Classic Thunderbirds Return to Dearborn

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For lovers of Ford Thunderbirds, the Water Wonderland Thunderbird Club has created a three-day event that celebrates the 55th Anniversary of the original model. More than just a car show, the event takes in all that Ford has to offer around its World Headquarters.

Participants were invited to a BBQ at the Henry Hotel, breakfast at the Henry Ford Estate, a photo shoot at the Ford Proving Grounds test track, a parking space in front of Ford World Headquarters and a chance to drive their Thunderbirds inside Greenfield Village. Nearly 300 vehicles were registered for the event, which starts this Thursday, June 24, 2010. People from more than 30 states are bringing their Thunderbirds to the program, including from as far away as California.

Registration is required for the event, but If you didn’t sign up, you can still come admire the Thunderbirds from various eras on Saturday, June 26, 2010, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

To help celebrate, we’d like to hear your Thunderbird story. Click here to share your story with us. Tell us about your Thunderbird, what you’ve done with your Thunderbird or just about any other type of Thunderbird story you want to share with us. You can submit a story with or without a photograph or video. We are planning on posting a follow-up article with photos submitted as well as images from the Return to Dearborn Thunderbird event.

Ford offers restoration parts for Thunderbirds and other classic Ford vehicles. You can find more information by reading the article, Ford Father’s Day Ideas, or by visiting
Nancy Matus 07/30/2010
I am waiting to buy a new car, I am hoping Ford ressurects the Thunderbird, it is my dream car and now that I can finally afford one, Ford does not make it anymore....Please, Ford bring my dream car back so I can have it before I dye!
Dustin Munro 06/21/2010
Ford should ressurect the Thunderbird along with possibly a few other rear drive cars and continue making the Crown Victoria and Town Car in North America and Falcon in Australia.The Thunderbird should be a 2 door version of the Crown Victoria,Continental a 2 door version of the Town Car.Here is a copy of a letter I emailed Ford on ways to do so:

One Parallel Platformed Ford Part 4.
Developement of new universal global rear drive platform.There is the 'updating' or modification of the Mustang platform for the 2014 model year plan-use for falcon etc too or do the 'Focus rs8' method-Make rear drive off a front drive platforms.

To my understanding,Ford is developing the 2014 Mustang by updating or modifying the current platform.I recommend doing that as planned and also doing that with the Australian built Falcon, making 2014 model Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car on the new platform as return to unibody,doing the same for a ressurected Tbird/Continental,possible resurected Pinto or Escort/Bobcat,Ranger pickup truck etc.Or Make a rear drive version of the front drive car platforms.
Rear drive Focus-Pinto or Escort/Bobcat-Stretch for Mustang/Cougar.
Rear drive Fusion-Tbird/Contenental,Ranger Pickup.
Rear drive Taurus-new panther platform also for Falcon and possible Scorpio.
Try to raise towing capacity of new unibody platformed full size rear drive vehicle from current Falcon's 5000lbs to over 6000lbs.
Herb Foubare 06/21/2010
I was at the 50th anny. show, looking forward to this show!!
Classic Thunderbirds Return to Dearborn
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