A Hot Rod Police Interceptor?

By Ford Social Member

It’s SEMA week 2010, which means a slew of customized and high-performance vehicles will be revealed and announced at the industry trade show in Las Vegas over the next few days. With just a bit of irony, one of the Ford vehicles to be debuted in the midst of this speed-centered audience is the ultimate stealth Police Interceptor – a customized concept of its all-new Police Interceptor sedan.

Using the strong lines and muscular stance of the Ford Police Interceptor sedan as a base, Ford designer Melvin Betancourt developed a customized undercover stealth version that’s both stylish and full of high-tech surprises.

“This car offered the perfect canvas for me as a designer,” Melvin said. “The Police Interceptor sedan is already a unique vehicle. I just started looking at ways to give it that mysterious but high-tech look.”

Melvin started the undercover version by lowering the body and giving the illusion of added width. The body was lowered an inch, and the special 22-inch wheels are inside a staggered rim section so the front is 3 inches and the rear is 3.5 inches.

“The rim section is stacked to give it the illusion of greater width,” he said. “The center of the wheel is glossy black, and the rim is chrome. So we have that racy, hot rod look, but at the same time we’re building a sinister, stealthy, ‘Don’t mess with me’ feeling.”

Melvin used imagery of the SR-71, the original stealth airplane, for inspiration as he customized the vehicle. Known as the Blackbird, this high-altitude, long-range reconnaissance aircraft was secretly designed in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Its top speed was more than three times the speed of sound. Now retired, the Blackbird is considered by many aviation enthusiasts as the ultimate airplane.

Melvin kept in mind the Blackbird’s iconic imagery and status as he considered the elements of his own stealth project. “When you think stealth, you think, ‘there, but not there.’ This is all about strength, secrecy and concealment.”

The exterior of the Police Interceptor stealth vehicle is solid black. The grille is mesh, like the original sedan, but the metal is thicker, offering more depth. The lights on the car are designed to be inconspicuous, with the surrounding area painted black so they blend in until illuminated.

The back of the vehicle was given an aggressive spoiler adorned with bead lights painted black so they remain unnoticed until the car is started. The taillights are smoked, the windows tinted.

It’s a vehicle that exudes power – and it should. The production Police Interceptor sedan model offers two powertrain options, allowing police to choose the engine that best meets their needs.

A 3.5-liter V6 engine delivering at least 280 horsepower and E85 compatibility is 25 percent more efficient than the 4.6-liter single-overhead-cam V8 offered in the current Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. And an all-new 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged, direct-injection EcoBoost™ V6 engine will deliver at least 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a broad rpm range.

That strength complements the mystery inside the revamped interior of the stealth version.

“It’s all about concealing everything,” Melvin said. “The headliner is black, we wrapped the B-pillars in black, and then we started looking at, ‘Where can I hide this? How can I conceal this?’ We repackaged the console – it looks like a production console with the waterfall of the instrument panel. But when you start opening doors and panels, that’s when you see everything.”

Unless you’re supposed to be in the vehicle, you won’t know where and how to find the compartments, he said. For example, the radio is hidden inside the console, as is an onboard computer. Also, the glove box has a secret space designed for weapons.

The all-new Police Interceptor sedan was first shown in March 2010, followed by the utility version in September. You can read the article about the Police Interceptor sedan on theFordStory by clicking here, and read about the utility Police Interceptor by clicking here. Both Ford Police Interceptors debut after production of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ends at the end of 2011.

The stealth concept vehicle will be on display throughout the SEMA show, which runs Nov. 2-5, 2010.
paul toledo 04/19/2011
Andrew John 12/20/2010
You are right mate, Ford customers don't want that kind of rubbish [FWD V6]. Leave that to the Koreans to serve up their "toy" cars! Genuine Ford people want quality and you will lose your loyal band of followers buy producing inferior products...WE WANT RWD and PERFORMANCE ENGINES..Please don't "TRASH" your Companys heritage!
Peter Shaman 12/12/2010
How they are supposed to intercept 400HP 5.0 V8 Mustang with 280HP 3.5 V6!?
Peter Shaman 12/12/2010
Ford of Australia makes mean machines, US headquarters should think about that… FWD V6 will never beat RWD V8, am I wrong?
MARK 11/17/2010
i was looking at the black bird and was trying to figure out how he came up with the design and then u mentioned to 500 base and it still doesn't click there's nothing that remotely looks like the thing lol it does look purdy but i think he likes toyotas which i know ford is not worried about competing with?
Mark 11/17/2010
i sounds very enticing but it looks like a glorified toyota that is low i have always been a big fan of the interceptor and the maurader and i am sure that the ponies under the hood move it along nicely
to me that is an all new low for ford which is supposed to be leading in technology and is. remember where the japanese learn to mass produce cars from!
hottt 11/16/2010
very nice car
Mark warner 11/16/2010
Wrong viper and challenger would both break down! Chrystler is the worst company ever no quality control at all! And this is a concept. A show car the duty version isnt going to have 22s seriously who would believe that. Sexy car ford keep up the good work!!!!
Eddie 11/15/2010
Ok guys, I don't know how many times people have to mention that this is one designers concept of the new police interceptor and not the production car. If you guys were to actually read the official release of the car you'll notice that ford and the police department tested the new Police Interceptor at low and high speed crash tests and outperformed the old Crown Vic. Also, the new Ford Taurus is actually built on the old Ford 500 chassis. In fact it is the 500. The new CEO of Ford decided to scrap the 500 and rename it Taurus and eliminate the old Taurus because there was no need for two competing cars in the same category from the same company. ie. competing with each other. Lastly, check out youtube vids of the new Mustang GT 5.0 vs the twin-turbo Taurus. The Taurus is able to hold its own.
Dillon 11/15/2010
but does it have enough weight and power to pull a PIT? IDK.
kyle gosselin 11/13/2010
yea thats why when u run from the police you always end up geting caught buddy we are good at what we do dosent matter what we are driving and btw.. go home and try it yourself lol see how far you get
Andrew John 11/12/2010
Ford Australia have just brought out a new Falcon GT with a stock engine consisting of 5.0 litre all aluminium 4 ohc supercharged producing 335kw [449hp]!! Trick the supercharger a little and name any figure you want! It also has double wishbone front end , independant rear suspension and massive Brembo brakes all around. They are "rockets" according to all reports. Their opposition GM also have equivalent "monster" GTS producing similar numbers.. The Aussies are real "Gasoline Cowboys"!!
Jim S 11/12/2010
Looks like someone else will be leading the pack when it comes to police vehicles. It is really a shame too. I own a 2003 Crown Vic P71, two 1984 LTD Crown Vics and 1972 LTD and full size Fords are....were....the best. How about a new Crown Vic with the new 5.0L V8 and six speed auto like the 6R from an Explorer. The reason the Crown Vic P71 was such a great police car was because there was no true competition. You need a car built on a frame, a car that has a V8, a car that is full size and a car that is RWD. The Chargers are nice, but too small. The FWD Chevy is a joke. Perhaps the new RWD Chevy cop car will take the lead in sales. That being said we will miss the Panther platform cars (Grand Marquis, Town Car, and Crown Vic). Long live the real Interceptor!
james leichtenberger 11/12/2010
i was a policeman for 37 years and with out question the crown vic is the best police vehicle to ever roll out of detroit. you shouldn't mess with something so successful. however, it does need more power. try marketing this new vehicle against against the crown victoria and there is no doubt about the outcome. policeman want rear drive v8 power with good visibility out the rear window.
you can't see out the rear window of the dodge charger or the taurus and after police departmants around the country try this new interceptor they will be looking for rear drive v8 power. you can already see this on television as the chargers become more numerous. other than investigation work i wouldn't even conside the new interceptor. the department i worked for are slowly replacing the crown vic with chargers. incase you're wondering i am a die hard ford guy. however, this new interceptor ultimately will not make the grade.
TomG 11/11/2010
People, this is a design exercise. You won't see this in any Police fleets.
roberto Schmidt 11/11/2010
Not bad, but a retro redesign of the Crown Vic and 5.0 L or 3.5 Ecoboost is a lot more American.
The American police cars are legendary in different movies, the Taurus is to much bland Euro Style!
KY50 11/10/2010
I think your wrong, my crown vic had no problems catching either or the cars you listed, or for that matter anyone I gave chase to. I believe the bigger v-6 they offer in this car would be just fine. besides, it comes down to the driver to be honest. most bad guys just cant keep it goin. I'll give it to you on the wheels and tires but other than that your wrong. Ford has been tried and true on making the best vehicles for public service / gov. agencies be it police, fire, or E.M.S. etc. that sir, is a fact.
Manson Chuck 11/08/2010
No way dude. A Viper, a Challenger with a Hemi, even with a 6 cyl will NEVER be caught by this low slung thin wheeled dog. Even Ford's own mustang would crawl away from this no prob. Plus anyone with a pickup truck with 4WD will simply hit the ditch and offroad right away no prob. Cops will hate this car, now room in it, not near enough power, and slung WAY too low with tires that's burst on half a curb hit. Try again, this one's a goner as soon as one cop drives one in a chase! Facts!
RacingCowboy 11/08/2010
Once again, what you see is a designer's show toy, my uniformed friend. Check out the actual Taurus police cruisers that will be made available once the Crown Vic's production ceases. All of the Vic's LE experience in a tighter, better performing package. I guess there are just far too many LE agencies that don't have a clue since the Vic makes up nearly 75% of the American police cruiser market. To assume that experience wouldn't translate to Ford's next generation police package makes you more than a little short sighted and potentially one of the first people to get pulled over by one when they hit the road.
Joey 11/07/2010
This isss siiiiick!
my bro who is on the LAPD swatt team, said they mite bbe ordering these soon who knows.....
mite trade my Nissan GTR for one of these lol jk
John Dickmon 11/07/2010
I agree on the rim/tire combination. Too easily damaged. Plus the 22's defeat the "stealth" concept because they scream, "HEY! LOOK OVER HERE!"
Reagan 11/06/2010
The biggest worry I have about this police interceptor is when I'm the one in trouble!
JohnT. 11/06/2010
Ok guys, its just a show car with different Ideas. I think that fore would have been better off to just redesign the Crown Vic, give a huge horsepower boost, and a little more room inside for all the tech stuff. If you've never seen the billboard in Indiana about the Troope that was smashed between two 18 wheelers, and walked away form it, no Charger, Impala, Camry or eve the Taurus, would have saved the driver, it's the full frame that does it. no unibody gives as much protection.
Rob 11/05/2010
Car looks sharp, but i doubt the police will get one. Lowered height compounds issue of jumping medians and curbs. what happens if frame is tweaked? will doors still open?
Matt 11/05/2010
I love it.....But the rims should be 20s, bigger tires and less likely to crack/bend when roughed on. The taurus should be a win for the cops. I love it. Maybe factory tint, too?
Darrell Hendrick 11/05/2010
This is the most ridiculous piece of crap I've ever seen for a police vehicle. It is obvious, Ford doesn't have a clue what officers need in a "working" patrol unit.
jeff cahill 11/05/2010
Hey gang,

Don't get twisted up over the big rims. This is just a concept to draw attention, nothing approved for production. Designer has to have some fun, right?
bdl 11/05/2010
I view this strictly as a traffic enforcer as in apprehend speeders on freeways and local city streets. It does not appear that this particular mule was designed to island hop or median hop. The concept is clear, there but not there. Poor unsuspecting soul that speeds past this one. Remember, how many concept cars actually make it into full production as shown especially with this particular set of wheels and tires? Remember, concept! Two that I remember were as as close as it gets: 2001 Bullitt and 2008 GT 500 KR. We will definately miss the Crown Vic. What a car!!
Scott Goodman 11/05/2010
Sleek,powerful and economical. Just what seemingly is wanted. I'm sure driver safety w/crumple zones and etc. are there. however,I would agree with others that "durability" should be a factor. will the airbags/fuel shut off deploy and stop the chase of a dangerous suspect at the slightest bump? Or can it do like Timex and take a licking and keep on ticking? will the low profile tires rather than looking good with great grip become a sidewall nightmare over curbs and rapid center highway median turn arounds? Stealth and speed are nice,but for severe utility use? Time will tell,I think it's sexy and rad, however I have to see more to convince me this is the way to go.
Silverbird 11/05/2010
Thanks Ford for making a quick cop car that will be hard to spot in traffic. It looks like a great machine, but I suspect officers who spend a big part of every day riding in it will grow tired of the 22's tedency to transmit road imperfections to the driver.
RacingCowboy 11/05/2010
*ahem* To those of you dogging the car's height and choice of wheels, THIS IS A SHOW CAR and as such the modifications would not be included in a police package for the very reasons you so obviously state, not to mention the added cost for no improvement on the vehicle's use for LE. On the other hand, if Ford offered a "civilian" version of this car like the late Mercury Marauder, it'd be killer.
Bill N. 11/05/2010
Good looking car. Wheels should be scaled back to 18 to 20 inchers. Bad roads in the northeast would play hell with those rims with the low aspect ratio [35, I guess] tires. Now the big one; aside from the police equipment, doesn't it remind you of the '03 to '04 Mercury Marauder? Even has the smoked lenses. The FHP thought so well of the Marauder that they rounded up some for "interceptor" duties. I realize this is an excercise but the Marauder "Q's" are right up front. I would consider buying one for me (civilianized of course) but it would have to go a long way to beat my Marauder.
REA 11/05/2010
The low profile tires are going to fail going over city potholes !!
Also, low ground clearance may impede you in a chase over rough ground. 57rd
Ralph 11/04/2010
The Crown Vic is SO good, nothing else comes close.
What about a Crown Vic with the ecoboost?
I owned one.
Driving along one day 45-50 mph, another car
pulled out from the right and rammed my Crown.
Most other cars would have been AFU.
My car was hurt but drivable, and occupants safe (son and two dogs).
I don't think the proposed police car would have fared as well.
Kidz 11/04/2010
Sweet car!! Who ever is running is going to get caught! Thats a fact!
Bill 11/04/2010
Doubtful value for pursut or rough roads. Like others, I think the wheels/tires are a mistake and lowering the vehicle may also be a mistake.
name withheld 11/02/2010
the 5.4 is faster than the 4.6 and why didnt they use the 5.0? the front lights look like they have been borrowed from the aus fg ford falcon
232-K7 11/01/2010
the taurus looks sick, but the wheels are a fail..
Tim 11/01/2010
I want this car
Jamian 11/01/2010
Nice vehicle Ford! But make sure that it will protect the officers and be able to withstand things a workhorse vehicle like a PPO should. Just make sure its durability level is as good as the Crown Victoria or better. Nice job though, Police Officers should like this. Oh and make sure there's a numerous amount of lights so that they can be seen without a doubt. Just some suggestions.
red 11/01/2010
Nice car. Only flaw is the low profile rims. The reason being that 22 inch sims are costly and low profile tires will be damaged all the time
A Hot Rod Police Interceptor?
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