Fiesta Movement Agents Lend a Hand

By Ford Social Member

The Fiesta agents' August missions are taking them in a new direction - as volunteers. With 100 missions to choose from, agents select missions that fall within their interests, and then do their part to give back to the local community.

Whether spending time at the Smithsonian Institute, delivering food for Meals on Wheels or helping build playgrounds for KaBOOM, agents are pitching in to give back.

To jump-start enthusiasm for the missions, actor Mario Lopez took a Ford Fiesta filled with sports equipment to a Boys and Girls Club in the Los Angeles area. Check out his video below.

You can follow the ride by visiting . Once there, access the live feed feature to keep current on what the agents have to say about Fiesta and their missions.

Other August missions include:
  • Spending a day as a volunteer at the Smithsonian Institute, soaking in the history and helping others do the same

  • Visiting Pinup for Pups headquarters for a behind-the-scenes look into the organization that makes puppy pinup calendars and donates the proceeds to help stray dogs

  • Helping out at KaBOOM, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide kids with playgrounds to let loose on

  • Volunteering at a local chapter of Meals on Wheels. By helping with the meal deliveries or spending time at headquarters, the agent can see how it's done and share the story

During each mission the agents upload content to the social media platform of their choice.

"These volunteer missions are the perfect way to showcase a different side of the agents and connect them with an even larger audience," says Connie Fontaine, Ford Brand Content and Alliances Manager.

You can follow the ride by visiting

The movement continues to grow, since it started in May, as evident by the numbers below:
  • Nearly 2.8 million video views on YouTube

  • More than 365,000 photo views on flickr

  • More than 2.3 million impressions on Twitter