Ford Fiesta to Star in Popular Gymkhana Online Video Series

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With more than 70 million views, the Gymkhana videos are without a doubt an Internet sensation. And now, for the first time, a Ford vehicle is co-starring in the popular Gymkhana series from Rally Driver Ken Block. The custom-built 2011 Ford Fiesta featured in the new YouTube video, Gymkhana THREE Part 2; Ultimate Playground: L’Autodrome, even performs its own stunts.

For Monster World Rally Team driver and DC co-founder Block, the opportunity to push the limits of his car control while maneuvering around a series of cones, slaloms, 180-degree and 360-degree and figure-eight turns and other obstacles, all while utilizing extreme acceleration, braking and drifting is pretty much the definition of fun.

The video was filmed at the Autodrome de Montlhéry facility in France, selected for being able to provide a professional racetrack as well as pre-built obstacles that allow for unique stunts, most notably, the steep 51-degree banking of the high-speed oval. Gymkhana THREE is also the first in the video series to have stunts performed in the rain.

“Having done two videos before I knew exactly what I wanted from the car as we built it and I can say that the Fiesta is the best Gymkhana car yet,” said Ken.

The Gymkhana THREE Fiesta, designed by DC, is emblazoned with similar livery to Ken’s Monster World Rally Team Rally America Fiesta and his Focus RS WRC; however, the “drip pattern” livery is larger and more pronounced than the rally car’s design. The carbon fiber hydraulic e-brake handle has been changed to a custom-made metal piece, with Ken’s Huck Gee skull logo and No. 43 engraved into it. While Ken’s trademark “43” is on the car, it is not in the standard door location, but displayed in the side rear windows.

Built by Olsbergs Motorsport Evolution (MSE), the Gymkhana THREE Fiesta sports a purpose-built Olsbergs engine capable of up to 850 brake horsepower, but is restricted to 650 horsepower to give Block the torque band needed to control the car. The car’s body has been altered with an aggressive new front bumper design inspired by road racing cars. The fender flares are also much wider and more squared off for an aggressive look.

“Ken and the Monster World Rally Team have brought the spotlight to Fiesta throughout the rally season and at X Games, but now with the release of Gymkhana THREE, millions more around the world will be able to see how fun it is to drive a Fiesta,” said Jamie Allison, Director Ford North America Motorsports.

2011 Gymkhana THREE Ford Fiesta


Horsepower: 650 HP (limited for optimal torque band)

Torque: 660 lb-ft

Power to weight ratio: 3.7 lbs/hp

0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds (on racing tires)


Curb weight: 2,425 lbs

Fully custom Olsbergs MSE machined subframes front and rear

Carbon Fiber body panels

KBT built, FIA approved t-45 steel roll cage


6-speed pneumatically shifted sequential gearbox

All Wheel Drive with three mechanical differentials


2.0l Ford Duratec-R engine

Custom Garrett TR30R turbocharger, same as used in WRC car

50mm engine restrictor

Elcentric ECU


Custom Ohlins electro-controlled remote reservoir coilovers

Springs interchangeable from 50nm to 70nm stiffness


Alcon 6 piston calipers front

Alcon 4 piston calipers rear

Alcon 355mm vented rotors

Custom “Block 43” engraved hydraulic handbrake with Alcon piston


Rays TE-37 rims

18x9.5 front and rear

5x114.3 bolt pattern

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Syed_FBSC 12/01/2010
Unleashing ford innovative & power
Greg Franklin 10/11/2010
Fantastic if you are in Eurip or Austraila but in America Ford will will not even consiter giving us any power outside the Mustang.
Spencer 09/29/2010
YES! With 17 inch rims and a wider body. 300ish HP?
Emilio G 09/16/2010
I think the power of this vehicle is amazing, but i wonder how they keep the engine temperature cool. I participated on an inventors contest with a coolant system wich benefits from the heat of the escape system. During summer BTU in cities increase because so many engines working at the same time. Now imagine if each car is providing cool air instead of heat.
TamAirah Pedersen Campbell 09/15/2010
Totally Awesome!
Thomas C 09/15/2010
Very nice!!!!! A street-legal AWD version of the Fiesta, the Fiesta RS, please!
Ford Fiesta to Star in Popular Gymkhana Online Video Series
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