Fiesta Earns Top Safety Ratings Around the World

By Ford Social Member

The 2011 Ford Fiesta, the only car in its segment to earn a Top Safety Pick from the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety under its new test standards. The Fiesta is also first car in its segment to earn top crash test ratings in each of the world’s largest auto markets that perform safety testing.

“Ford is committed to safety, including our efforts to deliver top crash test ratings that customers look to when choosing new vehicles,” said Sue Cischke, Group Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety. “Fiesta is the latest example of that safety commitment, and shows that a small, fuel-efficient car can deliver top safety.”

Testing agencies in the U.S., China, Europe and Australia/New Zealand rate the Ford Fiesta at the top of the list for crash ratings. The Fiesta also just received the maximum five-star safety rating by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center under the China New Car Assessment Program, or C-NCAP. This follows maximum five-star ratings in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

The impressive ratings add to the global sales momentum of Fiesta. European sales of the latest-generation Ford Fiesta reached 1 million last month. The landmark was achieved just 28 months after the popular small car went on sale in Ford dealerships across Europe. The Fiesta has been the best-selling small car in Europe for the past two years.

In the U.S., Fiesta is attracting new customers, including those in the trend-setting California market. In 2010, Fiesta played a key role in helping Ford to achieve its highest retail share in California since 2006. Los Angeles continues to be the top-selling region for Ford’s smallest car.

Beneath the car’s stylish exterior is a structure crafted from high-strength steels engineered to preserve quality and enhance driver and passenger safety. More than 55 percent of Fiesta body structure is made from ultra-high-strength steel, and the extensive use of high-strength, lightweight boron steel helps protect critical occupant safety zones.

Fiesta offers a segment-exclusive available driver’s knee airbag, developed to help reduce lower-leg injuries in the event of a frontal collision and to work together with other safety features. The knee airbag joins a suite of Fiesta safety features that include dual-stage, first-row airbags, side-impact airbags and side curtain airbags.

“Smart” Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS) sensors determine occupant weight and seat belt status to optimize deployment force. The Fiesta also features class-exclusive smart sensors that use pressure pulses from a side impact to deploy up to 30 percent faster than traditional airbags with acceleration-based sensors.

Ford global safety engineers worked together to prepare the Fiesta to be able to meet stringent crash protection requirements in any region of the world by leveraging the small car expertise of Ford of Europe and an array of virtual, actual and hydraulic sled-simulated crash tests.

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Peter Fin 02/22/2011
buying a ford is like getting a free life insurance
Ralph Paglia 02/21/2011
This proves that smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles can be made safer with proper engineering...
Brady Swanek 02/21/2011
Daytona 500...FORDS...1ST....2ND ANDDDD 3RD.....HAVE ''YOU'' CHASED A FORD...LATELY ???
Krishna Pidikiti 02/21/2011
u rock
Norma Sue Burchett Adkins 02/21/2011
That's GREAT! Go Ford!
Dave Evans 02/21/2011
I have a 2007 Milan. Never been in an accident (knock on wood) in it, but it's got the side airbags. I feel very safe in this vehicle (being a defensive driver helps exponentially). It's as small as I'd want to go given the commuting I do. However, I'm going to give the new Focus a look-over WHENEVER IT FINALLY HITS DEALERSHIPS, which for some reason Ford is being very secretive about.
Julie Hogan Chastant 02/21/2011
we have a F350 , 13 years old, A mercury Milan first year ( not such a great side impact that year, 1st yr production) and I just got a 2011 mustang ( after a 30 yr wait! ) but all small make me nervous ....daughter was T boned in a Ru Impreza at over 30 mph and thank the lord no one was in the passenger seat but despite the impact she survived. AND she was hit by a Kia or something like that ..damage was huge. ALL small make me shudder after that near miss. LOVE our Fords , Fiesta is aweomely cute, not surprised at it's safety rating. Ford builts great vehicles but yeah, there is a disposable factor all over......Milan is 5 and tell ya what the 13 yr old WILL be learning on that one :)
Dave Evans 02/21/2011
@Julie - Based on the safety rating here, I'd say you'll certainly survive--at least the first hit (manufacturers don't consider what happens after the first contact in an auto accident). The issue I have is your investment is GONE. The "car" was more escape pod than 8 year transportation solution.
Julie Hogan Chastant 02/21/2011
if you live to get another?
Dave Evans 02/21/2011
Don't get me wrong--I really like the Fiesta--but the problem with a vehicle that size is it's inherently disposable. There's no straightening the frame or replacing a quarter panel after a wreck. The whole car goes in the garbage and you get another one.
Dave Evans 02/21/2011
Yeah... but it's a total loss after a 30mph collision.
Stephanie Cunningham 02/21/2011
My father in law traded his edge in on the fiesta and hes gettin 38 mpg. Ford rocks
John Pearce 02/21/2011
What a wonderful job FORD !!
Andrew Radcliff 02/21/2011
Ok Horsepower lovers. The fiesta is not for you. Ok. Ford MO Co substituted HP for MPG. Ok. Fiest 40mpg. Ford Mustang 24mpg see the difference. 1.6 Really... yes really the put it in the for.. say it with me now 'FUEL ECONOMY' WOW! Good Job everybody. Thanks and Goodnight.
Mel Hambelton Ford 02/21/2011
Don Bond 02/21/2011
All any car needs for safety is a drive who Pays attention and will share the Road...
Paul Toledo 02/21/2011
Great job ford, i knew you could do it!
Corey Miller 02/21/2011
thats awesome! Way to go ford, trying to make cars safer
Eric Dawson 02/21/2011
I love my Fiesta, but I would love to see direct injection for a little more power/better efficiency!
Derek Moore 02/21/2011
Ford should do another cash for clunkers program. I want one of these!!
Charlie Logan 02/21/2011
The new Fiesta looks great, haven't had the honor to drive one yet :( very European, which is nice, but why a 1.6? Why not a 1.8 or even a 2.0? I'm sure a 2 liter would fit under the hood
Marcus A Warren 02/21/2011
I am proud to own mine more
Duke Bin Nikal 02/21/2011
Andrew Radcliff 02/21/2011
Thats why they say "Built Ford Tough"