Fiesta Movement: Agent Brittani Visits Cinema Vehicle Services

By Ford Social Member

Brittani Louise Taylor is one of 100 young trendsetters who, as part of the Fiesta Movement social media initiative, are test-driving and living with an European-spec Fiesta for six months, traveling as agents on special missions, who then relate their experiences through a variety of social media sites.

The June mission theme – Technology – had the agents visiting places few outsiders have been, with an inside look at the happenings of some of the hottest technology names such as Pandora and Twitter.

For this mission, Brittani paid a visit to Cinema Vehicle Services, who has prepped and provided vehicles for many of the movies you love. They’ve been doing it since 1975, and they had quite a bit to share with Brittani. Check out her video by clicking here.

You can keep up with agent activity on the live feed on the Fiesta Movement Web site – .

The Fiesta Movement Agents have demonstrated what they do best – showcasing their Fiesta online in the midst of an adventure. As of June 10, they generated 4,672,121 consumer impressions through various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.
Erika 07/10/2009
When I first found out about the Fiesta coming to the States I was very excited. But then I found out that they will only be offering a 3 door hatch or a 4 door sedan, which is unfortunate because I am in the market for a 5-door hatch. I also agree with all the comment about not offering the diesel engine here. I think most Americans would be excited about having a car that can get 65 mpg even if it is a little more expensive to begin with. For Ford being an 'American' company, it sure seems as though they favor Europe as far as options go.
Chris 07/07/2009
Joe, Ford has been offering top quality petrol, diesel, bio-ethanol, natural gas and liquid gas vehicles in Europe for some time now... and is making money. The question is if the States are ready for other high tech, innovative solutions, or are just looking for the cheapest solution from a low salary country... and is also ready to transfer the production there... or give indian or brazilian wages to american workers?
Joe 07/06/2009
I agree with Daniel. VW is coming out with the golf diesel, Tata could bring a nano diesel in a year for $6,000 dollars. If ford does not bring the fiesta diesel cheap for 2010 then they will loose a buyer. I can also buy the gol from Brazil that takes gas or ethanol. I would not buy a hybrid or electric car.
W Verkamp 07/05/2009
When are they available in Calif. and what do they cost.
Dude 07/03/2009
Ford's diesel and petrol small cars that are sold overseas are still to expensive to maintain compared to Korean and Japanese ones.

Time to not just match quality but to move ahead
prince 07/02/2009
i lik ford cars
cos they are ben used in hard time cos i remenberd one my fahter used in 80s it was too strog for my liking
Daniel Rendon 06/29/2009
I only buy one if its a diesel,when are we getting small diesels trucks and cars to America,Ford only sells thier small diesel overseas,are we going to let the Germans and japaneses beat us to it again,I own an V.W. t.D.I. diesel and its a great car,but i want to buy American.
S K 06/25/2009
A move in the right direction. Back to the Economically sound cars of the 80's. The Fiesta is long overdue for Ford and will help cement their place as the most forward thinking Auto Manufacturer in the world!