The Auto Show Through the Years

By Jenna P.

Detroit just hosted its 106th North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Started in 1907, and turning international in 1989, it has always been a big deal for all car fans. Which is why over 700,000 awesome people around the globe love to come year after year.

Now, the show might be over, but excitement is still in the air. Which is why we dug into the archives to show you, our badge-wearing, Ford-loving fans, some old shots from auto shows of the past. Check out that rollerblader jumping over the red-hot Escort. And how about that first pony?

Looking back makes us realize how far we’ve come. To think, we have hands-free technology to open a hatch with your foot and cars that can parallel park themselves. Take that, driver’s ed! It’s incredible the way technology has allowed us to advance, and the inspiration behind our advancements is you, the driver. Which is why we want you to share some of your favorite auto show moments with us. What have been some of your favorite years? Which Ford classics do you think made the biggest statements?

Dave M 02/28/2013
The 1955 Thunderbird had to be one of the most anticipated and exciting cars at any autoshow. I vote for 1955!
James C 02/27/2013
Guys, you better check that "1966" picture, or else confirm the 1967 Galaxie dash & steering-wheel "crash pad" (only on '67 models, BTW!). Also the silck '67 LTD tudor hardtop driver's rear quarter panel to the left of the "open interior" & the cool '67 XL Convertible to the right. I think that's a 1967 picture, and a great one!
Don K 02/27/2013
What is that cool little ride in the middle right, below the Courier?
William B 02/27/2013
i always dreamed of having a 55 t bird so i was right on with my guess but i also thought it might be a 56
Jeff O 02/27/2013
I guessed 1953. Oh well. Stay tuned because I interviewed Ford's global head of social Scott Monty in NYC. Video coming soon.
Not much I can say about it. Only wish I could have been there to see it all. I love going to any car shows. But with my age and health I can't do it any more.
Barbara G 02/27/2013
I was one year off on the 1966. I guessed 1967.
Greg 02/27/2013
I have a 1969 Mustang Fastback GT, Love to go cruising every chance I get.
Bill F 02/07/2013
The '83 pic brings back memories of the two-year old, Ford Blue '82 Escort I bought off a Ford dealer lot after I graduated from college. What a great car. Not a performance ride, but fun to drive and absolutely indestructible. A bit on the fussy side, though: she would only tolerate Motorcraft plugs and wires, and pitched a total fit on 87 octane fuel. It was 89 or cough, cough cough. If I hadn't sold it to move from Ohio to NYC, my son might be driving it today ;)
amy o 02/06/2013
The 1997 picture is nice
Luci T 02/04/2013
My Husband ran a Few Ford Dealerships before his stroke. My daughter bought her 1st Ford Focus from him before her Dad had his Stroke and has been unable to go back to the dealership and work. Here recently our son who is in the Navy stationed in Washington just bought a New Ford Mustang GT. We have owned several Trucks and Family Vehicles. But Most of all I would like to Thank you Ford for taking one less worry off of me, I know where ever my kids my go they are in a Safe Vehicle. My Kids are so Proud of their Ford Vehicles, and I'm a Proud Mother knowing their carrying on being a part of the Ford Family! I appreciate knowing how much Pride takes in making their vehicles Safe for all their of their Ford Family Ford, You have always made a wonderful vehicle weather a car or truck, The New Fords You have the Competition racing to catch up to the quality ford provides, safety measures it provides, God Looks, as well as cost efficiency yet not taking anything from Fords but if anything making them even better in so many ways. In addition making Fords affordable in todays economy! With your New Ford Fusion and your Ford Taurus SHO which has won my heart with it's sporty Exterior and Sporty interior along with it's comfort seats, makes me want to drive! I hope to one day own Taurus SHO!! So from me to you, Well Done Ford on Keeping up a wonderful Tradition on Keeping Ford the Best Vehicle on the Market, Keeping them Safe, Good Looking and Affordable for So Many Families hit hard by this economy! Yours Truly, Luci Taylor from Odessa, Fl
Joshua M 02/04/2013
sounds like it was great...Auto shows are from ford...
john d 02/03/2013
What's with the poor gas milage on the nwe escap with the 2000 engine???
Dan Quisenberry 02/03/2013
I wish Ford would sell a car or truck that had a real bumper to bumper warranty. It's sad that a buyer has to buy an ESP because Ford's Bumper to Bumper warranty really isn't what it says it is. This is so sad that they have to sell other warranties to cover what you are already supposed to have. Bad business
Bradley R 02/02/2013
Great products!! Can't wait for the next Auto Show -- Drive Ford!!!
Joshua M 02/02/2013
yep sounds like it the ford show is looking nice this year..
Joe H 02/01/2013
Makes me nostalgic for my long-lost 1983 Bronco! ;-)
Sara L. M 02/01/2013
I have been a Ford Fan ever since I drove my Ford Van and I loved it, I would have still had it but, the transmission went out of it and we needed transportation so we traded it in for another car I am a Ford woman and my husband is a Chevrolet fan, so I lost out on the choosing a car but, I am determine to have another Ford before I die.
Brad B 02/01/2013
Hey Ford ! Hopefully when the new Transit Vac makes it's 2014 NAIAS a few older Econoine Vans & Van Pickup will be around to show the changes at the 2014 Ford NAIAS. I've been quietly looking for a 1963 thru 1966 Econoline pickup to use at our horse farm. The Econo/PU would be quite a conversation piece as well as a vehicle that would make Celebration standout at shows. Thanks Ford for the 1st 100 years.
Keven S 02/01/2013
I like 1997's picture! :D
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