Driving Program Aims to Develop Safer Teen Drivers

By Cole Q.

We are working with the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program to help make future generations of drivers ready for the road.

The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program provides parents with resources to help guide their aspiring motorists though their supervised driving requirements needed before getting licensed. Since most states require between 35-70 hours of guardian-supervised road time before teens can drive independently, the program helps parents make the most out of this instructional time with an easy-to-follow safety curriculum.

That curriculum just got higher tech with the release of the new RoadReady™ app for iOS devices . RoadReady provides the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program in digital form, along with an easy interface for tracking progress, driving conditions and several other real-life variables.

“This state-of-the art program was developed by the foremost experts and organizations in highway safety. It is being made available nationally and benefits parents and teens by its multiple platforms, including the printed curriculum and the RoadReady mobile app,” said Jeff Larson, program creator and President of Safe Roads Alliance.

While the Parent’s Supervised Driving Program helps give young drivers the skills needed to jump start their early days, the learning shouldn’t stop there. It takes more than a few independent miles under your belt before you can call yourself a safe driver. That’s where the Ford Driving Skills for Life program takes over.

Ford Driving Skills for Life, now celebrating its 10th year, picks up where mom and dad leave off. It’s a fun and interactive program that teaches newly-licensed teens important skills they’ll need to develop and set safe driving habits for as long as they’re behind the wheel. Students learn about speed and space management, vehicle handling and hazard recognition. Ford Driving Skills for Life also instills the importance of minimizing distractions, a topic that hits home with today’s ultra-connected generation of teenagers.

"Ford has years of experience helping new drivers to develop important skills and learn how to become safer behind the wheel," said Steve Kenner, Global Director of the Ford Automotive Safety Office. “The Parents Supervised Driving Program is yet another tool we are using to help teens become safer, more experienced drivers and to engage parents in the process.”

What’s the most important thing your parent or guardian taught you when you were learning to drive? Share your experience and help educate a new generation of good drivers by submitting your story !
Driving Program Aims to Develop Safer Teen Drivers
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