory John Grotzke 03/23/2011
give it about 10 psi of boost... and if it isn't already... direct inject it
Curtis Robert Pedeare 03/23/2011
no job no money no custom
Gregory John Grotzke 03/23/2011
definitely a turbo... not only makes it more efficient, but more smiles! :)
Tim Theodorou 03/23/2011
I just wouldnt buy one
Benjamin McDonald 03/23/2011
lower it, bigger brakes, better mags, new paint job and some racing seats. maybe an engine tune up
Jim Pierce 03/23/2011
I would blow it up. If it is not a Ford Truck it is not worth a dime.
Robert Gardiner 03/23/2011
AWD. I love that new rally fiesta
Kyle MacDermaid 03/23/2011
I'd call FSWerks and turbo it, since you aren't giving us the Fiesta ST...
How Would You Customize Your Ford Fiesta?
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