Focus ST and More Are in Store for the Paris Motor Show

By Ford Social Member

Usually, the Paris Motor Show goes unnoticed by the majority of Americans. But this year, Ford is giving residents of North America reason to pay attention. Among other newsworthy items, it will be the venue for the first official viewing of the new high-performance Focus ST. It will also be the first time that a range of production-ready Focus body styles will be displayed together, providing full insight into this significant new model before it goes on sale in Europe and North America early in 2011.

The new range-topping Focus – which will feature a unique version of the 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost™ engine – will be true to heritage of Ford ST models. It will offer driving enthusiasts a mix of exhilarating performance and handling, accompanied by an addictive sound.

The dramatic new ST will launch in early 2012 and will be revealed on September 30, 2010, at the Ford stand by Alan Mulally, Ford President and CEO, and Stephen Odell, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO.

Visitors to the Paris Motor Show will immediately notice the car’s highly distinctive sports exterior, which is finished in Tangerine Scream, a dramatic new body color that reflects the exciting and energetic character of the Focus ST.

Ford is also moving forward with its electrification program and will be displaying for the first time the technology destined to drive its C-MAX plug-in hybrid vehicle, that will be produced at the Valencia plant in Spain.

The formal launch of the full production-ready Focus range in Paris signals the introduction of the first truly global product developed under the company’s ONE Ford strategy.

Developed at Ford's Global Center of Excellence for Small Cars in Germany, for sale in over 120 markets worldwide, the next-generation model is the most important Focus yet. It is created from the new Ford global C segment platform with up to 80 percent parts-commonality globally. This platform will underpin at least ten vehicles around the world, and it will account for approximately two million units of annual production by 2012.

Click here to view auto show coverage from Paris after September 30, 2010.
Pat 12/29/2013
I would have this car if it came with an automatic or twin clutch transmission. Shifting is so 90's......
Googs 10/16/2010
I'll take mine in Silver or Black please.
Ian 10/11/2010
Yeah buddy, I hope if comes with LSD too!
Thomas C 10/07/2010
The 2WD RS version performed better across a variety of road surfaces: gravel, mud, rain and snow??? This is nonsense.
Dave 10/01/2010
The ST is way overdue. I just don't understand why the aversion to making a performance version of this car.
Shomare 09/30/2010
It's been a long wait but thankfully somebody at Ford got a clue and is going to offer us the ST!

There is a lot right with this car but I do have three wishes:

Fix the mouth. Aston Martin like front is aggressive but the trapezoid is too high and the second opening beneath looks disjointed.

Please bring us a three door. There is just a lame stigma withe the five door. Three doors look feels and are perceived as more sporting.

Why no Revo Knuckle system? I hope the electronic system is up to the task. After reading the rave reviews of the Revo system, I had hoped to see it on the ST.
Frederick 09/29/2010
Hope the final product does not have the Fish Mouth front end.
CaysE 09/29/2010
SVT is the group that brought the ST to the States the first time around. And this should come as some hopeful news for a US RS: the old SVT group and the European Team RS group have essentially merged this year (or was it last year? I can't recall).
CaysE 09/29/2010
Don't expect 4WD/AWD to happen anytime soon on the Focus. Even the RS models are FWD, and with good reason: it has been reported that the new Focus RS was initially built with both an AWD and 2WD platform for testing purposes, and the 2WD version performed better in testing conditions.
Ron 09/28/2010
this is the worst looking focus ever. but you can`t expect something more from a cheap barnd like ford is.
Barrett 09/27/2010
Yes! Will there be a 3 Door... I hate looking through the back door window on these short door 5 door models... 07 Liquid Gray ZX3 SES MTX
Rich 09/27/2010
This is a hot looking "pocket rocket". Ford has been heading in the right direction for a few years now. It is about time an American auto maker starts giving Americans what Europeans and Japanese have been enjoying for decades. These small, well powered cars are the future of powerful and efficient cars. I love 6's and 8's, but you can't beat a reasonably priced car with a small, powerful and efficient engine. Excellent power to weight ratio is what makes these vehicles perform better than the bigger performance cars when it comes to a daily driver.

Additionally, I don't understand why some here think it is ugly...personal preference, I guess. In my opinion, this is a fine looking vehicle all the way around. Those tail lights on the hatchback are awesome...almost works of art. The only thing I would complain about is if those vents to the left and right of the front airdam are not functional. The stock car seems to have solid plastic inserts that aren't functional...just for looks. I hate when fake scoops, intakes, etc. are used. it looks cheap and for a few bucks more could be used to cool brakes or add more air to the engine. Everything on any car should be completely functional. At least, in my opinion. They have done this with the Mazda as well and it looks goofy at best. Make it functional or don't make it at all.
John 09/27/2010
No I agree Ford you definitely need a 3 Door Fiesta and a 3 door Focus would be awesome too.
Fiesta and Focus World Cars and World Class IMHO Good Ford Motor Keep developing cars like these that lead the World in their respective segments instead of Follow the competiton and your sure to be a Winner!
C K 09/26/2010
It just never gets better. Focus has always been an ugly car and it continues to be in this version.
ricky 09/26/2010
i agree dude this is a sweet car.. i like eveerything on it an about it.. i would love to have one.. eerybody is just hating cause they aint got one...
Carlos Miss México 09/24/2010

Where is the sunroof and recaro sits?,, aluminium details etc..¡?¡?
Myshiloh 09/24/2010
The first Focus vehicles were the best looking. This is too massive and bulky and clunky looking. And I am clinging tightly to my Focus wagon because I NEED that, not a smaller, more crowded car or a larger, oversized vehicle with no better storage capabilities. My wagon is still beautiful compared to the last rounds of Focus designs. Personally, I think the newer designs have been and are now out-of-focus. Give me back a wagon - not CRV, SUV, or hatch - and I'll be back to get a new car. Otherwise, I'm not going to be back with Ford the next time.
antonette 09/24/2010
Not too sure about the front but will have to wait to see it in real life. I would also like a 3 door.
cory 09/23/2010
I like it but it looks too much like the 2012 Nissan Leaf. So what are you doing to keep up with the Leaf?
Aaron 09/23/2010
I've been waiting years for a boosted focus. Glad to see one actually out. Ford needs to listen to the readers comments. If the car doesn't come with a LSD option and 3 or 2 door option, they will loss MASSIVE amounts of sales to their competitors, including myself.

They need to get FSWERKs to turn the boost up on one of these cars, and do a few mods to raise the excitement of the Focus performance community. You've made huge strides forward l the past couple years Ford, lets keep it up and keep crushing the competition!
Barry 09/23/2010
Lookin sexy Ford!

I love euro hot hatches, and this looks to be not only a looker, but a serious performer as well. (goes off to start saving for one when they come out)
janet 09/22/2010
really ugly front-looks more like my brother's vehicle which is not a ford-too close to call-would not consider this one at all
jack james 09/21/2010
2 door would be great, all wheel drive would be great, sleeker front would be nicer
Rory 09/20/2010
Hey Ford, I thought you guys were going down the tubes back in 08 by keeping the old focus platform and taking away the hatch here in the U.S., but I guess it worked out. Although you could have really gained even more market share by bringing the newly redesigned euro focus back then. Good luck with the new focus and the ST I just hope it's not too little too late.

Until we (in the U.S.) get a car like the 3 door RS we'll always have to settle for less in the domestically branded sport compact arena (which has always been pretty anemic campared to foriegn marks). Kudos to the team who brought over the SVT/ST170 back in 02-04 Those guys were on to something.
Daniel 09/20/2010
Yeah....the only problem I see is the ugly fishmouth. its like the angles are wrong or something. maybe it should go straight down instead of all gaped open like that. lol. i think some automakers are getting carried away, trying too hard, with the front lower fascia. especially on mazdas.
Josh @ Nick Nicholas Ford 09/20/2010
i like it. all i would change is to lower the big grill and put the small grill where the ford emblem is. kinda like the stock focus, and the tail lights need to go. i think you should stick with the high mount tails like the focus has always had until they axed the hatch in 08
Tony 09/20/2010
Don't like the look of the ST version. I am disappointed. I would guess a lot of us saw pictures of the SVT 3 door Fiesta this spring, to me that car is FAR and AWAY better looking than the ST Focus. I am a big fan of non ST Focus coming out early next year, and finances permitting, it will be on the top of a very short list.....................The ST front end could change before this is launched in 2012.
Dirk 09/20/2010
The frontend without upper grill looks different to the masses and that´s good. By the way I don´t think it is a fish mouth. Rather I can see there a snake! The rear lights are not my favorites but I´m interested to see it in real. AWD would be nice. But shure is the AWD on the new RS. There will be an addinional electric RWD. And the missing 3-door hatch could be a good sign for a coming Focus based coupé. So let´s hope.
Keith 09/19/2010
DITTO! This appears to be a great product. I would buy one. Good job Ford. I am a big Ford fan and have waited for your whole line up that is availble now for years.
Bridger W 09/19/2010
Looks great! does it come in 2dr? and some non low profile tires? those shred to fast.
L 09/19/2010
Can't wait until this hits the States. WTG Ford! You're really making me a believer in buying American, something I would not have considered until very recently.
William 09/19/2010
I am glad the hatch is returning to the US. I am somewhat bummed about it being a 5 door only but, I can forgive it as long as it is wearing the ST badge. I really like the car and aside from a minor tweek, it looks great. I cant wait to own one.
William 09/19/2010
After some time it grew on me. But I still done agree on the honeycomb mesh being in front of the bumper reinforcement. Especially when the honeycomb mesh wasn't used elsewhere on the front of the car. Too me, it would look better if the trapezoid grille was styled a lot like the European Fiesta. Just preserve the eye leading line to the lower grille and you are all set.
LilyAnn 09/18/2010
i dont know bout yall,.....but nothing cant compare to the Fiesta Hatch SE....that car is HOTT!!!!! Especilaay the Lime Green.
davo 09/18/2010
hope it is refined and easy to live with as the GOLF GTI or GOLF R
Joshua 09/17/2010
wahahahaha...........BRING IT ON!
Ranch 09/17/2010
Yea, the fron end definately very ugly.
Hope they won't sell it like that.
Ryan 09/17/2010
When are automakers going to realize that Americans prefer sedans? Sure some people like hatchbacks,but the majority of Americans prefer sedans. So why offer the fast sporty version only in hatchback? Makes no sense. And the front end is ugly too.
edvard 09/17/2010
Its interesting reading the comments here. Some people love it, others hate it. To me it looks like a product that can easily compete with other cars made by Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and even VW. I think many people forget that just a few years ago,small domestic cars were sort of a joke. They were totally outclassed by Japanese and European models. Yes- perhaps the new Ford small car lineup has similarities with rival brands, but this is actually a GOOD thing.
Carl W 09/16/2010
Congrats on a global performance Focus ! Looks very good except the mispositioning of the lower trapezoid. It is sitting much too high. The purpose in my opinion of a large low trapezoid is to give one the impression of a low to road sporty road eating type vehicles. But this ST concept with its trapezoid being set very high and the flimsy airdam below with the cheap plastic bars below the trapezoid gives an impression of a high set front end. Good for a 4X4 type vehicle but not so flattering for what one would perceive to be a low riding sporty hatch.
So dump the low cheap airdam, lower the trapezoid similar to design and position seen on the current RS. Also maybe add a small slit grill where the blue oval lives, ala current Euro Fiesta front face. Without this small top grill slit, in my eyes looks like too much front hood eg: current Mazda3.
Joe Bear 09/16/2010
Focus ST looks nice! It would be cool if the added a hood scoop as well. HID headlights? LED’s. There needs to be a 2 door coupe for sure though, if they are serious about selling this to the younger population. Turbo? The kids would love it if it was and so would I.
Peter 09/16/2010
Lee... while I agree with most of what you said, the globalization of the Focus is not responsible for the new design "features" here. The next gen Focus was still designed in Europe with the contraint being that the car had to be certifiable around the world.
Robert Asandiegoman 09/16/2010
Slick styling.....But need a two or three door version for a sporty Focus...Four doors are for soccer moms and old guys! Ever see a four door Shelby? Didn't think so....Where are the SVT guys on this?
James 09/16/2010
I want. I have been waiting for a new ST to come state side. The interior is awesome looking. However what about an RS version? The RS500 is amazing car and fast. I have been driving my 03 SVT (ST170) since 04 and have 98k on it right now. It has been a fantastic vehicle and a great everyday driver.
Akeem 09/16/2010
I love it. I love both the interior and exterior styling, I can't wait to step out of my 02 SVT and into this new ST. My only request is that it comes with factory LSD and in a 3 door version please. (Either way I'll buy getting one but I'd much rather it be a 3 door)
Lee F 09/16/2010
if you google VW Golf GTI 2010 or Renault Megane RS250 or 2011 Astra GTC you will see some of the competition that it will have to face , this is ugly , boring and cheap looking compared to them . Also i read today that will be no 3 door , thats just madness . These "Hot Hatchs" or "Circus Cars" are supposed to look really sporty and this just doesnt . I own a Focus ST and its looks amazing , drives amazing and get looks everywhere , this wont ! Its really Koren or Jap like which isnt good ! As a massive Ford Fan im really not happy :(
D M 09/16/2010
Perfect for the US. Finally a sports wagon, that will deliver power, over 260HP, and give great gas mileage from a 6 Spd manual, built by the US. Great looking exterior and interior too!!!
Joe K 09/16/2010
I think it is a very hot looking car... can not wait to get myself a new Focus. :-)
Lincoln V. 09/16/2010
I agree with Lee. Where is the 3 door hatch? It looks closer to the Mazda3 then the new Focus and I actually prefer the tailights in the same position as they were on the original.
Mike S 09/15/2010
I like what you designers and developers are doing with the Focus! Am itching to have a seat in one soon. From what I can see in the (few) photographs here and around the Internet, your 2012 Focus looks to be a real "driver's car".
Will P 09/15/2010
I want one!!! I don't know how you can think it's ugly!
Lee F 09/15/2010
Wheres a 3 door version . Most ST's sold of the last model would have been 3 doors . That car is just ugly in my opinion and i am a MASSIVE Ford fan . Im very dispointed and expected better . First you take away the 2.5 turbo with the amazing sound track and great performance and now you take away the good looks of the ST , somethings wrong here . That front grille and that cheap bodykit ruin the car . In europe the Renault Megane RS250 , Astra OPC and Golf GTI are alot better looking than this thing . Global cars may make sense but this one is just not good enough for us europeans
Alex in Orlando 09/15/2010
Finally....i will be counting down the days for sure....please please please give us a two door option, i'd pay more for it.
Thomas C 09/15/2010
I want it with a "full time" 4WD (AWD). When will the full time 4WD be available?
Gregory Derian 09/15/2010
Limited Slip offered?
Bob L 09/15/2010
Are you going to give us a 2 door?????
Georg 09/15/2010
ugly front!!
Brandon K 09/15/2010
So is Ford gonna give me a first dibs since I'm still driving around in my 03 SVT Focus that I bought new and have waited very patiently for the new ST.
alexander van leyen 09/15/2010
Nice car but the new Focus rear/brake lights can be much better, in my opinion it is plain ugly, looks to "Japanese" the front fish mouth may take some time to digest but the same has happened with Audi's 1930's Auto Union front end, today It is very nice, the A5 is great looking.
Focus ST and More Are in Store for the Paris Motor Show
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