Developing the Next-Generation Police Car

By Ford Social Member

The Ford Crown Vic is what most of us probably think of when we conjure up images of a police car. It’s pretty much the same for law enforcement, too. It’s Old Faithful for their industry, so you can understand why they might at first be a bit reluctant to change over to a new breed of transportation – they already knew what the Crown Vic was capable of and how it drove, and that it was reliable and durable. When you’re a cop on hot pursuit, those are not things you want to worry about.

Therefore, when it came time for Ford to develop the all-new, purpose-built Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles, the project was put in the capable hands of a Ford team of engineers with backgrounds in racing. “We utilized that knowledge to develop new parts and subsystems on the racetrack and in our test labs,” explained Ford Core Vehicle Dynamics Engineer, Louis Jamail. “Although a race car endures a lot of abuse, it only has to survive a weekend. Police vehicles are subjected to very challenging conditions for tens of thousands of miles.”

When it was announced that production of the Crown Victoria would end later this year, “police nationwide asked for a new kind of weapon in the battle for public safety,” said Mark Fields, Ford President of The Americas. So Ford engineers worked hand-in-hand with the Ford Police Advisory Board of law enforcement professionals, which provided input on key vehicle attributes such as safety, performance, driver comfort and functionality.

Throughout its development, the new Ford Police Interceptor was put through the ringer, undergoing a battery of torture tests to ensure its components would hold up to the rigorous driving styles of police professionals. “To get an unbiased comparison of our vehicles, we brought in a group of independent officers,” explained Vehicle Integration Engineer, Mike Interian. “Our team consults with them on many of the product decisions we make.” And Ford did a ground-breaking move as a result: No all-wheel-drive pursuit-rated vehicles existed yet in the industry until the Police Interceptor. Check out Real Cops Test Real Cop Cars for an interview of one of the officers.

Certification testing designed by the Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department evaluated the Police Interceptor in a variety of tests where the systems were pushed to the limits – far exceeding the demands most patrol cars ever experience. “We’ve enhanced the handling attributes of these front- and all-wheel-drive vehicles, so that the transition to them is easy,” Mike said. “The feedback we’re getting from our police advisors is that they are very pleased that they don’t have to retrain officers, that officers can get in these vehicles and drive them quickly from the start.”

“This vehicle is pursuit-ready,” said Carl Widmann, Vehicle Engineering Manager. “It’s no nonsense, through and through.”
Jim N 03/23/2014
In the past Chrysler sold rwd poilice cars. The last one was a dodge diplomat. Chrsyler pushed agencys to buy Lhs fwd cars (I'm not sure I have Ever seen one)and the result was Crown Vics and Caprices sale shot up. Then GM stopped building the rwd Caprice 1996 (If I remember right)Which was slightly behind Ford in cop car sales and right then they started touting their fwd caprice cruiser complete with a 3.8 V6!! GM really did Expect the police departments to buy the New fwd cars just like they did the old rwd cars. It just didn't happen. the result was Crown Vic sales again gained more ground. This left Ford as being the only seller of Rwd cop cars. Untill 2006 when Chrysler started making an acceptable rwd police cruiser again. Now GM is selling a V8 rwd police car again.
So Fast forward to 2011 Ford quit making the rwd Crown Vic and Now Chrsyler has the Only rwd police car made in North America. That is what the Agencys want. As long as they can'y buy a Crown Vic.
So at what point is history going to repeat is self?
Lee H 09/30/2012
The new police interceptor is a joke, Chev and dodge learned their lessons with their rubbish FWD v6 intrepid an d impala. I police car should have a full frame and RWD. All the CVPI needed was a Coyote 5.0, 6spd Auto and stability control...THAT'S ALL. This taurus will fail nobody wants it, it an overly expensive, disposable, weak, piece of junk. Way to hand the police market to Chev and Dodge...I have owned 6 Panther platform cars and even though they were slow they were TOUGH and inexpensive to buy and fix. They were easy to fix and worth fixing. FWD sideways engined cars are not worth fixing, when they wear out...they get scrapped.
Robert P 04/09/2012
The Crown Vic was vary easy and cheap to repair. I would like to know how many hours it would take to repair after a fender bender.
Ford CV P71 09/09/2011
The Taurus is not the same, it will never replace the Crown Victoria. I hope Ford will realize there are still big car fans out there who want these full size rear wheel drive body on frame cars. Other things I like about the Crown Victoria is that it does not have all those fancy expensive gadgets that come in most new cars, it's pretty much a simple humble car without all the bells and whistles that most new cars come with these days. I hope Ford will listen to their customers and come up with another full size rear wheel drive car on a full frame, not this uni-body crap. If they are concerned about fuel economy many cars by Chrysler and GM have V8s where four cylinders shut down when driving on the highway, so why can't Ford come out with another full size car that has the same type engine? They can do it, it's just I don't think Ford is interested in big cars any more. Too bad, such a shame.
Emanuel Lewis 07/14/2011
Everyone here who loves the vic and marquis I know realize they were dated. Nothing has changed but body panels since the 80's. They hopefully will get a bigger veh to one up the Taurus in size that still has the weight everyone likes. I personally think VW/Audi has the right idea by having a decent family size veh like the Passat, then having a large VW such as the old Phaeton as the big luxury veh. The Crown Vic or Marquis were never REALLY luxurious. They were just big and roomy. They should pull all the stops out and create a big vehicle segment with long model editions similar to Audi A8L and S500 size vehicles. Let Taurus do the regular family duty
Emanuel Lewis 07/14/2011
I agree Tom, Focus at a bare min should be offered in AWD platform for a price. I think Ford dosn't realize that with the right options they can charge. AWD, Diesel, and aggressive styling really gets people to dig in their pockets. High cost Focus models lacking true performance options tend to make peple say. .. "too much for a Focus" but if done right, I think its a different story.
Jon 07/13/2011
Rear wheel drive please. I miss the panther.
Mattheu Kok 07/13/2011
This is a horrid idea. Why will Ford not just develop a new RWD platform!!! :s
Doug Beck 07/09/2011
You cant neglect a platform for 20 years without a change (Panther and Ranger) and then discontinue it due to lack of interest, Ford tried this with the Mustang, and where is the Probe now?
Doug Beck 07/09/2011
Just import the Australian Falcon to the U.S. and Canada and be done with it..... Oh and base all the future 4 door Lincolns on the same platform.
Cory Hess 07/09/2011
Next time you post a photo, you should make sure that it is actually visible...
Uniqpoint 07/08/2011
Pete Grosso 07/08/2011
I seem to recall Baltimore police switching to the front wheel drive Taurus back in 92-93 and quickly changing back to the Crown Vic. Bounce over a concrete median in a Taurus and a Crown Vic and see what happens. Long live the Crown Victoria....
Dennis Breuker 07/08/2011
Nice Police Car. I Like it.
Preston Wade Turner 07/08/2011
I love Fords but if the cop car is going to look like the one on the picture I'll hate it, bring back the old ones I like the old old Fords the one that had real metal in it and not this cheap platsic, and bring back the square look not this weird round look now
Wes Thompson 07/08/2011
@ Zachery Roberts I remember the Georgia State Patrol running Mustangs back in the mid 80's. They would get up and go.
Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to the end! Just launch a new version of it. And for the Aussie guys, the Ford Falcon was in fact invented in the US but only lasted a few years in the '60s. Only in Argentina (until 1992) and Australia (until today) it continued/s being produced. Great car indeed, no questions about it, but it's no competition to a real full size car like the Crown Vic.
Doug Beck 07/08/2011
Congratulation on your record Crown Vic sales, I guess every police agency wants to have a back up fleet before the "Interceptor" hits the road.
Doug Beck 07/08/2011
I know how this plays out. Picture it Detroit 1988 and Chrysler decides American law enforcement is ready for its first front wheel drive cruiser, the Intrepid. Oh wait we know how this ends, Chrysler comes back 20ish years later and takes the fleet market with a new rear wheel drive platform when Ford goes to a front wheel drive platform. Import the Falcon and take back the fleet market!
Zachery Roberts 07/08/2011
has there ever been a ford mustang police car?
Shaun Ross 07/08/2011
I still think Ford shouldn't of stopped producing the Crown Vic, best cars I have ever owned
Jeff Schrecke 07/08/2011
Tim Hunter 07/08/2011
Cops do NOT want a new interceptor. Cops want the Crown Vic. it is predictable and has room. A lot don't like the charger because it has no trunk room.
Tim 07/08/2011
Most cops do NOT want a new intercepter. especially front wheel drive. Give them the crown vic. Ford you are cutting your own throat by axing the CV. Look at the sale of P 71 s over the years.
Evan Barnett 07/08/2011
Mustang is a sports dont take that offroad and it wont endure "cop conditions". Sure its built tough, but its not meant for that. I dont see what peoples problem is...better handling, better fuel economy, faster, looks better, and its a NEW Ford (key word being new) so of course its good quality. Even my 2011 V6 Mustang could outrun a crown vic easily...
Shane Stubbs 07/08/2011
so........... pretty!
Monty Greer 07/08/2011
Hell yeah!! Go get em!!
Jamie Lowery 07/08/2011
Screw the new engine i fox body man no offence, is nothin but an electrical nightmeer when something goes wrong
Jamie Lowery 07/08/2011
mustang GT with a tighter stearing ratio with vortec v-1A supercharger would leave a crown vic 4.6l or the new5.0l wouldnt stand a chance
Cameron Matias 07/08/2011
Raul Albor 07/08/2011
All wheel drive cop cars, people act like the crown vic was perfect!! Rear wheel drive has its faults as well as all wheel drive and front wheel drive. Funny how ken block makes all wheel drive look like the coolest thing in the world huh?? I have faith....
Destin Sisco 07/08/2011
Fox body mustang with the new 5.0 mustang engine in it.
Elie Helou 07/08/2011
we definitly need like these in LEBANON :D :P
Roberto Alatorre 07/08/2011
Come on, the V8 Chargers dodge is making for the police force is one hell of a car and threatening in design and performance, if you disagree you're just being a fanboy. Period.
Tom Barber 07/08/2011
paul, the civilian version-the taurus SHO- is available, just like how the Police Interceptor has the civilian Crown Vic available. Also, I'm sure if you really want the police intercepter, you'll be able to buy them from a 3rd party company(a friend of mine bought a brand new police Charger last year)
Paris Nfs 07/08/2011
This car is the cop car in the nfs the run E3 trailer isn't it?
Dan Graveen 07/08/2011
I will keep my modded '03 Marquis. I can't be sold on light, plastic, disposable unibody cars. Also, I'm more into torque, girth and acceleration than top speed. :)
Nick Stanger 07/08/2011
give the police a green car all electric focus !
Joshua Dorsey 07/08/2011
This car will smoke a stock camaro especialy at high altitude here in Colorado
John Moore 07/08/2011
Ford, I love ya. I own one now, and have owned many. However, my prediction is that this Taurus-based experiment will be an also ran in the market. The new rear-wheel-drive Chevy will dominate the market, with Dodge's Charger in 2nd place. It should be common sense by now, rear wheel drive offers better high speed dynamics, easier serviceability, and better overall longevity. Ask any cop, or even taxi driver/mechanic. This car is a mistake.
Gary Schäfer II 07/08/2011
Just Build another Ken Block Ford Fiesta with some lights, back seats, etc. :D
James Rees 07/08/2011
i love fords
Tom Cottage 07/08/2011
All Wheel Drive is good, I'd love to see the Focus and Fiesta cars also have an available AWD system.
Cory Castaldo 07/08/2011
@ Roger.... Taurus will b built in Chicago. I live in Chicago & its a dump too.
Cory Castaldo 07/08/2011
Cops dont like front wheel drive garbage. Thats y the Impala never caught on & most towns in this economy wont b able to afford 4wd. Was the Vic dated? Sure but there was no reason Ford couldnt have revamped it. They couldve put the Mustang V8 in the Vic. GM is bringing the Caprice back next year with RWD & Dodge is already makin gains in the police field...... As an owner of 5 Vics & Marquis', I hate to say Ford really screwed up bad & can kiss their dominance of over 10yrs goodbye!
Greg Wavell 07/08/2011
Roger taurus is made in chicago I believe
Joseph Heath Wallis 07/08/2011
So will it have that electrode filled drivers seat you talked about yesterday? Donut dispenser?
Larry Adams 07/08/2011
Is this on the X plan? Fritz---buy me this!!
Wazza Hinder 07/08/2011
Ford rule, but Ford US is making plenty of wrong decions, one of them is playing with our FALCON.....LEAVE OUR FALCON ALONE "J MAYS AND ALLAN MULALLY!!!!!!!"
TaMika Peterson-Bowles Nevaneedtohate 07/08/2011
Guarantee contract + added jobs = PROFIT SHARING! !!!!! 8-)
Roger Duchou 07/08/2011
At least the Crown Vic was built in Ontario, the Taurus is made in Mexico junk.
Fred Deeks 07/08/2011
Our high performance Falcons & Holdens (Chev) are ideal police pursuit cars,240kph off the factory floor,280kph tricked up,Holdens are going into the States badged up as Chevs for police,why don't Ford ship in the Falcon,wouldn't even have to re-badge.
Miguel Villanueva 07/08/2011
Will it be programmed to not pull over fellow Fords?
Akshay Sharma 07/08/2011
My Toyota yaris will own that thing
Suraj Mullick 07/08/2011
Greg Wavell 07/08/2011
Maintenance costs for the new car will be through the roof dodge and gm must be loving thism
Dominick Ruggiero 07/08/2011
I think one or two places use one of the Raptors
Nick Santini 07/08/2011
They need to use the F-150 Raptor svt!
Elmer Shaw III 07/08/2011
First of all Ford is not going to design something that would not be more capable and better then the CV. With so many LEO agencies fighting to get the funding that they need just to keep the officers out on the street, the fuel savings on the new PI is a bonus. And just remember Ford is not "BAIL OUT" owned, like some other companies to the tune of over $60 billion. So the have to get the new PI right the first time. And like it was mentioned before, chases are becoming a thing of the past with the life sucking lawyers out there ready to sue anyone to make a buck for themselves.
Daniel TheHessian Schmidt 07/08/2011
a fwd cop car.. haha.. as the aussies here have said.. get the Australia RWD falcon.
Greg Wavell 07/08/2011
They are getting rid of the crown vic so they can close ST Thomas assembly plant. The CAW did not take a 2 tier wage system and are being punished for it.
Dan Graveen 07/08/2011
Speed is great, but they also need girth. I'd like to see an escort attempt to pit an F150.. Let alone larger vehicles. The crown Vic had over 4,000 lbs to toss around!
Edward Phlegar 07/08/2011
Make them slower so they can't catch us. Mmmk?
John Dougiakis 07/08/2011
Aussie falcon. Looks the same
Danger Man 07/08/2011
I love Ford, I love my Mustang!!!! DM "Save the Children"
Kyle Burns 07/08/2011
Bout time!!! Get the chargers off the road
Paul Potvin 07/08/2011
Why aren't these available for civilian purchase?
Dominick Ruggiero 07/08/2011
Joey Dell 07/08/2011
Glad to know that America's finest are driving America's finest
Kassius Lahaina Nauka 07/08/2011
I Love FORD!
Wazza Hinder 07/08/2011
looks like Holden are going to take the Crown Vic's place in law enforcement, what a shame Ford, you want a decent cop car, then export our Ford Falcon, you'd have a winner for sure....def better than the fwd/awd Taurus!!!
Nick David 07/08/2011
just make sure you make the SHO faster :P
Tim Theodorou 07/08/2011
I see alot of PD's "hoarding" CVPI's. They over ordered due to the fear of the unproven new cars. THAT says alot about how much agencies love the CVPI.
John Pearce 07/08/2011
Big mistake Ford to drop the Crown Vic !
Matty Crisell 07/08/2011
i think they should remake the mk1 escort not shity pig cars wast of metal
Brian Schoenrock 07/08/2011
Twin turbo awd will be much better hook up and better in the snowy states oh the new top speed increased by over 30 mph
Ryan Winter 07/08/2011
I don't care how fast it is or whatever. That radio, helicopter, K-9, and a bullit are a motherfudger to outrun. In my city our police have a policy in place to where after speeds of 75mph in city limits the chase is called off to save lives not endanger them. Get your plate number and meet and greet you at your home.
Christoper Burwell 07/08/2011
Still think ford made a big mistake buy stoping the crown's cop cars taxi's ther used for every thing! Truely sad.hope the Taurus will be a good cop car
Jacob Dykstra 07/08/2011
nonsense give em a new super toy, alot of police agencies are starting to pick up dodge chargers, crown vic cant come close to comparing to that
Mark Meyer 07/08/2011
I think Ford made a huge mistake by scrapping the Crown Vic. I already see the changeover in my area that was formerly ruled by the Crown Vic.
Siddharth Shetty 07/08/2011
yeah mustang wil do for police ...has gud speed , strong body....jst need few new costomisatn....tats it..
Christopher Wilson 07/08/2011
SAVE the CVPI !!!!!
Christopher Owen 07/08/2011
if its a police car its fast!
Tim Theodorou 07/08/2011
Ford needs a Police Interceptor fan page :)
Christopher Owen 07/08/2011
Dominick Ruggiero 07/08/2011
@Liam it wouldnt everybody knows that BEHIND a chevy is a great ford
Patrick Enders 07/08/2011
@Dominick: let´s give it a try :-)
Erik O'Reilly 07/08/2011
Ford should of just developed and updated the Crown Vic more. It's already a proven design just add to it
Jacob Dykstra 07/08/2011
how fast is the interceptor compared to the crown vic?
Jim Djtecthreat Trudell 07/08/2011
Dodge did it with RWD and a V8... what are you doing Ford??
William Lambden 07/08/2011
The Crown Vic was seriously outdated, it's v8 didn't have enough power for a modern day v8. This car is a a much better car
Connor Trudell 07/08/2011
Mustang common!!!
Mike-milo Tongate 07/08/2011
i know alot of them that have had problems. In fact one of them the frame rusted
Andy Ammon 07/08/2011
@ Domiinick, I have a feeling that someday soon you will.
Tim Theodorou 07/08/2011
Shoulda kept the CVPI!!!
Brent Barger 07/08/2011
haha that would smoke a camaro the new SHO you cant touch this
Mike Ester 07/08/2011
Not a Crown Vic, Ross. Totally new design.
Matty Crisell 07/08/2011
wast of time make a proper car!!
Liam Bryant 07/08/2011
If love to see you get caught by that car
Ross Apperson 07/08/2011
Crown Vic
Dominick Ruggiero 07/08/2011
id love to see that thing try to catch my Camaro!!!!