Should Police Vehicles Get Better Fuel Economy?

By Ford Social Member

Since the all-new Ford Police Interceptors were first announced in 2010, there has been quite a bit of conversation about the new vehicles. Here’s something new for discussion – the Police Interceptor sedan and utility is expected to deliver average fuel economy gains of between 20 and 25 percent better than the Crown Victoria police car. This can save law enforcement agencies millions of dollars a year on fuel costs.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – the largest sheriff’s department in the world – operates a fleet of 6,200 vehicles that patrol an area the size of Connecticut. In 2010, those vehicles drove more than 27 million miles. A fleet-wide 20 percent fuel economy gain would save the department at least $20 million a year at today’s fuel prices of nearly $4 per gallon.

“We set out to deliver our new portfolio of Police Interceptors to be industry-leading from durability to performance, including taking on one of the most important challenges for agencies today, fuel efficiency,” said Kevin Koswick, Director of Ford North American Fleet Operations. “With our new Police Interceptors, we took the industry benchmark, our Crown Victoria, and improved every element including delivering up to a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy.”

The improved efficiency of the new Police Interceptors is part of the Ford corporate goal to lead or be among the leaders in fuel economy in every segment in which the company competes – and that includes not just the vehicles that consumers buy, but also the cars, trucks and utilities built for fleet buyers such as law enforcement agencies.

Even small towns would see significant savings with the new Interceptors. For example, the city of Berkley, Michigan, just north of Detroit has a police fleet consisting of 13 Crown Victoria police cars that patrol the city’s 2.2 square miles. Berkley had been spending about $2,500 per month on gasoline for its police cars before the recent surge in oil prices. A 20 percent fuel economy gain for Berkley’s patrol cars would have equaled a savings of $500 per month or $6,000 per year. With higher fuel prices, the potential savings is much higher.

The new Ford Police Interceptors, both sedan and utility vehicle, can be ordered with a choice of three powerful V6 engines that deliver more horsepower and better fuel economy than the 250-horsepower, 4.6-liter V8 in today’s Crown Victoria police car.

The base 3.5-liter Duratec V6 engine in the new Police Interceptor sedan will deliver at least 280 horsepower. Also available in the sedan is the award-winning Ford EcoBoost™ twin-turbo V6 that will have at least 365 horsepower. The EcoBoost-equipped Police Interceptor comes standard with all-wheel drive that enhances handling and safety during high-speed pursuits. The new Police Interceptor utility model will be powered by a 3.7-liter V6 and features all-wheel drive delivering at least 300 horsepower.

In early testing by police agencies, both new Ford Police Interceptors delivered outstanding performance and won praise for acceleration, handling and braking. The new Police Interceptor sedan with the V6 EcoBoost engine outperformed all V8 competitors in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department testing in November. You can read more about this testing and what actual police officers had to say about the new Police Interceptors on .
J C 07/14/2011
Better fuel economy, cheaper cars, less abusive cops...
Michael Bashta 06/20/2011
Definitely! Our tax money is paying for their gas!
Jason Dodd 06/08/2011
set them up with crew chief to save even more gas!
t 06/07/2011
the motorola radio is faster than any car the police will ever encounter on the street
ed 05/25/2011
had same engine had to replace the first one. Second one ran into cooling issuses.
Charlie 05/15/2011
Think about it The Force is getting HotRods just like the bad guys when it comes to power, Parts will always be cheaper than gas. But when you look at it from the owners side it all comes down to care from the drivers who drive these machines period. There is no bad chase car only drivers who dont care about the,,,,,, you know the rest
Carl Jones 03/31/2011
As long as we can still catch the bad guys and be economical about it I think it's fine. Sacrificing power for fuel for power and possibly a suspect who can achieve more chaos another day is a bad trade in my opinion. We shall see how things work out I suppose.
dan 03/29/2011
In my town we have a fleet of 8 ford escapes 2 f250s and 5 crown vics.
thats new england for ya
g 03/29/2011
all the cars should be diesel!
Jacob Makely 03/29/2011
Why not just update the panther platform? They're going to have to spend a lot more money on repairs and parts for these cars than those of Crown Victorias. Rear wheel drive sedans can take a lot more abuse than front wheel/ all wheel drive without necessitating repairs. AWD means more expensive repairs to the drivetrain as well. Aside from this, there are so many Crown Victoria parts, that they are dirt cheap to maintain. The Crown Victoria (and of course other Panther Platform cars) is also time and abuse tested. I just junked a 1989 because i didn't want to have to replace broken window motors and ac before the summer. Aside from that, the car may as well still be on the road. The replacement for that car? A 1988 Ltd Crown Victoria with more miles on it. Panther Platform cars simply don't die. Back when my friend's father was a mechanic at a Chrysler dealer, he would sometimes get trade ins with Panther Platform limousines (not an easy life on a car) that had 300,000+ miles. He said all they would need was an oil change and they'd be good to go. Yes, these cars guzzle some gas with their V8 engines, but comparatively, their fuel economy is not to shabby as far as V8 engines go. Do we still want a more fuel efficient police duty car? The Panther Platform has been in production since 1979 with very few changes. During that entire production, Ford changed the engine a grand total of 1 time, in 1990 (1992 for the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis)! Hey Ford, it's 2011; instead of eliminating the staple of the fleet car market from production, WHY DON'T YOU TRY AN ENGINE DESIGN THAT'S LESS THAN 20 YEARS OLD!? Also, just for kicks, Crown Victorias have really great visibility, out of the front, back, and sides and with an extra couple tiny mirror on the side views, you can easily see your blind-spots. Why doesn't the Taurus use the ancient, but surprisingly efficient (as well as cost effective) technology of mirrors and properly angled windshields instead of an electronic blind-spot indicator program?
Trey 03/29/2011
From what I have seen in my area patrol cars are more like a mobile office for the officer. They have organizer bins on the passenger seat. More forms and equipment in the trunk. Most of their time is spent either driving to a call or sitting writing reports. They keep the engine running for two main reasons. First, is the MDC (computer), radio, modem, lights, cameras, etc. There is a huge electrical load on those cars. Ford actually had to put a larger alternator in the crown vic to keep up with the load. Its also a safety issue. All those things running on the battery, try to start the car and “click”, uhoh.. Second, its HVAC. Yes, keeping the car cool or warm. Don’t forget, its their office. How many of you turn off the AC in your office when you leave for lunch? How many of you wear a wool suit over a Kevlar vest all day? What would really help fuel economy? Cylinder deactivation down to two cylinders when in park. A hybrid system to allow the engine to cycle on and off as needed to charge the hybrid battery bank to operate the AC and police equipment without having to run the engine all the time. There is no point in having a 360HP twin turbo V6, or a 4.6L V8 running all day simply to spin the AC compressor and run about 1HP worth of electrical equipment. Even adding a 3HP APU like what the big rigs have would be huge since the drive engine would not have to run at all to maintain the cooling and electrical load.
BTW… what about LNG?? Why are we even using gas/petrol?
corey hess 03/29/2011
i think they should get bad gas mileage so they wont pull people over no more there are murders and rapist out there they can go after them.
Sean 03/29/2011
Just imagine if police cars got 40 or 50 some MPG or even higher? Then the police man or police woman most likely would get the bad guy but not always but most likely if they have to go on hot pursuit at over 100 MPH but even at speeds like that the MPG will be significantly lowered. So if People at Auto plants are making new and improved police cars they need to make it were the MPG does not drop significantly even when going at speeds like this so in my own opinion they need to study on how to reduce the weight by not sacrificing safety maybe Ford could use the Ford Focus's electric body frame so it's light and strong at the same time and two it should be more aerodynamic at the same time as well so it's very fuel efficient.Also it should have cameras on every side of the car so the bad guy can't escape from the police man's view. Though they have used cameras for taking pictures of license plates before. Also police cars should have both standard and curtain side airbags in case if the police car faces either a front or side collision crash and plus maybe even Ford's inflatable seat belts would be a great bonus especially when crashing at speeds like that. Just Imagine if a police man got in a serious accident and it could saved his or her own life. Now that's what I call saving one life after the next. Last but not least I wish that Ford could put radar technology in GPS systems so police men don't even get stumped by the smartest crook out there so most likely he or she will usually land in bars for his or her life for good! Who agrees with my comment I think these Ideas I great when It comes to a police car of the future and no I'm not a police man I'm just your average everybody citizen that want's to see police cars evolve in a way to make our streets even safer than ever then before.
Josh 03/28/2011
Even though the Taurus SHO is pretty quick with its Ecoboost V6, I believe it is mediocre for police use. Ford should at least offer a V8 on the Taurus Police Interceptor, how are the cops going to chase down quick cars like V8 Mustangs, Chargers or Cadillacs? Police Departments do not care about fuel mileage, they care about keeping the streets safe and chasing other felons that think their car and/or driving skills are hot stuff. Hope the Taurus Police Interceptor will be low maintenance like the Crown Vic, as that is what the CVPI is known for, reliability. Hope the TPI (Taurus Police Interceptor) lives up to its expectations.
Jan Philipp W 03/28/2011
thx for the intersting story
Johnathan 03/28/2011
The Crown Victoria, is the most solid and reliable american car made. Stopping production of this car is a cost saving move by Ford. Fuel economy has nothing to do with it. A Taurus cost more to repair, and could never even compare to a rear-drive, full frame sedan, with a V8. Police choose durability over econmy, and Ford is amking a mistake with their decision.
Todd Latta 03/26/2011
Tony and Jamie make excellent points. I think Alan Mullaly is making a big mistake. I think his pride is getting in the way. He should realize when he cancelled the refreshing of the Crown Vic police interceptor afew years ago he really screwed up. All the cops told him to keep panther, just upgrade with new motor and transmission. The plant was in the very beginning stage of the retool...,but Alan pulled all the project funds out.
Now they have $0 in there operating budget. What a shame to not keep on top of that car and keep it updated....,
Second time in five years that that plant had retooling promises only to have it cancelled. Lots of jobs on both sides of the border will disappear soon.
Uuddlrlr Bastart 03/26/2011
I think they need more power in my opinion. They are way to heavy to effectively catch a GT. Unless the driver of the GT is an old lady. I've raced interceptors back when my car was stock and I was amazed at how sluggish they are. Just sayin, we don't need a repeat of what they did in that movie Bonzai Runner.
terry chin 03/26/2011
YES. It only makes some $ for the taxpayer. I think that Ford's attempt at police vehicles is a pretty sound one. By making the vehicles heavy duty it could change the way cops think of a front wheel drive police cruiser.
Karl Jacobs 03/26/2011
the reason it gets 20 percent better fuel economy is the same reason the Chevy Impala got great economy! Its in the shop 20 percent of the time! and with curb checks at 60 mph, you sure will be making some money selling them new transaxles!!!!!!!! front wheel drive police cars are a joke....... Chevy gave you the market in 96, now you are giving it right back to them LOL....... a front drive taurus police car..... what an embarrassment to the blue oval faithful....... ought to be funny with new episodes of COPS where the cop is calling the tow truck while the drug dealer drives away after an attempted clip, and the taurus halfshaft jammed right into the tranny. what the heck are you people on?
Mehmet Y?ld?z 03/26/2011
lets lower our carbon footprint with ecoboost engines.
JadeNtyrone Gandola 03/26/2011
Get the Aussie cop cars the FG F6 straight 6 turbo 310 kws (421hp) and the general duties cars the XR6 turbo 270kws (367hp) both rwd .. F6 runs 12's stock whilst maintaining reasonable fuel economy ... Aussie muscle at it's finest :)
Johnny Walker 03/25/2011
Police vehicles should be outright hotrods. Make them where they can catch any and everything else on the road. It doesn't matter how much gas it would take to get the damn job done and overwith. Give those cruisers some balls.
Jamie Yule 03/25/2011
The more important question is can the new Police Interceptor match the Crown Victoria for Durability, Repairability and low purchase price? I still can't believe that Ford has decided to abandon so many fleets from Police Departments to New York taxis by discontinuing the Panther Platform. Obviously it isn't the most modern car, but it does it's job day in and day out across Canada and the US while it has been left without any significant updates for the last 8 years. I am proud to own my Canadian made P71 but it will be a sad day to see the big Ford plant near St. Thomas that has been making cars here since 1968 close it's doors. Sometimes I wonder why I still buy Fords, when hardly any are made in my own country any more.
Lorenzo Fábio Grala 03/25/2011
Le$$ Kops equals Le$$ Fuel and Doughnuts.
Transit cop 03/25/2011
You should get what our cops have here in Australia the FG F6 310kws rwd and the general duties cars the XR6 turbo 270 kws ... They're animals :) F6 runs 12's stock
Tony Fratto 03/25/2011
If its fuel efficiency they're worried about , upgrade the 4.6 in the crown vic or change the engine all together. Why drop something totally when u already have a near monopoly on the police market? Besides, this interceptor isn't NEARLY as badass as the crown vic.
Monty Greer 03/25/2011
All vehicles need better fuel ecnomy, intercepters need more speed
Wayne Boulier 03/25/2011
Every vehicle should get the best fuel economy
Todd Latta 03/25/2011
I agree with Lance and Paul.
James Clay Hardin 03/25/2011
If they can do this for police cruisers, why can't they do it for all of us ?
David Matthews 03/25/2011
no. the people should always have greater range and more horsepower than the cops. Its called freedom.
David Ray 03/25/2011
OR you could have put one of those nice twin turbos with all wheel drive in a Crown Vic because I miss it already!
Eloy Melgoza 03/25/2011
i think they should just bring the new 5.0s back to the highway patrols here in cali......sweet!
Tim Theodorou 03/25/2011
Sure, why not? But DO NOT sacrifice on performance, speed, and power
Lee Fitzpatrick 03/25/2011
They should get the 200bhp Ford Mondeo diesel , big , fast , economical and very reliable
Tim Foster 03/25/2011
Angela Boedicker Holmes 03/25/2011
Yeah they should.. us tax payers pay for it...and those new cars are sweet.. I build the engines...
Ralph Ellis 03/25/2011
What the hell?? If you can get better fuel economy for police interceptors what makes the city more important to save money than any regular man. I think that its B.... S.... that if you can make an Interceptor get better fuel economy why can my car not get it. My grandpa retired from ford and the whole family has been FORD all the way with blue running in our veins. I would just like to know what makes a cities so much better than us.
Paul Cox 03/25/2011
Bring back my Crown Vic!
Noah Arribas-Layton 03/25/2011
The real question is can these new FWD cars take the abuse that Caprices and Crown Vics have?
Dennis Shaver 03/25/2011
with todays technology all american made vehicles should get better fuel economy! the imports can all do it!
Joel Limon 03/25/2011
That's a stupid question if you no that they can just do it don't ask!
mlosuno 03/25/2011
Ok, if they are getting at least 280 from the 3.5 in the Taurus Interceptor, why does the regular version of the Taurus not get that same engine? 263 hp is ok, but it could be so much better, especially with the new 300/Charger coming out.
Alexander Radeschi 03/25/2011
Calvin Anderson 03/25/2011
If cop cars should get good fuel milage then so should every vehicle you put out. The police don' for fuel like the rest of us do.
Penny Blake 03/25/2011
Yes, Especially since they leave them running when they are not in them or when they are just sitting waiting to give someone a ticket!
Lance LeBrun 03/25/2011
No you should keep the panther! If Chevy is bringing back the Caprice as a rear drive police car and Dodge is keeping the Charger that should say something. AWD and Turbos aren't going to be cost effective for police forces that having their budgets slashed. I hope this works out for you but I think it's a bad move droping the P71.
Jason Wingo 03/25/2011
My Stang says NO! Give them horses! At least in the little po-dump town im in. Here if your car sounds like its going fast you get a ticket for "improper display of power" as they call it. Prompts me to show them a propper display of power lol!
Karis Page 03/25/2011
i believe they should all get late 80s tempos an escorts lmao
Roberto Gaytan 03/25/2011
No. Give them a supped up powerstoke to run over idiots who think they're cool running away from cops.
Bryant Riley 03/25/2011
Robert Durso 03/25/2011
fck no jus give em a bmx & tell em to get goin.. all they do is ride around wit the air/heat on wasting money..
Duane Qualls 03/25/2011
yes they should save sum of the city's money
Mike Nelson 03/25/2011
The ecoboost is an excellent idea for a police cruiser/interceptor, powe when it counts, small engine and less consumption when it doesn't. It's also a good idea to have more motorcycle cops. Honda ST1300's are used by many police departments, and my dad's gets around 50MPG cruising, and it can do 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds while bein smooth and quiet. It has a ton of storage as well. Not knocking a car platform, its definitely needed, but there are alternatives too.
Andy Gollberg 03/25/2011
Hey Ford, please make a cvpi with a 5 liter atleast for one year! Thanks!
James Gibat-Thoroski 03/25/2011
I think they should all use base Fiestas to get the BEST fuel economy.
Richard Lecco 03/25/2011
If the government demands that OUR cars have to hit 35+mpg, then so should theirs. Fair's fair.
Greg Wavell 03/25/2011
Police vehicles should be built at ST Thomas assembly plant but your closing it
Corey Burk 03/25/2011
I say yeah cause i got out of a chase cause the cop ran out of gas
Jeffrey Dufour 03/25/2011
I have a great idea. Why has no one come up with a way to rig up suad cars to run on something else while they are idling for hours and hours. So they have heat or air or radios or computers all there blinky lights working as they need them.
Jess N Terry Jenkins 03/25/2011
Yes, but then shouldn't we all?
Salvador Flores 03/25/2011
Police are power hungry , and most if them are mean ! And FORD DOES RULE !
Gloria Miller 03/25/2011
Brian Caulfield 03/25/2011
ya lets put the highway patrol in a prius and see how that works out....
Christy Dewhurst 03/25/2011
Yes, if taxpayers are paying for the jacks fuel. But can there not also be a version for the norms, the people who say for the jacks fuel? I dont see how this brings the fuel costs down for the average person...
Kevin Meier 03/25/2011
yeah buld a 4 door eco boost car for them
Ryan Fugitt 03/25/2011
Power economy reliability. All important fuel mileage would help especialy rural departments.
Nathan Simpatico 03/25/2011
If it has more power then hell yea
Jj Munger 03/25/2011
I say do what is best for the people. We are the ones buying your vehicles. I would accomodate the public before the police since we purchase more than they do.
Jon Derrick Grubbs 03/25/2011
Cops leave there cars running so for one your car is ready to go ride when you get in for a hot call and two your computer in your car is on the whole shift. If you turn the car off it will kill your battery.
Izrael Segura 03/25/2011
Ann Trakhman 03/25/2011
Yes...the taxpayers are paying for the fuel that's put in government vehicles
Gary Locuson Sr. 03/25/2011
Mark Conrad 03/25/2011
Mathew Swanigan 03/25/2011
No better then anybody else, They should not get a special privilege.
Bill Duclos 03/25/2011
YES, if I gotto pay taxes then all city vehicles should have the best fuel economy. I know some of these vehicles are a bit pricecy but in the long reun it will work out!!
Carl Angers 03/25/2011
@Gary, I know a man who was to cheap to buy a starter for his Powerstroke. It ran 24/7 for over a year. I saw it with my own eyes.
Ben Boshaw 03/25/2011
Yes they should because their opperating cost would go down. Then maybe they wouldn't have to make up laws to ticket us when ever possible. If I was in my built car speeding and I saw a new taurus SHO cop car pull out, the thought of running wouldn't even enter my mind, those are BA
Dan Reidy 03/25/2011
Give them that electric crap...i tired of "the revenuers" raising money on the backs of the WORKING PUBLIC in the lousy obamabortion economy...
Donnie Yee 03/25/2011
biggest mistake is downsizing the car and dropping the crown vic they tried the Taurus platform before nad for some it's ok but the majority it just don't work
Richard Hord 03/25/2011
No! They should just go fast!
Nick Weller 03/25/2011
There needs to be a rear wheel drive option
Benjamin McDonald 03/25/2011
as long as there not as dull and slow like the toyota prius but have a manual transmission like the honda crz
Mark Meyer 03/25/2011
I love my P71 Crown Vic. Ford should bring it back.
Michael Church-Kimmey 03/25/2011
Here is another question for you Ford. Why is it the that other countries can have your diesel cars that get better fuel mileage then our gas cars but they are not offered to us. WHY?
Dave Evans 03/25/2011
This is the dumbest question ever posed by anyone on anything. "Um... NO, they shouldn't get better fuel economy... because... well... cause, whatever man!" OF COURSE police vehicles should get better fuel economy. ALL vehicles should get better fuel economy. Particularly large vehicles like the F-150, Expedition, Explorer, Taurus, and Edge. Sorry, but 27mpg for the best a mid-size car/crossover can do is not impressive. Shoot for 30. And make your trucks reach 25mpg TODAY.
Brenda Wallot 03/25/2011
of course they should
Robert L. Kay 03/25/2011
This is what the cops in Oz need...and to learn how to drive them.
Kevin Lykins 03/25/2011
That just shows the public that Ford and other car manufactures are able to build cars with better fuel economy. I can't believe Ford would even ask such a remedial question. Maybe because all new Ford vehicles recommend BP fuel when you open the gas cap door. Are we starting to see the correlation between Ford and the oil companies!!!
Brian Farmer 03/25/2011
I think they should. With gas prices being so high all cars should get good fuel economy. My car,though its not a police car, is a Mercury Grand Marquis and Im getting 21 city and 28 highway and thats with the V8. You guys did good with that one. What are the new police cars getting?
Dave Hollister 03/25/2011
Yes, they should. It makes me angry when I see the Michigan State Police driving full-sized SUVs only because they want rear-wheel drive.
Lea Prima-Donna 03/25/2011
I AGREE WITH MICHAEL! WE should all get the best fuel milage possible. The cost of living is steady rising while the pay isn't and ppl are going broke just trying to keep gas in their vehicles just to make an honest living.
Andy Ang 03/25/2011
John Duncan 03/25/2011
nope, they use the road more than anyone.
Aaron James Anderson 03/25/2011
they should just have mopeds and huffys
Don Riddle 03/25/2011
Yes, I think so. I have a used NCSHP car when I worked a a utilities Director & only got anout 6 MPG. They make more fuel effiencent cars now with alot of HP. Nead to phase them out as buget allows.
Donald M. Andreas 03/25/2011
Gee you think just maybe. seeing as how everyone thinks we need more LEO's.
Lea Prima-Donna 03/25/2011
As long as making them more efficient isn't costing cities more in the long run cause either way you look at it, the taxpayer dollars is what pays. They shouldn't however have to waste taxdollars on purchasing new cruisers every year. If the cars are gonna cost more to use less gas......what's the point?
Doug Pinsent 03/25/2011
All I have to say is when do they hit the streets and where can I get one?
Matt Wetta 03/25/2011
Good Job Ford.
Michael Church-Kimmey 03/25/2011
Should WE ALL get best fuel mileage possible.
Brandon Brown 03/25/2011
Lol my cop car is a gas hogggg
Rob Nighteagle 03/25/2011
how about they stop high speed chaces. They turn there car off when not in use and thwn maybe they will get better gas. No need to run after someone when we have air patrols
Richard Mascitti 03/25/2011
Yes they should get better gas mileage ...and still be able to catch the bad guys...but even if the didn't ..isn't that's why they have a Motorola in their cars...??
Carl Angers 03/25/2011
The way cops always seem to leave the vehicles running, they should be driving diesels or paying for their own fuel.
Tommy Tuurbo Buck 03/25/2011
A diesel engine is needed because cop cars idle for long periods of time.
Laurel Gikas 03/25/2011
Only if it does not interfere with safety and speed.
Susy Cummings 03/25/2011
We ALL should have better fuel economy! Our taxes help pay for their gas, so that should help everyone.
William Hann 03/25/2011
thay should just buy fords
Raymond Jay 03/25/2011
let them run into a light pole, tree or better yet off a cliff. forget fuel consumption. take the aiir bags and brakes outta that thing while your at it.
Matt Knight 03/25/2011
Give em Hybrids!
Augustine Emmanuel 03/25/2011
yes definitely. they need to be electric/powered by hydrogen with solar panels to help increase efficiency and reduce waste
Jane Walks 03/25/2011
Cop Cars should be in TOP CONDITION just like the COPS themselves. If it costs more for this, so be it.
John Myers 03/25/2011
.....Criminals lol tisk tisk
Chad Steel 03/25/2011
Raul Albor 03/25/2011
We should get whatever they get, so no!!
Oscar Castillo 03/25/2011
No, let them run out of gas during the chase