Go Further: How Do You Do It?

By Tori T.

For us, Go Further is a philosophy . But it's not just limited to Ford employees. The concept might refer to new ideas that woke you up in the  middle of the night. It might refer to improvements and forward-thinking ways you troubleshoot a work project. Maybe it has been about going green. It might refer to the notes you put into the suggestion box at your gym. It could be about good deeds. Or Go Further could simply be about your Ford getting you from Point A to Point Destinations Unknown, thanks to its fuel economy or advanced technology. So, what does it mean to you, and how does your Ford factor in? How do you take things to the next level, and does your Ford get you there?

“At Ford, we Go Further because we serve each other – and that’s service to the local community, our dealers, ourselves as employees and our customers,” said Jim Farley, Group Vice President, Marketing, Sales & Service. “We are also committed to innovation and making our customers’ lives better in surprising ways. But we want to go further than just innovate. We want to make that innovation available to everyone, not just a few people.”

A great example of Go Further is customer Rachel Veitch, with whom you may already be familiar. She’s the 93-year-old original owner of a 1964 Mercury Comet with more than 550,000 miles on the odometer, and until 2012 she was still driving it – did we mention at the ripe young age of a feisty 93? Unfortunately, a medical condition forced her out of the driver’s seat. GrowingBolder.com has chronicled Rachel's story since 2007 , with a number of videos of her and Chariot.

Go Further indeed! Our own Scott Monty, Head of Social Media for Ford, went to talk with Rachel. Check out her story here!

You can find more information about Rachel and her Comet, as well as inspiring video , audio , and images at Growing Bolder .
Aric H 05/05/2012
I have a 2006 Freestyle, which has treated me well. At 96,000 miles without any major repairs. Before that my first vehicle was a 91 Ford Explorer, around 250k miles it gave out. If Ford brings back compact trucks (* the ranger *) I'll probably buy a ranger. If not then next years focus for sure.
Stephanie S 05/04/2012
This is so precious! Wow, that was a very cool car in 1964!
DVA Automotive 05/04/2012
...so cool ;-)
Robert Pasut 05/04/2012
it has been along my side for 45 years and life is good
Robert Donaldson 05/04/2012
Have a 77 Pinto wagon, with 43K original miles on it-has been in storage since 1981. 28 city, 32 hiway. Use it to support my work with veterans.
Chris Bullock 05/04/2012
All my ol fords are
Jeff Culpepper 05/04/2012
Tomorrow the Ford Nationals at Maryland International Raceway
Martin Coetzee 05/04/2012
ye ford is my motto but how can i keep my car.saphire 3l glx.need some parts money an issue.love my my ride.
Geneva Bales 05/04/2012
My ford excapes ok! But my 97 black and silver limited edition t-bird is my baby!! That thing has got sugered gas tank (didnt go past filter!!!)...spark plug on the sixth cylendee stripped!, hit by deer in front!, knocked dents in it from crazy ex boyfriends!! Hahaha....u name it!...thang still runs!! ...FORD THOUGH THATS ALL I CAN SAY!!!!
Chad Cave 05/04/2012
1971 LTD with less than 80000 original miles on it. Driven strictly in the summertime for roadtrips to help preserve it. 1978 f150 four wheel drive for the everyday driver. Old timers are so much easier to maintain because parts are cheaper and i can work on them saving me money for labor.
Zachary Lukashefski 05/03/2012
Does my 93 Ranger with 630,000 count?
Ray Arellano 05/03/2012
My Fords are not along for the ride. They are are the vehicles that will carry me into the future!!!!
Isabel van Greunen 05/03/2012
Jim Carr 05/03/2012
love my fords 02 f250 super duty was the best truck ever. To bad some one stole it.
Gerald Marcus 05/03/2012
I miss alot of my old fords .Ii cant say that for some of the others I owned
Charles B. Wright 05/03/2012
Always have had Fords (my parents too). I had a 1977 Cobra II (green stripes). I currently drive my 1987 Ranger STX (special ordered from the factory); it now has 206,000 miles. My wife had a 1990 Crown Victoria, and now has a 2005 Crown Vic. FORD = "Finally One Reliable Dealer!"
Esky Ford 05/03/2012
i go further everyday.we need further ford motor company marketing strategy all around the world to west sumatra in indonesia
ralph riess 05/03/2012
FORD! Buy the car and put it the museum.. I't's a tribute to care and quality!
Christopher Lee Sims 05/03/2012
I live in a Ford house myself. I've put my old 98 F-150 through stuff that any other truck would fall apart doing. Ford for life!
Mark William Logan 05/03/2012
We live in a Ford house!!! We five,witch include, 1 mercury suv, 1 f250,2 64 galaxies and a 65 mustang. Ford rules this house,always have,always will!!!
Craig Kohlbrecher 05/03/2012
I'm still driving my 1987 ESCORT GT - Oxford White. I've had it for all but 1 1/2 of it's 25 years. Got me through high school ,college
Frank Durman 05/03/2012
I'm afraid to drive my Ford Raptor after customer service, allegedly, went online to find pictures of me and my son enjoying a weekend off road adventure. Ford's customer service, in my experience, was absolutely horrible.
Deborah Hall 05/03/2012
First my '97 Thunderbird for 15 years and now my brand new '12
Ford Fiesta. I love my Ford cars!!!
Christina Diaz 05/03/2012
Omg a 64 comet was the first car I bought! Then my husband sold it cause he didn't want to work on it :(
Daniel Huppenthal 05/03/2012
had an 85 f250,351h.o lost track of the miles,guessing 300,000 plus.did need new timing gear,rings,bearing and pump.about 400 bucks of parts in that many years i would say not bad.
Grażyna Połomska 05/03/2012
Escort '96 MK VII 1.6 16V CL - the best one in the World ;-) I love this car!
Richard Holmes 05/03/2012
Since my tranny went out In my 06 Taurus and after googling it I found a lot of complaints about these transmissions going out. Cars only 6 years old shouldn't need a tranny
Patrick Prescott 05/03/2012
02 Ford ranger with 230,000 miles, still going strong. I work construction and drive all over the southeast. Thanks guys. Government Motors has no chance.
Roger S. Merriam 05/03/2012
My 2011 f150 is along for the ride
Anthony Rohrer 05/03/2012
1972 Maverick Grabber.this car runs forever!
Florian Koehler 05/03/2012
Unfortunately I have to get rid of our old Mondeo as my wife and I are splitting up... I'm all ready looking for my next Ford, though ;-)
Johnny Ely 05/03/2012
I've loved fords ever since i was born and i still love them today.
Paul Steele 05/03/2012
Well you pay me for working and then I get done by 1 of 4 ways my 95 f-150, 03 SVT Cobra, 05 freestyle limited AWD & my 11 focus SES now that's how I get it done
Johnny Ely 05/03/2012
2000 ford explorer with 150,000 miles and still going strong.
Quincy Hudson 05/03/2012
Always had Fords and always loved them. My dad taught me to work on them and I love driving my '93 Ford Lightning! Anyone else out there drive a Lightning?
Sonya Mitchelson 05/03/2012
@ Steven nice! 70 Fairlane and 04 XR6 both along for the ride :D
Janice Ford-was Ballard 05/03/2012
Ford by name.....Ford Focus C-Max is our ride ! Our car has been named Billy by our two daughters and he's the only car they've ever known.Safe, reliable and loved... by us all- a real family car.
Ron DeStafney 05/03/2012
My beat up 1990f150 just keeps going!!!
George Parrish 05/03/2012
My 1996 F150 I have had it ten years its been a daily driver its been a project truck and its about to be my service truck for my business!
Ron DeStafney 05/03/2012
Owned Fords all my life! Had 64 Merc.with a 428CJ bad ride!
Braden Childs 05/03/2012
my whole family is ford my 04 mustang is fixing to hit 100k and my dads 08 f250 lariat fx4 powerstroke is amazing and not to mention his 08 roush 427r trak pak mustang
Micheal Hutton 05/03/2012
'91 Thunderbird SC, in the final stages of a complete rebuild except for the interior. Everything is new or rebuilt under the hood all the way through to the fuel tank. The motor (3.8 super charged V-6) is currently rated at 400hp at the rear wheels with room for more.
I also own a 2000 F-150 I bought new off the show room floor in April of 2000. She currently has 83,000 miles on her and runs and drives great!
Tom Bradley 05/03/2012
98 Mustang GT just rolled 165k today.
Heidi Birgitte Laugesen 05/03/2012
My dad loved ford, and me to. Since 1982 i only drived ford. First an escort, since taunus, sierra 2,0 dosch, and anohter wone. And now my beathyfull mondeo from 1998 . for me, always ford
Jared Neider 05/03/2012
Trucks I have owned and always gotten where I was and needed to go- 1973 Ford Bronco, 1978 Bronco, 1984 bronco 2, 1979 F150, 1982 F100, 1992 F150, 2000 F150. Proudly owned rigs. I wish I could finish restoring my dads 1963 Ford Falcon Futura 2 door convertible. Times are tough dont have the funds for it right now. But it is worth waiting for.
Bill V Metaller 05/03/2012
@ maria Rangers run forever! There built so well ;)
Isabel Barberena 05/03/2012
My 2004 Taurus Special Edition..we had F0RD since back to the 60's :)
Barb Siebert 05/03/2012
I wish I still had the 1964 Ford Falcon 4 door I remember as a child. I was black with red interior... Of course my dream car is a 1964 Mustang 4 speed, red convertible!!!<3
Travis Hooper 05/03/2012
My 1994 f150 with 35 inch tires and 6 inch lift with 213xxx miles is everyday. Ford the real american truck!!
Samantha Zanelli 05/03/2012
My Fords are my ever trusty sidekicks! (I only drive Ford.). LOVE my new 2012 Focus. :D
Christian Jesus Martinez 05/03/2012
My 95 F150 as we call her B.B has always been on the road with me
Stephen Baril 05/03/2012
67 Mustang,65 Fairlane, keeping tradition alive and on the road !!
Maria Vargas 05/03/2012
My 2000 Ford Ranger is along for the ride. I just discovered the check duplicate of the down payment I made when I bought it in 2000. It was the vehicle I had always wanted and it's the only one I've owned so far. I hope it stays with me for a long long time ... oh, it already has!
Shane Simpson 05/03/2012
Focus MK1 1999 S reg :D
Go Further: How Do You Do It?
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