Come for a Ride in a Ford Fiesta Rally Car

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Sweden's Olsberg Motor Sport Evolution (MSE) team has brought its lineup of Ford Fiesta rally cars to North America for two events -- the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb and the X Games. Pike's Peak took place July 19, and Motor Trend takes you for a ride with rally champion Marcus Gronholm up the course in the Ford Fiesta rally car.

Today is the start of X Games 15. The all-star Olsberg MSE team has put its Fiestas through two days of rigorous testing at an abandoned military base south of Los Angeles, and is ready for the games to begin. Olsberg MSE is entering the race with the 1999 Indianapolis 500 winner Kenny Brack, and the team will also field two Ford Fiestas for ROCKSTAR Energy Drink with drivers Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan.

The Olsberg MSE Ford Fiesta is based on the production version of the Ford Fiesta, which is Ford of Europe's top-selling car in 2009. The Fiesta will be introduced to North America in the summer of 2010. All three Fiesta rally cars have been prepared to comply with Rally America Open Class specifications.

The X Games, considered the premier action sports event in the world, feature athletes from across the globe competing in a variety of sports ranging from skateboarding to motocross, BMX and rally car racing. X Games 15 will be covered live on ESPN's family of networks, including ABC, as well as across ESPN's many digital media assets, including (or you can use or simply ) and
David Brown 10/23/2009
Drove the Fiesta this summer at the EAA Air Show.I was impressed with the room for a compact.Iam holding onto my Focus ,(165K miles)until the Fiesta is available.If this car is half the car the Focus is,it will be a big seller.
rick 10/21/2009
I drove a new ford fiesta. I was very impressed and want to purchase one as soon as they come to market. Rick IL.
Ann Hagen 10/20/2009
Drove one of the Ford Fiestas at the Magu Air Show. Loved it! I drove the stick shift and found it easy to shiff. It had the pep I need to get out on the busy Pacific Coast Hwy, and I know it would handle merging onto the freeways. The adjusted seat gave me good view coverage, and I felt safe and so comfortable! Yes, I want one. It is the right size for a 5'2' lady. Me!
KEN RINE 10/20/2009
I like alot like better in 2 door
art 10/20/2009
I will buy a fiesta when it comes with eco-boost. should be fantastic.
Dennis 10/19/2009
Does anyone know if they will offer a diesel in this car?
eddie 10/19/2009
Fiesta with RS package, PLEASE! BUILD IT!
paul 10/19/2009
I agree with Ungeheier and Joey. But I want to see the convertible come State-side, too.
Still miss my '78 Fiesta Ghia, and the '80 Fiesta Sport. Those cars were (almost) indestructible.
Perspectus 10/19/2009
Needs to have the eco-boost 4-cylinder (turbo) as an option.
As long as I'm in dream world, make it a hybrid and top it off with a panoramic roof..
Michael 10/19/2009
I really enjoyed driving the Euro model this spring in Charleston. i hope the US version stays true!
Ungeheier 10/19/2009
I agree with Joey!

* Wider fenders
* Turbo

= Sold.
Joey 10/19/2009
If Ford makes a performance version, I'm in. It could be competition for the Mini and the upcoming Fiat 500!
gem 10/19/2009
Doug 10/19/2009
I am very much impressed with what I see and read on the new Fiesta Can hardly wait to see it
Paul 08/03/2009
My 2000 Focus, with that basic engine, was still running strong at 291,000 miles when it got tail ended. Sure do miss that car. The tail pipe is still as clean as the day I bought it.
Kenneth 07/30/2009
very impressive
Come for a Ride in a Ford Fiesta Rally Car
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