Ford new Police Interceptors Prove Capability in Grueling Police Testing

By Ford Social Member

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) conducts some of the toughest testing of police vehicles in the country. At a recent session, the soon-to-be-released Ford Police Interceptor demonstrated their performance attributes, with the sedan recording the fastest lap time of any police car in those tests.

The Ford Police Interceptor AWD sedan, equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost™ engine, delivered an impressive 0-60 mph performance of 5.8 seconds and the fastest lap time – trumping all V8 competition from Chevrolet and Dodge. The Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 is a twin-turbocharged, direct-injection engine that will deliver at least 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a broad rpm range.

Equally impressive, Ford’s base 3.5-liter V6 Ti-VCT Police Interceptor sedan with AWD showcased stellar handling and performance, beating all V6 competitors in braking, acceleration and lap times. The combination of 280 horsepower with twin-independent variable cam timing technology, six-speed transmission and unique pursuit suspension tuning and calibration delivered the goods.

For the first time ever, Ford will also offer a Police Interceptor utility vehicle equipped with a 3.7-liter V6 Ti-VCT engine and all-wheel-drive technology. When tested with a 400-pound loaded cargo box, the Police Interceptor utility posted the fastest lap time, beating the Chevrolet Tahoe by more than two seconds.

This new portfolio of Ford Police Interceptor vehicles provides departments the ability to select the vehicle that best meets their needs. Agencies can now select from a combination of two bodystyles, AWD or FWD and multiple powertrains delivering at least 20 percent more fuel efficiency than the 4.6-liter single-overhead-cam (SOHC) V8 offered in the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

The all-new Police Interceptor sedan was first shown in March 2010, followed by the utility version in September. You can read the article about the Police Interceptor sedan on theFordStory by clicking here, and read about the utility Police Interceptor by clicking here. Both Ford Police Interceptors debut after production of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ends at the end of 2011.
PETER N 10/06/2014
The focus body is an excellent choice for intercepter. I handles nicely with factory sports suspension. Throw in theirs and oh my... along with a v6 eco boost... 
john 01/14/2011
no reason to dog the EcoBoost... Baja 1000 torture test proves it can handle what the LE vehicle will dish it
Jesse 01/10/2011
From what i have heard, the crown vics are ideal for the police because of the body on frame construction. These cars are relatively easy to repair. I heard police forces have autobody shops dedicated to repairing these cars after getting beat up in a high speed chase or some idiot hitting the car.
With these new cars, repairs to the body will be significantly higher because of the body design. leading to higher costs for taxpayers to repair these new cars.
Marty 01/05/2011
I've been working in LE for many years and everyone in the departments I've been a part of always preferred the old Caprice to the Crown vic for power, handling and comfort. The CV has been the best alternative for LEOs compared to the current chevy and dodge alternatives, and I know many who will miss the trusty cv. FWD is not the way to go for ANY vehicle. if you think FWD handles better than RWD, you don't know how to drive. turbos = maintenance woes, no matter how well engineered. you have to use equipment that handles the abuse, which is why the CV did so well for years, simple enough to idle all day and hold up to the pounding of LE duty.
Cliff 12/09/2010
I'll miss the CV's as I have one. Love the car and it's rock solid reliability. Never had a problem from it. Wish I could say the same from my GM cars. The Taurus is a nice car, a great car really. The SHO reminds me of an Audi of yesteryear with its power delivery and performance. If I had a say in it, I'd continue the CV with an updated chassis, suspension, and powertrain. It wouldn't need the new 5.0L V8 but maybe the current 3 Valve 4.6L, thats good for over 300hp, and mated to a 6 speed transmission from the F-150, would achieve good gas mileage for its size. I would even leave the body alone. It's so familiar now that almost everyone in the world knows this car.
jerry berte 11/24/2010
what does the 5.0 gt stang do to the new camaro ss. i am an avid ford owner and im wondering what the stang will do to the camaro. ive driven a new camaro and was allowed to really stand on it.its a very good car as in very quick.i would prefer the v6 in either on a g t is astronomical and also the chevy.300 horses is enough for me.mustang with performance pkg v6 is my in a 2010 fusion and i love this car.4cyl. the 3.5 fusion has got to be a real quicky.
CB 11/24/2010
In 2002-2003 our department went to the Impalas for gas mileage reasons due to the size of our county. BIG MISTAKE! What we saved in gas mileage we lost in vehicle maintenance due to constantly having cars in the transmission shop. So our Sheriff decided to go back to CV's. Now Ford is not going to produce a RWD. I guess we will probably go to Chargers b/c the man won't go back to FWD and will def. not let us have AWD.
chipahoy72 11/21/2010
G.M.s answer to everything, more cubic inches, the ford will blow it away in handling and fuel economy, on top of that a 6.0 in a sled like the caprice is nothing to get up about, look what the 5.0 Mustang does to the Camaro!
RS 11/21/2010
I don't doubt it...BUT...considering that high speed pursuits here are more an exception than the norm, this hot V6 will be more than ample. A good showdown would be a SHO with that 5.0 vs. the Caprice with the 6.0. I think that 6.0 would be more than happy to tell you what the SHO's tail lamps look like in the brief second it'd have to see them as the SHO blew past it.
RS 11/21/2010
AGREED. The new Taurus is cool and all, but what about room? I've heard a lot of complaints about the new trend of mid-size squad cars. My friends in law enforcement, they loathed when their departments started using the Chargers and Impalas. To the point that they requested to have a three year old Vic rather than a new Charger. Neither had the room of the Vic, and the Charger's line of sight is a joke. Also, the reliability and toughness - we're talking about a Ford vs. wannabes here.
Anthony 11/20/2010
....while continuing to cost tax payers large wads of money for fuel costs....most PI sit on the side of the road an engine 1/2half the size with equal performance, it's a no brainer....go Taurus SHO
Barry Melville 11/20/2010
General Motors - Australia , have contracts for supply of the Caprice PPV in the US and this vehicle with the 6.0litre motor knocks the ford right out of contention , sorry.
George Ewing 11/19/2010
Scott Dunne 11/19/2010
nothing wrong with aussie built cars tim, as for floor shifters what sort of hillbilly living in 2010 would want a column shift?
Coby Epperson 11/19/2010
these new cars for the police are awesome
Tim Holderle 11/19/2010
why are we selling fast cars to the enemy? sell them slow chebbies.
Corey Huff 11/19/2010
SHO interceptor!!
David Rios 11/19/2010
scared, happy and sad mixed in one. Keep up the good work Ford!
Mýa Parker 11/19/2010
Wow, very intriguing. Love the exterior design, so sleek.
Anonymous User 11/19/2010
Damn pinky!!!!
Pat Ford 11/19/2010
Dave 11/19/2010
I will take one of each please. These are awesome machines!
Tim Theodorou 11/19/2010
I wish Ford would keep the Panther platform alive. We will see how these new cars hold up. having once owned a 97 CVPI and now a 2006 CVPI, I am very pleased with the Crown Victoria. At least this isnt made in Austrialia with a stupid floor shifter (Chevrolet Caprice is both). Is Ford going to offer "Street Appearance Packages" for these Interceptors?
William Hawbold 11/19/2010
what about the PIT maneuver? I know there still are police depts out there that still rely on that to stop a fleeing suspect.
The PIT tends to tear up a FWD a lot more than a RWD Live axle P71.
Nick Fersch 11/19/2010
Police aren't hammering the throttle 24/7. With the Ecoboost, the power is there when you need it. The other 99% of the time, it'll be sipping fuel.
Ross Hadyniak 11/19/2010
However they should take the 5 liter like Kevin stated and put it back in the vics.
Luis Nieves 11/19/2010
Ross Hadyniak 11/19/2010
P71s won't meet emissions in 2012 that's why they will be no more. As far the ecoboost, they are very powerful but the only way to get power is when your in the boost which means fuel economy and with twin turbos comes a lot of heat. Therefore fuel economy won't be as great as stated.
Kevin Howard 11/19/2010
i have a p-71 and modified it and now i get over 28mpg hwy and 21 city and have also improved horse power and handling.with more to come.the new 412 hp 5.0 would be better than any v6!!
Trevor Stacey 11/19/2010
Nice car's.... But the Crown Vic is the best Police Interceptor that Ford ever built. Nothing will replace it... I think that they should keep the Vic in production and just add these new "police" cars to the line up of Fords police vehicle's they have to offer.
Kelsey Allen Campbell 11/19/2010
oh yeah go ford
Jordan Haughee 11/19/2010
The P71 was old and clunky and the 4.6 v8 was hardly a gas sipper. Ford was wise to get a newer v6 with better mileage and more power, I'm not too keen on the FWD. For what it's worth the crown Vic was a machine and could take a beating. We will see if the new vehicle will be as durable.
Scott Cuttle 11/19/2010
Why can't I "share" this link?
William Hawbold 11/19/2010
The P71 was fine. Why get rid of something that's been effective for years? It's always a seller.
Melanie Stumler Coleman 11/19/2010
There are going to be some happy officers on the road in these cars!!!
Jason Walker 11/19/2010
nice set the new cars are amazing, ford went above and beyond with these cars
Dave Evans 11/19/2010
Susan Brooks Peters 11/19/2010
Like the old school black & white cop cars.
Shelbe 11/19/2010
I agree, Ford should have cont'd the Vicky maybe with a slight bit of bodywork upgrading, and the new 5.0 as a base engine. Could have been fun as a sleeper car too!
Get Real 11/19/2010
It's not all about engine size, a Crown Vic with a 5.0 might have been quick, but the new police interceptor would have still been able turn circles around it. The Crown Vic is an overweight and aging platform. Seeing the popularity of the new Charger Police interceptors from Dodge, Ford has done the right thing.
kevin 11/19/2010
the crown vic with the new 5.0L v8 would be better .but for made a poor choice by discontinuing the crown victoria
Ford new Police Interceptors Prove Capability in Grueling Police Testing
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