Join Us for the First Look at the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta

By Ford Social Member

Judging from the more than 50,000 hand-raisers who have said they want more information on the 2011 Ford Fiesta and from comments posted on this Web site, there’s quite a bit of interest in the new Ford model that will soon be available in North America. The high-octane energy surrounding the debut of Ford’s all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta continued December 1, 2009, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Fiesta “exploded” onto the popular ABC television late-night comedy show. The Fiesta made its debut in one of Jimmy Kimmel’s signature skits.

This timing coincided with the Fiesta Party. The full evening of Fiesta Festivities included:
  • Sneak peak of the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta

  • Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration

  • Performance by Parachute

  • DJ set featuring DJ Pesce


The action continued on December 2, when the new Fiesta was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Joins us as we take you via video to the reveal of the 2011 North American Ford Fiesta at the LA Auto Show.

You can also watch the whole reveal with more information on the 2011 Ford Fiesta, captured in the video below.


The reveal of the North American-based Ford Fiesta will also mark the culmination of the first phase of the Fiesta Movement .

The Fiesta Movement is a program that provided 100 Fiesta agent with a European-spec Ford Fiesta for six months. Each agent is test-driving the Fiesta, traveling as agents on special missions. They are relating their experiences through a variety of social media sites and at .

Set to arrive in dealer showrooms next summer, the Fiesta already can claim more than 50,000 potential customers thanks to the Fiesta Movement.

"This is the perfect time to show the North American Fiesta," said Sam De La Garza, Ford Fiesta marketing manager. "The Fiesta Movement will have wrapped up, and after hearing so much about this car leading up to the reveal, everyone will finally get to see what we are so excited about."
UK 04/01/2010
I live in the UK and recently had my car damaged by an idiot driver, the repairer gave me a Fiesta courtesy car while mine was being repaired. What an awful vehicle, Europe has much better vehicles to offer than the Fiesta. I left it in the garage and used the bus.
Time to Think 03/03/2010
Thank you!
Mark Schirmer 02/27/2010
Focus and Fiesta, next to each other, are actually very distinct. They are clearly both Ford products and are influenced by the Kinetic Design language developed by Ford's Europe operations. They are different in size and Focus in person is clearly wider, lower and longer. On the showroom floor, they will compliment each other well. The Focus is bigger, inside and out. I was at the Detroit Auto Show this year and spent time comparing the two -- seen side-by-side, trust me, they are different.

Mark Schirmer
Ford Communications
Elise 02/27/2010
There are actually a lot of differences between the Fiesta and the Focus! While we wanted the designs to compliment each other, there are differences between the styles--especially if you look at the front and rear of each car. Also, the Fiesta is a B car, while the Focus is a C car--a whole size up. Focus has more available technology, including the new MyFord Touch system. Once you get the chance to see both in showrooms, you'll definitely see how they very different, but complimentary, the two cars are!

Elise Abbott
Ford Communications
Time to Think 02/26/2010
I'm confused - the upcoming "global" Focus is almost indistinguishable from the new Fiesta in overall design. In the pics, they even appear to be the same size. Why the redundancy?

If they are different, then in what ways? Available trim levels? Internal volume?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of the movement, and the comments are reassuring that efficiency is now mainstream, and not the commie pinko brand that the very same ecological thinking received 40 years ago. I just don't see any difference between the two models.
justinD 02/20/2010
YOu need to take 20% off those EU MPG numbers for the US ( smaller gallon)

I'd love ford to put a small Diesel in their Ranger truck, I would definitely go for that . I hope the fiesta does well here, Kudos to Ford for finally getting some sense
cole 01/26/2010
Bonnie 01/26/2010
I had a Ford Fiesta in the late 80s early 90s. It was a 3 door hatchback and I loved it. I got 319,000 miles on that car (see why I loved it!). I don't care if this new one is a 5 door hatchback, but I do like 3 door. Can you get manual drive? How does that effect the mileage? Where can you go to see all the available specs?
Michele 01/11/2010
I was really looking forward to getting an orange Fiesta. Why was this great color dropped?
daniel 01/11/2010
I desperately need a latex-free, allergy friendly sedan like the German certified TUV Fords with the ability to shut off the incoming air as the Volvo can with the additional air quality function does. And my husband wants the Prius all electric so he can park the car in the garage. Our Toyotas bring traffic exhaust directly into the vehicle which no additional air filter can clear fast enough for my severe allergies and the Volvo has "natural rubber" which is latex. Help!
jimvandamme 12/30/2009
Can I get a 4 door hatchback diesel, or do I have to move to Europe?
Are the idiots in Washington or Dearborn?
Chatham H Forbes Sr 12/26/2009
What motivates car manufacturers to install cheap looking, tasteless upholstery, and knobs that crack in the sun, on economy cars? Are they afraid that if they install attractive, durable interiors on the less expensive cars, people won't buy their more expensive vehicles? That doesn't make sense if you realize that customers buy an inexpensive model because it's inexpensive. It is obvious that installing cheap looking interiors is motivated by other than cost of manufacture alone. You don't want the buyer to be too happy with the cheaper car, so he'll move up as soon as he can. I believe that time-worn marketing theory is just plain wrong. A corollary opinion: Young buyers are not tasteless clones. Most appreciate good taste, and will buy it!
Joe Webb 12/18/2009
Like everyone else I want the 2 door hatchback and the diesel. Ford is just showing thier true alliance to the oil companies, and not the American consumers. I have 2 1995 Ford aspires that get 40-45 mpg. I guess I'll just have to keep them going if I want a small economical 2dr hatchback. Congraduations on blowing a great opportunity to give us the cars we want Ford. Also, what happened to the v-6 diesel option we've been promised for the F-100.
shivam 12/17/2009
its good
George Dorman 12/14/2009
I LOVE FORD,I have been a Ford man all my adult life.All I want Ford to do is bring back the
DB 12/13/2009
Hatchback is very good looking, sedan is just ok. I don't understand why they changed the grill, I would like fog lights if they had the option. I still cannot understand why ford makes their NA cars look cheaper looking than their European counterparts when some of the most popular cars where I live are BMW, honda and mercedes
Mike 12/10/2009
diesel is the way to go globally.
US and Japan screwed up, Germany made it happen with precision for clean efficient power. My VW Turbo D is getting 40mpg actual on highway, 38 in city, and no issues in first 70K miles. And I also rented some in Europe for big gas savings at no snap penalty.
Eric 12/09/2009
I went to the on-line reservation site, thinking I might reserve one, but I don't like the exterior or interior colors. Perhaps Ford's color choices skew toward a younger person (the hipster generation), because I don't care for them (and I'm in my mid-40's). The interior appears to be gray with what looks like paint-splatter-black drizzled all over the upholstery, and I don't care for that at all - it lacks sophistication. And the exterior colors are disappointing. The majenta and limely green are just too loud for me, and black never wears well (shows every scratch over time) and white always looks dirty unless you are obsessive about car washing, which I am not. Silver looks unpainted, like raw metal, and the other colors are too broodingly dark and dismal for me - kind of goth-like. I would prefer navy blue, hunter green, a light blue, gold/beige (it hides the road-grime really well). The price also seemed too high, and I wonder if not participarint in this reservation program might mean scoring a better price ad hoc at a dealer, once the car is already out and the hub-bub over its newness has abated. Sigh. I would really like to buy a high-mileage 4 door hatch from an American car company that is age appropriate and at a reasonable price. Perhaps the Chevy Cruze will have a more likable external color scheme and interior fabric.
Pete 12/09/2009
I like both the hatch and the sedan. However, I am a bit disappointed at the fact that Ford has chosen to price the hatch higher than the sedan. From an economic perspective, I understand the move. They intend to build fewer hatchbacks because they expect to sell fewer hatchbacks. Thus, they want to make a profit on the few units that they sell. It makes sense. Still, from a social perspective, I believe that this move ultimately will leave a salty taste in the mouths of consumers. Those who would prefer the hatch will shy away from it because of the higher sticker price. At the end of the fiscal year, Ford execs will sit down and say, "Hey, let's get rid of the hatch because no one is buying it." In reality, it will be their fault for pricing it higher in the first place. Those consumers will eventually make their way to the Mazda showrooms to buy a Mazda 2, which will be available as a hatch at no additional cost. This move will backfire; I guarantee it.
Pete 12/09/2009
Really?! Is that the only comment that you can make? Basically, what you are saying is that people do not have the right to freely express themselves. Why do think Ford put this comment area here in the first place? They want feedback. Apparently, you must think that only positive comments are allowed, and you would be wrong. If people want to express their disappointment in the design of any ford car, that does not make them crybabies. It makes them intelligent consumers who know what they want.
bigubee 12/09/2009
Looks good ole DaleR has STFU. Go Mexico !
Brandon 12/09/2009
Hey griffinfinity My parents have a 93 Bronco with over 250,000 miles on it! Ford makes great quality cars I love them! I hope you keep havin good luck with your Fords and keep buyin them in the future.
Nick 12/08/2009
The problem with getting the high mileage diesels here in the US i8sn't a government or oil related issue. it has to do with the common misconception that diesel is a "dirty' fuel. What most people don't know, except for those here who understand vehicle design and technology, is that clean diesel engines have been used in europe and abroad for years. In fact, roughly 60% of all vehicles in the European market are diesels.
In the US, people here think that diesels are dirty and only run trucks. The other problem right now is that diesel fuel, once quite abit cheaper than conventional gasoline, is now more expensive than gas, thus creating the "do I go diesel and pay more for fuel' paradigm. If diesel fuel costs were in line with regulr gas prices, there would most likely be more diesels on the road. But the high tax rates on diesel fuel witll prohibit that for now. Currently, taxes on diesel are so high because it's generally oiver the road trucks/ transports using it, creating a large pool from which the local, state, and federal governments can draw tax revenue.
What we need here is a god PR program to extoll the virtues of clean, high mileage diesels. But it won't do any good until diesel costs and taxes lower.
dawn m 12/07/2009
Ok, so I went and "built" a Ford Fusion Hybrid and to be honest, why the heck would I pay $6-7,000 more for a car that gets basically the same mileage as a 2010 VW Jetta TDI? I would love to buy American but, my pocketbook dictates where I am going to spend my money. I am with some of the other posters in here. WHY can't we get the high mileage cars that Europe gets???
Matt 12/07/2009
I'm really excited for the Fiesta to go on sale here. I just wish you hadn't wasted time and money on making exterior styling changes. I'm really not happy about that kind of stuff. The Euro design team has been doing a better job on cars - face it and move on.

Other than the lame grille I'm really happy about the car, though. I just hope you didn't Americanize the handling.
Mark 12/07/2009
I really like this car and would buy one...if only the 1.6 TDCi were offered here. The gasser getting 40 mpg is better than most, but is still gets less than an '82 Escort. I read in Business Week regarding the price associated with building an engine plant in Mexico or importing the car from Britain being too steep. How about importing just the engine from Britain and doing the in-car calibration in Mexico? I guess we will be sticking with VW TDIs (50 mpg), what a shame.
Denis 12/07/2009
After reading most of these sorry comments I am convinced that the U.S.A. is the home of the loser cry babies.
Marc 12/07/2009
I like it.
James 12/06/2009
Why can' the US customers buy the models that get 50,60 and 70 miles to the gallon. Its too bad theese cars companies have to answer to the oil companies. The people in the UK can buy them. I thought FORD was an American company looking out for us. I quess not!!! The 1.6 TDCi EConetic 3dr get 76.3 miles to gallon as reported by Top Gear magazine this month.
Ryan 12/06/2009
Why can't I get a 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic 3dr in the US that gets 76.3 miles to the gallon. They can get it in England?
Virginia G. 12/06/2009
Jeff, I sit as tall as someone your height and had no problem with the previous Ford Festiva and I did a test drive in the Euro model Fiesta and no problem there, either.
Virginia G. 12/06/2009
I was really excited by the news about the Fiesta coming to the US; but that excitement has continuously waned as I continue to see no 3-door hatch option. Too bad, I would have been first on my block with one...and would have no qualms about trading in my 07 Yaris.
Jeff 12/06/2009
I am 6ft 4in and the only car that I fit in confortablly is the Taurus ( I have a 05 500) but what I really wanted was a Mustang. Come on now Ford make cars that taller people can fit in, at make the seat adjust further back.
Hiep huynh 12/06/2009
sure, i will buy it soon
Mark Kleis 12/05/2009
Hey Rico - can you name a SINGLE car in the Fiesta's segment (B) that IS made in America? I'll give you a hint - the answer is no. Labor costs are too high to build small cars due to their lower profit margins.

It's not 1950 anymore...welcome to the reality of a global economy. At least Ford employs more Americans than ANY other automaker. You are still supporting America buying a Fiesta - without a doubt.
Brockway 12/04/2009
First of all - I'm glad that Ford kept the look of the Fiesta as much as they did. It could have been worse. But did it really have to change as much as it did? Small subtle changes can make a big difference in the overall look. That front grill change does not seem like it's something that had to be done for safety reasons - They just had to get that horizontal 3 bar grill in there. The appearance changes do cheapen the look. Ford - why do you always feel it necessary to change the look of the US versions? They always end up looking uglier and cheaper. And what in the world happened to the sedan? What was an exciting looking car now looks bland and boring. Particularly around the c-pillar and rear quarter panel, it looks bloated and lost that shoulder that gave it a more tight and aggressive. It reminds me of a 2008 Focus, a car that was also neutered for the US.

But at least the FIesta is here and that's a start, so thanks Ford for that. Now let's get some of those great diesel engines over here. (And the C-Max, S-Max, European Focus, full-sized Transit, etc...)
ryan lavallee 12/04/2009
were's the coupe? bring the 3 door.

the fiesta NEEDS the 2L from the focus as an option, just as the focus needs the 2.5L from the fusion. single engine options are dumb.
Sans 12/04/2009
The 2 Ford assembly plants in Mexico are recognized as the most efficient in cost and quality. That is why Ford chose them to built those products. Labor cost is not the only factor. Quality is #1.
asdf 12/04/2009
Disappointed with the us grill changes, addition of chrome, also that they dropped the cool orange color. I won't be buying one of these now and will instead look at the Mazda 2.
Michael Johnson 12/04/2009
It is important to keep in mind that the changes in the front of the car had to take place because of the tougher safety standards in the U.S, i.e. the N.A. FIesta will do a better job protecting the cabin in a front collision than would its European counterpart. Aside from that, it looks ALRIGHT but I'm wondering if those weird looking things where the fog lamps used to be are actually some kind of light or just a cheap looking sweep.
cmf 12/04/2009
No 2 door hatch and poor U.S. design changes. I was going to be first in line at my dealership for this car. Well I guess I'll purchase a foreign car. Yet again FORD disappoints the U.S. market.
griffinfinity 12/03/2009
This car rocks! 40 mpg is nice and so is the powershift trans...but there's more reasons to go Ford -> boron steel cage=safety -> read: you're alive after being t-boned. They've taken the strongest steel and placed it strategically around the vehicle. Outstanding. Also, airbags are everywhere, most overlooked -> drivers knee's. Knee's get crushed in smaller vehicle accidents, I enjoy walking myself...excellent job Ford...Focus - Fusion - Fiesta - F-150 - Mustang - Taurus: Own the future -> NOW!...Hey I'm still drivin' my '92 Bronco with 120K and look to go to at least 200K, but I'm getting it some company - I'm really thinking Fusion (hey, I'm 6'2 220)...last but not least, man I bought a ton of F stock at $1.50 in February: thank's for buying me the new car Ford, keep it up!
Scott Kelly 12/03/2009
Yes Frank. The 2011 Fiesta will have all the features of SYNC including USB connectivity with MP3 players like the iPod.

Scott Kelly
Ford Marketing
Mark Schirmer 12/03/2009
The differences in the North American Fiesta versus its global counterparts reflect both the different safety and emissions requirements in the U.S. -- as well as the fact that North America joined the Fiesta program after engineering was two years underway on the European and Asian models. Most of the changes the customer will never see or feel though -- the new Fiesta in N.A. will drive, handle and go just like it's Euro counterpart. And frankly, with a Powershift transmission, it might even be better.

The percentage of commonality rises on future global programs. On our next-generation Focus, for instance, commonality reaches 80 percent. This will be the Ford standard for global programs going forward.

Mark Schirmer
Media Communications
Ford Motor Company
Mark Schirmer 12/03/2009
Looking for a Lincoln Mark LT -- I'd encourage you to go check out a Ford F-150 Platinum. All the luxury is there, and then some. We moved away from Mark LT because it was not in line with our vision for the Lincoln brand -- products like the new MKS and MKT are better ambassadors for the Lincoln brand, not a re-badged pickup truck. Ford makes great trucks -- check out that new Platinum F-150. Thanks for your interest.

Mark Schirmer
Media Communications
Ford Motor Company
FRANK 12/03/2009
GREATEST CAR IS FORD DIESEL in Europe-Asia-South America, why CAN'T WE have this best selling sedan, why does FORD stick it's home boy's with stupid ELECTRIC CARS? Car's THAT TAKE MORE ENERGY to build that we will ever recop then we have to replace the whole bank of battery's how many are there??Let see 12? 14? x's $100 ea that's least $1200. oh, yeh, labor to take out old then dispose & then put back in new! HA! BIODIESEL WIN'S at 70mpg X.65C a gal!!!
paula 12/03/2009
Because it was made in Mexico does not mean that it is a bad product. Ford is a global auto maker, and right now, they have to go where the labor is cheap.

Motor Trend Car of the Year is made in Mexico, the Fusion.
Brian 12/03/2009
A 2 door hatch is needed, then take the 2.5L Turbo from the Euro Focus RS, mate it to the 6 speed manual from the MazdaSpeed 6 (which is AWD), add in a tubular cradle to mount the rear differential and IRS (with fame ties to the front sub-frame), put some big brakes on, nice wheels and exaggerated arches....... then you have a 25,000 dollar Fiesta RS which will be more fun than a mustang V8, which is why they won't sell it here. Even though it would catapult them into the tuner market.

Maybe if I ever get my shop going, I'll do it myself.
Jer 12/03/2009
Heinrich 12/03/2009
I'm sorry for the US but the design change of the Fiesta for the US market makes it a bold one. Why did the change the front? It is really ugly compared with ours. But at one thing you're in advance. The new Powershift 6speed transmission, a double clutch like the famous VW DSG, will start earlier in the US than in Europe.
Jerry 12/03/2009
Frank - I looked up some information for you, and found this in an LA Autoshow Artice.
"Fiesta features – including push-button start, a PowerShift transmission and SYNC® hands-free communications and entertainment system – are not features found on competitive products like Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris or Nissan Versa."
"SYNC® & Sound: Includes an additional auxiliary 12-volt power point, supplemental audio controls, 80-watt premium sound with six speakers, a unique center console and Ford SYNC voice-activated communications and entertainment system with 911 Assist, Vehicle Health Report and Traffic, Directions & Information services. This includes turn-by-turn navigational assistance."
Marc 12/03/2009
Believe people you don't want to miss driving one. The european 3 door sport 1.6 120 HP is a BADBOY!. My white white Sport catches the looks! Greetz form Amsterdam
Rick 12/03/2009
Im not happy about the Lincoln Mark LT being sold only to mexico. That was going to be my next new purchase. You could have kept a limited number for sale here. You are a US company RIGHT!!!
HIC 12/03/2009
DaleR: Buy your focus made in the states (the worst and more ugly of all focus), you are free to decide, but Ford cars made in Mex have the best in quality recognition. People is free to buy what they want, US gov can't violate that freedom. This is a global world and thats how it works, sorry!
Chris 12/03/2009
FAIL! I am disappointed. I was really excited about that car until I saw the US version. I hate the grill, and what that chrome thing on the side?

Also, where are the 17" rim sport suspension, and turbo options?

I would also like to see a 6 speed manual.
Tom 12/03/2009 says: "Although just 60 percent of the parts on the U.S.-spec Fiesta are common with the European version..." is It true just 60 percent????
Frank 12/03/2009
The words USB and iPod are conspicuously absent from all the marketing materials. I'm concerned that I won't be able to control my iPod from the Sync system as you can do with other Sync products. Is the USB port still present and are iPods still supported?
Taog 12/03/2009
I want the three door.
Rick 12/03/2009
Ford has got it right! I just bougth the 2010 Taurus. What a car. I have been driving european cars for the last 10 years (BMW and Saab). The Taurus dirves very close to the way my BMW did. Firm on the road with good handling characteristics. The SYNC system paired with my Blackberry is very cool. I have been waiting for an American car manufacturer to step up and Ford did in a big way!
John Smith 12/02/2009
I'm surprised Ford felt the need to change the Fiesta for the US market. The european Fiesta looks great and has been the top selling car in Britain for a long time. The Fiesta for the rest of the world is the same (china etc..). Why did the fog lights change? now it has that rubbish corporate grill and the rear bumper is bigger.
DaleR 12/02/2009
Rico, what in the world does "dont judge" mean. I have no idea. What I do know is that there are plenty of Ford plants in the States that are idle or closed with skilled labor pool ready to go. Charge more for the car, build it in the States and market it as a car made in the US by the US. I dont care if Ford makes cars in Mexico to sell in Mexico, but enough of outsourcing American jobs to other countries. I might as well buy a Honda built in the US with US labor. The US gov should never become protectionist and push to buy only American products. The citizens of the US should do this but need US companies to step up and give them products to buy.
shasta 12/02/2009
wow just went from super interested to really bored after seeing how they neutered the grill. It shouldn't be a big deal to me but they just took something that looked awesome and sporty, and gave it a wal-mart brand basic grill. I honestly thought that its grill was what signified an end to watered down american car designs, guess not.
rico 12/02/2009
dale if u look even the focus a small portion is built in mexico come on really dont judge
rico 12/02/2009
this car looks amazing cant wait to see one in person
Mauricio 12/02/2009
Ford !!! ..vamos pa'delante !!!! yo soy re fanatico, llevo 4 Ford en la lista y voy a seguir !!!!
DaleR 12/02/2009
I've been waiting for this car for about a year. Decided not to buy a Focus last summer with all the cash back offers just to wait for the Fiesta.

But now seeing that it is built in Mexico instead of the US may have to change my mind. WTH.
cole 12/02/2009
You'll be able to preorder the 2011 Ford Fiesta at starting December 3.

Cole Quinnell
Editorial Director
Brendan 12/02/2009
hey Ford! When are we going to be able to preorder these badboys!
alejandro baleani 12/02/2009
ford es lo mejor del mundo soy fanatico de la marca soy propietario de una f 100 y un focus
C Tate 12/02/2009
I am hoping the original fog lights are an option. I was in Europe last Summer and drove a Fiesta. I have been hoping the Ghia version would arrive here pretty much untouched. There was a nice gold version in the brochure I have from Ford Poland. The leaked photos of the grill and the chrome side details are disappointing! I am interested what other options there are. I am in desperate need of replacing my old Focus hatchback, since Ford never bothered with bringing the current European focus or a hatchback here to the USA, Your headed the right direction, don't try to make it look too much like a SHO or a US Focus! Please!!!!
Patrick 12/02/2009
I absolutely can't wait for the all new 2011 MKIII Focus to make its world debut at the 2010 NAIAS in Detroit in early January. Ford, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not add any chrome to the new Focus! Please leave it chromeless like you did with the original 2000 model year MKI Focus. I want the 5 door hatchback. Ford of Europe simply has brilliant cars. Thank you Alan Mulally for making the decision to bring over to the U.S. these awesome European based cars. The all new C-MAX and Grand C-MAX that debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show was really gorgeous!
Karla 12/02/2009
I agree with Alex! I prefer the European model that Ford presented at first. I don't know why they changed.
James 12/02/2009
LOL @ pwg. So you're saying a quality product will sell itself then and there is no need for advertising? Where have you been living? There is nothing wrong with generating hype over a car, that is smart business.
Traveler 12/02/2009
I rented a Ford C--Max diesel in Europe last year. It is very similar to the Fiesta. What a wonderful car. The high pressure injected diesel didn't rattle or smell like a diesel and it returned incredible fuel mileage numbers of over 40 mpg. It was comfortable and easily handled all our luggage and tools. Here is hoping the Fiesta has a C-Max type diesel option in its future.
Dan 12/02/2009
I can't wait to get my hands on a loaded black 5 door Fiesta with leather, the 6 speed automatic . I hope FoMoCo will consider bringing the 3 door body style to the U.S.A. Great job!!!
Alex 12/02/2009
Somewhere...Gillette Mach 3's are missing their razors...
Two years we waited only to get that tacky grille tacked on to a great looking car. LAME.
Also lame is the lack of ANY 3 door option. I'll wait for the SVT Direct Injection / Eco-boost Model.
GhiaFan 12/02/2009
well done, too bad you had to dial down the lower trap/airdam area. Removes the strong,aggressive,sporty character of the Fiesta. Looks sleeker but weaker.
But a big kudos to Ford N.A. for keeping true to the rest of the worlds Fiesta's DNA.

Now try and leave the face of the next Focus face alone. You will not the "changed for sake of government crash regulations" excuse on the Focus.
pwg 12/02/2009
You know, if you had been concentrating on making & selling quality cars of all sizes, you would not have been dependent upon hype or Jimmy Kimmel. I'm seriously looking at a Fiesta, but because it looks like my kind of car, but I plug my nose and avert my eyes at all this hype nonsense.
Cody 12/01/2009
I cant wait!
carlos rubirosa 12/01/2009
me two i really hate the removal of the fog lights and the front changes on the grill.
James 12/01/2009
We will find out shortly, if not tonight, tomorrow.
Torrey 12/01/2009
I'm hoping those leaked photos prove to be incorrect design-wise.