Fiesta Movement Agents Get Their Design on for July

By Ford Social Member

While official EPA fuel mileage hasn't yet been announced for the Ford Fiesta, the Fiesta Movement agents are getting plenty of social media mileage from their European-spec Fiestas. Agents have captured more than 1.8 million views of Fiesta Movement videos on YouTube, over 270,000 photo views on Flickr and 1.8 million impressions on Twitter.

Each month, Fiesta Movement agents receive new missions that have a common theme to work their social media magic around. For July, the missions are centered on style and design. With 100 missions to choose from, agents will try out fresh ideas, go to new places and experience fun adventures - all with their Fiestas. Missions include:
  • A visit with up-and-coming designer Rebecca Turbow to learn more about the "safe" concept that inspired her clothing line. With a knack for creating striking collections that feature bold details in monochromatic palettes, Turbow's line is a must-have for style mavens.

  • An immersion in New York City's High Line project that is greening the city's industrial character. High Line is all about urban renewal, abandoned train tracks, public space design and elevated parks, and the agent will do a walk-through, and photograph the changes for all to see.

  • An opportunity to tap the genius of graphic design guru Matt Moore to create a new wrap for Fiesta. The agent will get the design made, install it and watch as heads turn when the new-look Fiesta sets out.

  • Coverage of the Essence Festival 2009 in New Orleans. The agent will have the opportunity to participate in the music festival's hospitality events and attend a steamboat cruise day party.

Throughout the mission and after its completion, agents upload content to the Fiesta Movement Web site or the social media platform of their choice. Using , visitors can follow the ride by accessing the live feed feature to keep current on what the agents are saying about Fiesta and their missions.

The Fiesta Movement is a social media initiative. One hundred young trendsetters will test-drive and live with a European-spec Fiesta for six months, traveling on special missions. Agents will relate their experiences through a variety of social media sites.
Fiesta Movement Agents Get Their Design on for July
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