Get to Know the Fiesta ST GRC with Tanner Foust and Andreas Eriksson

By Sean J.

Josh Mason and Ethan Sanborn attended the 2013 Chicago Auto Show and chatted with each other next to the 2014 Fiesta ST Global RallyCross (GRC) racecar, marveling at the bold paint scheme and the countless customizations. The conversation they were having would have sounded like a foreign language to anyone who wasn’t a fellow weekend rally warrior. A producer steps in and interrupts the two friends.

“Do you guys want to interview Tanner Foust and Andreas Ericksson?” he asks the pair.

This wasn’t part of the original plan. But, Tanner and Andreas had a few minutes to spare and graciously accepted the invitation to talk shop for a few minutes with our Citizen Journalists.

Tanner, the reigning 2012 GRC champion is one of the most feared and respected drivers on the circuit. If it involves precision maneuvering his highly modified Ford Fiesta around tight corners or over giant earthen ramps, Tanner is there. Games.

Andreas Erickson is a mastermind of automotive performance. He runs the OlsbergsMSE team responsible for upfitting and tuning the cars for Ford Racing drivers Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan. While he lives behind-the-scenes, Andreas’ name is spoken of with tremendous respect in the GRC community. He’s constantly developing, building, tweaking, and imagining cars aimed at taking the sport to the next level.

So here were our citizen journalists, face-to-face with two of the biggest names in the world of Global RallyCross thrust into an impromptu interview about a car that was just unveiled that day. Lesser fans might have buckled under the pressure, surrounded by lights, cameras and racing legends.

Not these guys.

Instead, Josh and Ethan got right down to business and into the nitty-gritty of the Fiesta ST. Like many other GRC fans, they wondered what the biggest technical challenge in designing a car like the Fiesta ST GRC car.

“It’s a little car from the beginning,” comments Andreas. “We tried to build it so we could gain as much as possible from the new look in terms of breaking, cooling and intercooler. Everything we do, we try to make it a technical advantage.”

Tanner offered some interesting insights into what it’s like behind the wheel. Much to the surprise of our citizen journalists, his favorite aspect of the Fiesta ST GRC car is not its handling.

“It’s the raw power,” he says. “It’s easy to get addicted to how nimble it is and when you’re off the gas you have maximum boost. As soon as you touch the throttle, the acceleration is immediate.”

Check out the full interview in the video above to discover the ins-and-outs of the new Fiesta ST GRC car.

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Richard Goody 02/23/2013
Well we have a 2011 ford fiesta that we bought new burning 1 to 2 quarts of oil per 5,000 miles, it only has 37,000 miles ish... And ford says that is acceptible, i say bull crap, that is not acceptable, maybe a quart the first 5000 for break in, but not 1.5 quarts in our last 2500 mile trip to colorado!!!!! Not only that the transmission has a jumping sluggish feeling from a slow down to a acceleration, but ford says that is normal, more crap!!!!