First Look at the Fresh New Ford Fiesta

By Cole Q.

How do you update a car that is loved by its owners? Very carefully. At a special Go Further with Ford event in Amsterdam, Ford unveiled the new Fiesta, taking Europe’s best-selling small car to a new level with a sharp-looking design changes inside and out.

We spent a few minutes with Stefan Lamm, Ford Director of Exterior Styling, to get a quick overview of the updates in design and some of the story behind the changes.

Among the key exterior items, the new Fiesta will feature a power-dome hood and bold trapezoidal front grille bracketed by headlamps with a laser-cut appearance and daytime LED running lamps.

The private Go Further with Ford event in Amsterdam that was attended by 2,500 Ford dealers, employees and media. The company shared news of an aggressive product acceleration in Europe, leveraging the company’s One Ford global portfolio and targeting opportunities for growth in specific vehicle segments.

To the applause of the audience, Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally, also confirmed that several additional vehicles from its global portfolio will come to Europe in the near term – including the legendary American icon, the Ford Mustang.

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Kaloyan K 01/24/2013
ford did a god job on the, and economical..
Juston P 12/09/2012
I'm buying a LOADED FIESTA ST... Can't wait to have all that power, with such great economy, with the new NAV w/reverse camera I'm in heaven... Love the available sports racks... My only question for this car is where is the receiver hitch option? I have an aluminum dirt bike trailer that I pull, and a rack that holds my cooler when we load the mountain bikes up on the roof... Please FORD FINISH this active lifestyle vehicle off with a receiver hitch...
Juston P 12/04/2012
When can I order my Fiesta ST 1.6L turbo? Why not blow away the competition and make it a 2.0 EcoBoost? It's such a light car mileage would still be in the 40's... Thanks ford for the new NAV and Reverse Camera, ST package. And roof rack accessories. One question where is my tow hitch option for my mountain bikes?
Art B 11/25/2012
bring the 3 dr. stateside! The 5 is nice but not like my old Focus ZX3
Gavin v 11/21/2012
ant wait for a closer look on the showroom floor
"Dane Grant" C 09/28/2012
Make it an ST and I am on the way to the Ford Dealer...
Some Guy 09/27/2012
This seems like a nice improvement. It sort of matches the look of the 2013 Fusion. I'd like to see the 3-door hatch here in the U.S. Some other web site showed the interior and the gauges and displays had blue lighting instead of the current orange color. The new model also has an arm rest on the center console.
Theodore A 09/25/2012
id really love for this model to show up in america! and i would most definitely buy it right away!
Drive a Ford Or nothing at all !!
Cindy Pigg 09/09/2012
The new Fiesta sure is a lot better than the one I remember from my youth! Way to go Ford! You are getting better all the time!
John H 09/08/2012
I prefer the look of my 2012 Fiesta SE. But very much looking forward to seeing what the new 1.0 ecoboost can do for mpg's.
jhknight 09/08/2012
I think I like the 2012 Fiesta better but looking forward to seeing what the 1.0 Ecoboost can do for mpg's!
2012 Escape Lover 09/08/2012
The 2012 Escape is Awesome! I truly LOVE mine. I am Very Disappointed that Ford TOTALLY changed the Outside of the Escape, including the frame is narrower. I feel More Safe and Comfortable in My 2012, especially when taking sharp turns and taking sharp highway off-exit ramps, because the 2012 has a WIDER Body. I am also Very Disappointed that the Inside of the New Escape is very narrow for leg room both front and back, and the seats are narrow too. I understand "keeping up with times" But, Ford should NEVER have TOTALLY changed a Great Thing they are well-known for. Instead, tweeking and modifying the style would have been sufficient. I really DRED having to lease or buy the New Escape, so I might not when it comes time again to get another New vehicle. I might have to go to Jeep. At least Jeep did Not TOTALLY change what they are well-known for. The only Great thing about the New Escape is the Adjustable Lumbar Back Support on the Driver's Side, But, it should also be installed on the Passenger Side as well. Plus, the New Escape OUTSIDE Body Style is too Girly looking, and I am a Girly Female saying that. At least the 2012 is more "gender-neutral" so men can feel comfortable driving it too - the 2012 is more of a Mini-Truck style which I love!
Brad B 09/08/2012
Hey Ford ! Look'in Good. Will those changes filter across the Atlantic or will my son who is moving to Amsterdam be among the first to get one?
BodyInkMustang 09/07/2012
I'm really glad on improvements with the piano-black plastics and the new LED screen. Way to go on making a fun car look as good as it drives.