Ford Brand Content and Alliance Manager Connie Fontaine Hosts a Live Chat

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Brand content and alliance manager might not tell you much about what Connie Fontaine does for Ford Motor Company. But Fiesta Movement, Fusion41, Warriors in Pink and American Idol probably ring a bell. Fontaine, has been involved with all of these, and has a story or two to tell about making them happen.

Join the live chat here on Friday, December 4, at 3:30 p.m. EDT to see what Connie has to say about these initiatives and more.

<a href=";task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=e721ca13f9" mce_href=";task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=e721ca13f9" >Live Chat with Connie Fontaine, Brand &#038; Content Alliances Mgr</a>

Connie has worked for Ford since 1985. She has held many positions within the sales organization. She has been responsible for leading the development and execution of many breakthrough ideas including the award-winning Warriors in Pink campaign and the current social-media phenomenon, Fiesta Movement.  In fact, Connie was recently honored by Advertising Age magazine as a 2009 Media Maven for her extensive leadership on the Fiesta Movement project. Her team is best known for their ability to collaborate with producers and partners to create engaging consumer connections ranging from mass-media integrations and product placements to unique grassroots events.
anin pasty ebenezer 12/07/2009
it all good but i needed your strategies
Patrick 12/05/2009
Will the new MKIII Focus that is on display at the 2010 NAIAS be the actual "production" North American Focus or a prototype/show car?

Mark 12/04/2009
The new Fiesta looks great and the updates to the Mustang v6 are excellent! I'm very curious as to when we're going to see the updates for the mustang GT. Will Ford be showing the updates at LA, or will we see them at Detroit or elsewhere?
Connie Fontaine 12/04/2009
Glenda-we provide a selection of items to choose from each year. The items can be found in our online store at The direct link to the store is Hope that helps!

Connie Fontaine
Ford Motor Company
Mark Schirmer 12/02/2009
I work with the Focus team -- next gen is on schedule for a debut in January at the NAIAS and then begin production towards the end of 2010, with volume sales in the early part of 2011. Traditional "Fall" launches I think are a thing of the past -- we launch 'em when they're ready. New Fiesta, for example, hits showrooms next summer. Thanks for the interest.

Mark Schirmer, Ford Communications
Patrick 12/02/2009
Does anyone know when the all new 2011 MKIII Focus goes on sale next year? Traditionally it would be in September or October. I am highly motivated to buy one and will be in the market next fall. I'm really excited about the world debut of the all new Focus at the 2010 NAIAS in Detroit in early January.

By the way, Ms. Fontaine is absolutely gorgeous...WOW!
glenda brown 12/02/2009
each year i try to order a warriors in pink tee shirt never been successful are you sure you ever have these tee shirts
i also commend ford for not taking any bale out money this may be my incentive to purchas ford hybrid
Ronald Kitson 12/02/2009
Tip: People are more apt to buy what is obviously selling good. I am retired now but when I was in the power tool business, I learned not to place a full display of accessories on the counter because it won't sell. Remove a third of the product from sight and the remainder will sell quickly.
One reason the Japanees brands sell so well is not just because they have a proven record of dependability but we see so many of them in use. With the exception of Lexus, every model sold by Toyota has the Toyota name and logo in plain sight. If you removed that antique Ford script from your logo and replaced it with a modern F and put it on every model you offer including the Mercs, with the possible exception of Lincoln, we would see a lot more Fords on the road which would encourage more people to consider buying one of your products. I would recommend using the old logo on literature and if you were to build an old style vehicle (like a 1936 Ford) to compete with the PT Cruiser, equipped with the latest technology, deffinately slap that antique logo on it. I too am a Ford stock holder and want to see the share value go up a lot.
cole 11/27/2009
You may see something similar to that in the future. For now, you can click on under Links at the bottom of each our web pages for information on any new Ford vehicle.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
William Bergmann 11/26/2009
Ford should have a small linked panel listing their models so the visitors to the website that likes what they see can actually go directly to the model they are interested in. I had to google Ford Focus to see what the car looked like.
Hubert Beattie 11/25/2009
I own about 7000 shares off ford that cost 23.50 a share would like to buy a new f 250 to replace the 05 that I now have but there are no real rebates on the 250 that I want to order because you still have to many 09 left but don,t have what I want v 10 4*4 8 foot bed crome pag.power fold mirrors cost 41,120 what you should do for share holders is give them a .50 cent a share rebate or let us buy like a worker it also might help get the price per share back up
Ralph Josephsohn 11/24/2009
I am not able to get information whether I am able to buy a High Definition radio on a FusionI am interested in (the Denver area has several stations now broadcasting in HD). The area dealers I have contacted have told me they would check and call back.. No luck. It appears from web site info that this feature may be available on Ford products. Can anybody give me a definitive answer, as this accessory is very important to me in my new car purchase?
Fred Valmoja 11/24/2009
When will Ford update and promote the Ranger? It seems to me, that's a category that's being ignored and surrendering market share. If only once change is to be made, I'd truly like to see the Ranger equipped with automatic transmission shifter at the center console, just as the F Series and SUVs do.
Ford Brand Content and Alliance Manager Connie Fontaine Hosts a Live Chat
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