Fiesta Redefines the New-car Experience

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So far, nearly everything about the 2011 Ford Fiesta introduction in North America has been unique. Now Ford is also changing part of the dealer experience, letting the Fiesta unwrap itself. When 2011 Ford Fiesta owners pick up their new car, they’ll learn about it in a whole new way through the use of an interactive USB.

“Everything about the launch of the Fiesta has been different and the delivery experience is redefining how customers become acquainted with their new product,” said Paul Anderson, Ford Small Car Marketing Manager. “The Fiesta movement started the engagement with consumers and the delivery process continues the dialogue. This makes owners a part of something special.”

The experience has three key elements. It kicks off with a short video featuring Fiesta Movement agents that is viewed on a kiosk located on the showroom floor. Following the video, consumers can have their picture taken with their new ride, which is then uploaded to the Fiesta Community site.

Next, owner can plug the preloaded USB into the Fiesta. This lets the car unwrap itself, guiding the owner through the cool features in their new car with nineteen minutes of infotainment-type audio. Topics range from push button start to the sound-deadening windshield glass.

Once they get home, customers can plug the USB into their home computer to download a Fiesta Community app, which is a place they can continue to engage with Ford, their dealer and other Fiesta enthusiasts.

Features of the Fiesta Community app include:
  • Fiestapedia: Serves as an online wiki, where owners can get tips from other owners and contribute their own ideas, with more than fifteen categories to choose from.

  • Photoshop: Users can retrieve their photo taken when they received their car, and Photoshop in a background, with more than fifty to choose from. After the photo is completed, it can easily be shared through social media channels like Facebook.

  • Online Community: Connects owners through collaboration with Fiesta Faction, an existing enthusiast club.

  • Dealer Store: Ties owners in with their dealer, so they can check out their Facebook page or website, and keep up-to-date with events.

  • Podcasts: Offers a dozen podcasts with greater detail about the features on Fiesta, such as safety and SYNC.

  • Fiesta News: Provides updated news on the world of Fiesta

  • Ford Connections: Makes it easy to connect with Ford, through, and

“The Fiesta Movement has taught us that consumers want to continue the dialogue with Ford Motor Company and other Fiesta owners,” said Anderson. “Fiesta continues to push the boundaries of how we launch products and how we interact with our customers.”

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Fiesta Redefines the New-car Experience
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