Fiesta Movement Celebration in LA and You're Invited

By Ford Social Member

On Tuesday, December 1, 2009 please join us for a night of celebration and a sneak peak of the 2011 Fiesta. For the last six months, 100 Fiesta Agents have been taking to the streets with the Fiesta Movement . Now it's time to have a little fun, let off a little steam and enter a new stage of the Fiesta Movement.

Log on to the link below to obtain your ticket for a night of fun filled action.

Fiesta Party

Fiesta Festivities include:
  • Sneak peak of the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta

  • Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration

  • Performance by Parachute

  • DJ set featuring DJ Pesce

We will see you there!
Jodi 01/24/2010
i would love to drive that car cuz i do not have one and i love that one it looks cool and i love the color purple. i never won nothing in my life so please let me win.
Sue Hellen 01/08/2010
I would like to buy the new fiesta!! I love it! From Brazil
adif faizal 12/15/2009
vipin 12/14/2009
fantastic car
Tom Beebe 12/08/2009
Brought to us without a dime of taxpayer money. way to go, Ford !
Jorge Vazquez 12/06/2009
You bet. "Old Fords never die"

cabbie 12/05/2009
After reading the specs provided on the Ford U.S. site I will not buy this car. Twist beam rear axle and drum brakes belong on a conestoga wagon - not on an enthusiast vehicle. I continue to be disappointed by Ford, they continue to fail to find a way to provide a quality (read mechanically sophisticated) small car to U.S. consumers. I'll continue to purchase my cars from Mazda.
steve 12/02/2009
When will we get an ST version or maybe an SVT version with maybe a 300 h.p. Echo-boost and All Wheel Drive. Call it an SVT Fiesta not a Shelby, so that the right engineers get the real credit.
GM could not come close to anything as good as the Fiesta with their re-badged Deawo's or Kia's
Ford, sell a million of them here, this little bugger seems that good. and please get us a performance version, please.
Skeels 12/01/2009
Like that Fiesta...
Torrey 11/25/2009
I am wondering if Ford will just surprise all of the agents and let everybody keep their fiestas.?
Alberto Massarotto 11/25/2009
Will there be a place to park vintage Fords? Perhaps an area set aside for cars that made a difference in the subcompact field? I ask because I own six of one of Fords best selling cars, the Ford Pinto. As a mechanical and project engineer, I have always appreciated the engineering that went into the Pinto. Small on the outside and big on the inside (I'm 6'-3"). All the engines offered for the Pinto were of race pedigree. Sure, it was not perfect but it was a car that holds a special place in the hearts of any one that grew up with the car. Park a Pinto in a parking lot and see what people have to say. Older people will come up to you and tell you about how they had a Pinto from new and loved it. Others will tell you how it was first moms car and then got passed through all the kids. They will tell you of trips they took in it. They will tell you about how they kept driving the wheels off of it but the thing never stopped going. It is a story that Ferrari owners never hear, It wasn't a car many dreamed of, but is was a car they got. Some were loved and some were just a mode of transportation. Either way, people will never forget Fords "Better Idea" Pinto.

I hope Ford of US's newest subcompact is as loved 40 years from now as their first currently is.
Fiesta Movement Celebration in LA and You're Invited
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