Cinco de Mayo Celebration with the Ford Fiesta!

By Cole Q.

Cinco de Mayo is celebration of freedom and independence. And here’s a quick language lesson: Fiesta is Spanish for celebration or party! On this fifth of May, let’s celebrate the freedom and independence we feel when behind the wheel the Ford Fiesta . Freedom from boring!

But don’t take our word for it! Check out how the Ford Fiesta is indeed the life of the party! It is helping people make music and turning heads in the Lone Star state .

Keep the Fiesta party going by checking out these stories from Ford Social members and fellow Fiesta drivers. You can even submit your own by clicking here !

From the looks of it, Amber A. is a fun-loving kinda gal. So she needed a car that was exciting as she was. Not only is her new Fiesta “Mexia” the object of her affection, she says she’s a Fiesta driver for life. See why!

Anyone who has driven one knows that the Fiesta has spunk. But would this little party machine have what it takes to shepherd Valerie D. and her three sisters on a 400 mile all-sisters weekend? Click to find out !

Amy H. knew the minute that she laid eyes on her Fiesta that it was the car of her dreams. The iconic Lime Squeeze even matched her purse !

Not only was his 2012 Fiesta Kyle T.’s first Ford, it was also his first non-import. See why his new hatchback is like a party on wheels!

Karla A.’s Fiesta took the party to the desert. See the beautiful photo she snapped here !

Speaking of photos, did you know Ford Social has over 3,000 photos of Ford vehicles from all over the world? Join the Fiesta Photo Party by uploading your’s today .

Be sure to check out the archives for awesome snaps of your favorite Ford vehicles, like Amanda’s Lemon and Lime , Florian’s ST , or John’s little Fiesty one .
Cinco de Mayo Celebration with the Ford Fiesta!
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