Ford B-MAX Concept Vehicle Debuted

By Ford Social Member

Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland, and it’s known for fine watches, as well as being home to the headquarters of several European and global human-interest groups. But this week, it is the home of one of the largest auto shows in Europe. That is where Ford introduced the B-MAX concept vehicle, providing an early preview of exciting innovations in the European small-car market.

The B-MAX concept showcases a unique new body design which eliminates the traditional B pillar between the front and rear doors, and features twin rear sliding doors.  This innovative format – which has already been engineered for production – promises best-in-class access to the cabin, together with unmatched convenience and flexibility.

The innovation continues inside the cabin, where the interior offers exceptional space and versatility for such a compact vehicle.  The use of high quality materials highlights the vision that small, practical cars can also be comfortable and well-equipped.

The B-MAX concept combines the integrated B-pillar door format with a flexible and easy-to-use seating system, resulting in an interior which offers unmatched practicality and versatility.

Having folded the 60/40 split rear seats and the front passenger seat to create an extensive flat load floor, the side access is particularly convenient to load bulky items such as flat-pack furniture or even a bicycle.

With the front passenger seat folded, the interior is capable of holding exceptionally long loads.

The B-MAX concept is just 4.3 inches longer than the Fiesta five-door, and is approximately one foot shorter than the new C-MAX. With this highly compact footprint, the B-MAX concept is ideally placed to meet the fast-growing demand for downsized cars which are better suited to congested urban conditions, but without sacrificing interior space and comfort.

The B-MAX concept is powered by an ultra-low-CO2 powertrain, featuring a state-of-the-art three-cylinder 1.0-liter Ford EcoBoost® gasoline engine. This EcoBoost engine is also equipped with the Ford Auto-Start-Stop system.

The three-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine was first previewed in the Start concept vehicle displayed at the Beijing Motor Show in 2010 , and represents the next addition to the global family of Ford EcoBoost engines. The 1.0-liter unit combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging and twin independent variable cam timing to achieve significant reductions in fuel-consumption and CO2 emissions.

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show runs through March 13, 2011, and visitors can see the B-MAX concept as well as the latest Ford production vehicles.
Brad B 08/30/2014
Hey Ford Johnathon hayes is spot on. I love my C-Max Hybrid, but would gladly trade about 40% of the center console for more side to side leg room. I'm averageing around 48 to 52 mpg in town, and 46 to 49 on the interstate.
Danno 10/19/2011
This has about as much of a chance of making it to the U.S. m arket as a new Focus Estate sports wagon. Which I really want... as in today.
Jonathan Hayes 05/23/2011
If there isn't a big plastic box between the front seats, perhapse I could replace my older Taurus. I really didn't want a micro-Van, but everything has cheap plastic center consoles taking up all the room.
Harvey Clark 05/17/2011
honestly I know this will never make to the US -- because its fuel efficient - looks great --and appears to be extremely useful.... Just wish Ford could get the message that America wants high mileage vehicles -- at $4 and $5 a gallon they could sell a blue million!
Gary Greenwood 05/13/2011
Make it a Hybrid & Electric! Add an AWD option too!
azoo 04/24/2011
Does it come in electric?
david cooper 04/19/2011
have 4 kids; am considering C-Max
arthur rozum 04/07/2011
Looks quite interesting. Why do I have a feeling though - if it makes to North American markets - it will only be offered with a 1.8 or 2.5l engine with 40% higher fuel consumption than the engines offered in European and Asian markets...
Reagan Stowell 04/05/2011
I don't like how Ford vehicles are starting to look Japanese, what happened to the good old American styling. Compare any of the Older Ford vehicles to their new models. Even 2005 body styles compared to the new ones.
terry chin 03/18/2011
Looks great... should sell well in the north american market. Looks are cooler then the Soul or Scion XB.... the sliding rear doors are great. The production version would probley have some sort of pillar between the front/rear doors for safety.
Thomas Artman 03/09/2011
This looks really cool. If I had a family, I would seriously consider this or the C-Max.

The only thing I really don't like, and I've mentioned this elsewhere, are the names. Yuk. Except for the Mustang, Taurus and Ranger, everything else starts with an "E" or an "F". I'd like to see that tradition maintained. I like it, and it sets the cars apart.
Lutz Müller 03/08/2011
Great small car. Will be sucessful, in Europe.
sammie fisher 03/06/2011
I just saw the car at teh okc auto show and want it... I can start saving now just add the sync and Ill be in Groovie
John 03/06/2011
Where are the rest of the pics.. I want to see more!!
Paul h. 03/04/2011
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Caroline Browning 03/04/2011
I like the looks of this van, however I always thought the B -pillar made it more safe for me. What about gas mileage and is the gas fill on the drivers side? Have you done the safety test?
Corey 03/03/2011
Corey ,
Ride on Garret ! my ideal one is the classic bronco softtop or removable top. I love my 06 element almost done paying it off soon.
I have to give FORD MOTOR CO. a credit this time , they are the only american car company that didn't ask for help back 2008 when everyone was struggling.
Dave Van Asperen 03/03/2011
When is this vehicle coming to America, or is it available now?

Also, I had a Ford E-150 that /////i got close to 200,000 miles on it, before I traded it for a Chevy 1500. I really wanted another Ford but the deal at the time was wth the Chevy.
I nee another Van and I want another Ford, if possible, but don't know where to get one that I can use for my electric wheel chair that weighs 400 lbs plus me, another 280 lbs.
Does anyone have a used Handicap van with a UVL lift on it?
It needs to be fairly new like a 2006, 07, or even 08.
I hope someone can help me with this problem.
I have gotten 153,000+ so far on the Chevy, so far.
Robert Barton 03/03/2011
Oh quit screwing around and bring this to the United States too! and add the focus estate .
Chris K 03/03/2011
If gas prices stay high in the US, this very innovative new car really could be a winner.
Matt Steudel 03/03/2011
This is what we want in the US. Size and fuel efficiency of the Fiesta, but with more versatility like the fit.

If Ford brought this state-side, they would sell like hotcakes. (If hotcakes still sold well...)
Mark Blustein 03/03/2011
Bring it to the US! Very ideal for a small family living in a big city with little parking space! Also, sounds very fuel efficient!
Tommy Bean 03/03/2011
Bring the B-Max to the USA. I haven't actually seen it but I am looking for a new vehicle to replace my Chrysler Town/Country that has been converted to a nice disabled van. This looks like a perfect fir for a vehicle that could easily be fitted to house a ramp for a wheelchair. Any ideas in that area?
BJS 03/03/2011
cool, maybe a serious challenger to the Fit. I dig the Fiesta, but the Fit has got it all over the Fiesta in terms of versatility, B-Max concept looks awesome though
Garrett 03/02/2011
Bring back the Bronco already mine is getting tired and needs to be replaced. Gotta be 4 wheel drive with the new 302 and a turbo v-6. Base it off of the f-150 and keep the removable top. Keep this Bmax in Europe.
Kevin Lundgren 03/02/2011
FOrd fan 03/02/2011
I am a big ford fan but this mini car van is terrible i would never drive that. and no b piller don't look safe. most all the fords look safe but this one is terrible. bring back the bronco and not FWD like you did to the explorer you mest it up im lookin at dodge durango RWD thanks alot ford. im a big ford fan but this is enough
Greg Wavell 03/02/2011
Build it in st thomas ontario
Josh Scherer 03/02/2011
not a minivan guy but that is keeping up with everything keep the good ideas comming
Gerardo Romero 03/02/2011
Is it coming to America??
Toby Lane 03/02/2011
thats what you need
Shane Harvey 03/02/2011
Kids and sliding back doors! A must in every vehicle! A lot of car doors can be saved!
Joe Smith 03/02/2011
bring the Falcon to the US!!!
Toby Lane 03/02/2011
xr8 for the win
Hans Freisheim 03/02/2011
Way to come back to the minivan competition
Bob Long 03/02/2011
Why not just make a station wagon?
Brock Jones 03/02/2011
Looks like a Honda.....hmmmm
EJ Passeos 03/02/2011
Tom Cottage 03/02/2011
I'd rather have an AWD option... for the Fiesta.
Uchechukwu Udechukwu 03/02/2011
i saw it, is small but mighty for kinki babies and ladies.
Lanu Ah Lam 03/02/2011
Luv it!!.. I want one:)
Kyle J Cyr 03/02/2011
Oh b-max? I saw c-max
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 03/02/2011
Does the grille have to look like that? An S-MAX style front end with a sporty high gloss black bumper intake would look much better.
Kyle J Cyr 03/02/2011
Saw it at the Toronto auto show looks alright not my kind of vehicle
Bob Wanicki 03/02/2011
lack of the "B" pillar should be implemented into the C-Max.
Keith Stevens 03/02/2011
Looks like a coffin on wheels, not for me
Victor Mackinley 03/02/2011
ugly as sin
Luc Helterbrand 03/02/2011
That is a really smart car. very practical but very chic looking too. Love smart little cars.
Isaac Silva 03/02/2011
Nooo!! Why would you bring a mini van to the best car maker out there!!! It's going to hurt us.
Tonia J Phengchanh 03/02/2011
OH, I'd SO drive that, it's adorable!!!
Nancy Lagowski Steele 03/02/2011
This is AWESOME....we need it now...
Maggie Hoffman 03/02/2011
Haha, that's pretty neat. I'm down with it. :P
Larry Kemp 03/02/2011
That is evolution! I love the open design and lack of the "B" pillar.
I want one now :)
Steven Little 03/02/2011
what a cool looking car and for the sake of removing the 'b' pillar the re-design is worth the effort..
Shannon Walker Zach 03/02/2011
I think the St Paul MN plant could make these. Please keep it up and running. ;0)
Bondoc Filip Andrei 03/02/2011
cool car!