Ford Fiesta Wins X Games 15 Rally Competition

By Ford Social Member

The Ford Fiesta dominated Sunday's X Games Rally Competition Finale, claiming two spots on the podium and three of the top four overall in the car's debut appearance.

Kenny Brack, the 1999 Indianapolis 500 winner, driving the Olsbergs Motorsport Evolution Ford Fiesta, captured the gold medal at X Games 15, defeating 2008 champion Travis Pastrana in the Super Special Rally Final. Brack's teammate Tanner Foust captured the bronze medal in the ROCKSTAR Fiesta, narrowly losing a thrilling semi-final match-up with Brack. Brian Deegan, the Motocross star turned rally racer, finished fourth overall when he lost a turbo hose on his ROCKSTAR Fiesta during a semi-final match-up with Pastrana.

"The Ford Fiesta was a great car and this victory is the result of a lot of hard work by the Olsbergs team," said Brack, who became the first invited driver to the X Games rally competition to win. "The Fiesta is a great car, very fast, especially on tarmac. The whole package was fantastic. We ran a single set of BFGoodrich tires today and never had any problem. I almost destroyed the car in practice this morning because I never jumped the jumps before and because it is a different technique I landed on the nose and ripped the roll bar and everything off of the car. We managed to regroup and the crew worked hard to get it ready for the elimination rounds. After that first problem, the jumps all went fine. You can dream about something like this, but the reality is often different. But today, everything fell our way."

Brack, who has been retired from competitive racing since running the 2005 Indy 500, drove the 450-horsepower Olsbergs MSE Fiesta, clinching the gold when his competition, Pastrana, spun wide and clipped the wall in the finale. Brack's toughest competition came in the semi-final when he raced neck and neck with his teammate Tanner Foust. Brack edged Foust when Foust suffered a miscue on course.

Deegan, driver of the ROCKSTAR Ford Fiesta, finished fourth when he lost his turbo power. Deegan is a 10-time medalist at X Games.

The X Games, considered the premier action sports event in the world, features athletes from across the globe competing in a variety of sports, ranging from skateboarding, motocross, BMX and rally car racing.

Check out some great video of these cars on the Pikes Peak course from mid July by clicking here.
Tom 08/07/2009
And will by the global Fiesta and the new generation Focus available with AWD options? I thank you for your advice.
Mark Schirmer 08/05/2009
Technology like EcoBoost -- turbos and direct injection -- is clearly in our future and will be offered on a wide variety of products. It is the best way to deliver class leading power matched to class leading fuel economy. All-new Focus to launch in late 2010, following the Fiesta launch. Watch for it.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Motor Company
Chad 08/04/2009
i agree a twin turbo awd version of this or the focus would be awsome. i just got done watching the twin turbo taurus and im impressed. why not move that technology to the smaller cars?
Tom 08/04/2009
Super news, please Ford, build AWD turboed streetable variants (Fiesta, Focus).