Go Further with Ford Blue in Canada

By Cole Q.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Ford Blue, the official blog for Ford of Canada.  It’s the new home to showcase all of the social interaction Ford of Canada has with its fans.  Not just the content that Ford of Canada is producing with the help of its great social team at National Digital, but also the wonderful questions, stories and interactions received from all over the Internet.

As we move forward, we’ll see content come to life on Ford Blue: conversations with owners, tips for better and safer driving, video spotlights on Ford events from all across Canada.  All the great things you’ve come to expect from Ford of Canada!

As we say to all of our Canadian fans on Facebook, Twitter , Tumblr and YouTube ,  your feedback is valuable.  To help us make Ford Blue the best blog it can be, we’d love to hear any comments or suggestions about the site.  It’s online now at www.blog.ford.ca.
Brian D Smith 06/21/2012
Anyone have a car with more than one million sixty three thousand miles on it? My 1964 (built June 10, 1963) Mercury Comet now has 1,063,000 miles on it and still keeps on keepin on. best $150 I've ever spent.
Kathy Glaze 06/20/2012
I would never buy a ford We could not afford our truck so we drove it back to the dealer we had already spent 23,000 on this truck,we moved away,we lost are home ford served the new people at are old house not us,my husband started a new job first day on the job he was arrested,for not going to court,another 1500 to get him out of jail,lost his job so now that my husband has passed every time I see a ford add in the paper or TV it makes me sick just reminder if you have to give your ford back because you loose your job you will be put in jail they donot care about nobody money is there only thing
Crystal H 06/19/2012
Why are the commercials in USA in spanish now? What is happening to our country!!!!
Fariba R 06/19/2012
Well Done. Great job, Canada!
Marshall Rugg 06/19/2012
Ford Pennsylvania. Ford Truck Enthusiasts ROck!
Ryan LaFlamme 06/19/2012
Bill Borchardt 06/19/2012
Ford Wisconsin...........
Drew Smokesweed 06/19/2012
Ford australia
Amit Pandey 06/19/2012
ford india .