First Look at the Ford Fiesta ST Concept Car

By Ford Social Member

For all of you screaming for a performance version of the new Ford Fiesta, this one is for you! At the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford revealed a high-performance Fiesta ST Concept that combines eye-catching, muscular and sporty styling with a dynamic sports chassis and a high-performance powertrain. We thought that might sound good to you.

“The Fiesta has a rich history of high-performance models so a new ST performance model is a logical next step in our performance vehicle strategy for our global small cars,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president, Global Product Development. “The Fiesta ST Concept continues that tradition by showing how a global performance version of our best-selling B-car can be both technically advanced and dramatically styled.

Ford is accelerating its new global performance strategy with the debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show of both the production version of the all-new Ford Focus ST and the Fiesta ST Concept. Ford ST (Sport Technologies) models will share the same DNA around the world, offering outstanding performance, harmonious balance and high levels of refinement that make them ideal for everyday driving – whether on the commute or a twisty road.

With the Fiesta RS World Rally Car and Fiesta Rallycross cars currently demonstrating the potential of the Ford global small car in the toughest of international motorsport events, there could be no better time for Ford to offer customers a glimpse of what is also technically possible with the road-going Fiesta.

Like the Ford World Rally Championship contender, the Fiesta RS WRC, Fiesta ST Concept uses a 1.6-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol engine to deliver performance. The use of a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine reflects not only the current WRC engine guidelines, but also the trend within international motorsport to deliver greater fuel economy through technical advancement. Target performance levels for the Fiesta ST Concept are 177 horsepower and 177 lb.-ft. of torque, enough to propel it from 0-60 mph in less than seven seconds. A top speed exceeding 136 mph is targeted.

The Fiesta ST has bold and assertive styling, making an immediate impression and driving home the high performance message with a number of striking features and design themes. The large, distinctive trapezoidal grille echoes a key feature of its larger sibling, the new Focus ST, and incorporates a honeycomb mesh design.

At the rear a dramatic diffuser design leaves no doubt as to the sporting credentials of the Fiesta ST Concept. The diffuser also envelops a twin exit exhaust.

A lowered stance, widened wheel arches filled with 17-inch aluminum wheels and full ST body kit mirror the styling of the Ford Fiesta WRC competition car – an alluring form that also delivers racing functionality.

This theme is continued inside the high-contrast sports interior which includes Recaro sports seats for the driver and front passenger.

Tuned suspension geometry ensures dynamic and competent handling that can flatter less-experienced drivers while rewarding those seeking to push the limits of the Fiesta ST’s sports performance.

“With the Focus ST we promised to deliver uncompromised sports performance and styling to a truly global audience for the first time, without sacrificing Ford’s key values of Smart, Safe, Quality and Green. With the Fiesta ST Concept we are demonstrating that our Global Performance Plan has legs,” said Jost Capito, Ford Director of Global Performance Vehicles.
David C 10/24/2012
If Ford doesn't release a 3-door Fiesta ST in the states i will seriously be thinking about selling my Fiesta SE and truck to pick up a VW GTI. The Fiesta SE is a great car but when i get passed by a Prius i make a face like o_0 quickly followed by >:[
The Fiesta ST concept is awesome!!! Please take this vehicle from concept and put it into production! Also please consider both the 3-door and 5-door option and both manual and automatic transmissions.
I'd like to get a 2-door (3-door?) hatch. I don't care for a 2-door coupe or a car with four doors. I'd like it with a manual, too, since I really dislike automatic transmissions.
Jonathan Schuldt 09/23/2011
Please bring the 3 door to the U.S.
Eric Penn 09/17/2011
Yes! Please offer the Fiesta ST as a 5-door in the U.S.
Chad Smith 09/14/2011
Needs AWD.
Scribblers Incltd 09/14/2011
my last name is Ford...let me design a Ford concept car and Ford will make a winning combo with passion meets design meets speed meets saftey... cheers Ford..
Zrath Smiley 09/14/2011
Apparently, the future Fiesta will look like a compact Aston-Martin. :D
Our American Cars 09/14/2011
Awesome Ford. Now you have got to share your European Ford's with the US!
Ian Blankenship 09/14/2011
Three door or don't even bother bringing it to the US.
Gavin Packwood 09/14/2011
Looks like the new jag xj
Brian Lucas 09/14/2011
Really looks great. To bad only a 5-door option for NA.
Julian Gutierrez Cortes 09/14/2011
It's a......Fiat Punto!!! Wtf is happening with car designers???? Is the same as LR is doing with his icon....just copy-paste....
Tom Cottage 09/14/2011
Looks good but I think the Fiesta definately needs to be AWD, also for rally fans. AWD doesn't need to be standard but the global cars do need AWD options.
Tracey Jaqueline Chapman 09/14/2011
Zetec sport is nice but not quite a ST x
Kai Filipovic 09/14/2011
Please remove the fail Radiator-Grill from the ugly Focus :-/
Adolfo Salvatierra 09/14/2011
It looks so great, ST Fiesta
Batu Cengiarslan 09/14/2011
ı love st st awesome
Carl Warmington 09/14/2011
Poor Jost is going to get very tired of repeating that ST vehicles will be the same in USA and Europe. All the yelling from the Americans is wearing them (Ford) down. Good work North Americans and keep yelling, maybe you'll get the great Focus wagon as well!!
Donna 09/14/2011
Why no 3 door in the U.S.? That's a disappointment!!!!
Joshua Smallin 09/14/2011
Seriously, gas is super high, you should be coming out with cars that get 50+ miles per gallon and your coming out with sports cars in a sub compact...
Anniket Parate 09/14/2011
when the new fiesta hatch will be launched in india!
Mario Reise 09/14/2011
WOW! Haben möchte ich den auch!
Seth Brannock 09/14/2011
Fix the torque steer
Jager Carr 09/14/2011
WOW I like... I want
Pat Ford 09/14/2011
I like it ,I love it ,Ford's are #1)(:)~
Jason Murphy 09/14/2011
Looking forward to this coming to the UK in 2013 n will be getting one. I have the current sporty Fiesta, the Zetec S which is similar to the ST. There will be no 3 door Focus ST altho I wouldn't rule out a coupe in years to come.
Chris Matchett 09/14/2011
From owning a current st 500 fiesta bring it on look forward to what mountune will do with this.
Brinton C. Evans 09/14/2011
love how the concept is a 3-dr but the US has been told we will only get the 5-dr. typical, and why i wont be purchasing until u lose the extra doors. stop being so safe ford US! live a little.
Venkatesh Loganathan 09/14/2011
I think ford will launch this model in India after 20 years
Colby DuPont 09/14/2011
Check out the ford story for a look at the new focus rst race car
Gen Eugenio 09/14/2011
Almost perfect...I am hoping that ford will be able to create a car that is capable of using solar energy when its daytime.
Petri Sipiläinen 09/14/2011
Very nice work there somewhere........
Paweł Płocharski 09/14/2011
Anyone know if there will be Focus ST in 3D version in europe? Or is the Focus ST only in 5D and wagon?
Mel Walters 09/14/2011
Cool. Bet there will be a market for this little rocket.
Ken MacDaniel Sr 09/14/2011
Just bring it to the U.S.
Mahsun Erez 09/14/2011
Ne Dionuz OğLum
Adam Penn 09/14/2011
Why only a 5-door?? Bring us a 3-door! Gotta love the Aston-inspired grille tho.
Bryan Redeker 09/14/2011
Awesome! Probably the replacement for my current Fiesta. Hope it comes to US market, unlike most of Ford's hot hatches.
Chase Martin 09/14/2011
looks like a jaguar front end
Chris Bishop 09/14/2011
how can we get an all wheel drive model like Ken Block's?
Charlie Mullen 09/14/2011
2 door/hatch in North America please.
Cory Callcott 09/14/2011
Tracey Jaqueline Chapman 09/14/2011
Do love a ST x
James Coon 09/14/2011
How about a first look at the next generation Mustang!!!!
First Look at the Ford Fiesta ST Concept Car
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