Check Out the Collector Cars that Ford Employees Own

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Ever wonder what cars the employees of Ford have a passion for? Once a year, the product development (that’s car-industry jargon for “engineering”) team organizes a car show on the front lawn of the Ford Product Development Center in Dearborn. It’s a chance for Ford employees to bring out their personal cars and display their enthusiasm for all things automotive.

This year’s Ford product development car show was July 15, 2011, and more than 400 specialty cars convened on the Ford engineering campus. Dave Glickman has been organizing the car show for 20 years. For this year, he pulled together a very special exhibit, that he says has never been done for this show, and it will probably never be done again. In addition to the successful tractor exhibit, which he started last year, the highlight of this year's show was the Family of Fine Cars display, featuring one example of the 15 brands available at Ford and Lincoln-Mercury franchised dealers in the U.S. and Canada. These included Ford Car, Ford Truck, Fordson, Ford Tractor, Mercury Car, Merkur, Edsel, Lincoln, Continental, Shelby and DeTomaso in the U.S., and Meteor, Monarch, Mercury Truck and Frontenac in Canada.

If you have a favorite Ford, it was probably on display at this show. Some of the more vehicles that caught our eye included:
  • April Zygmut’s 2006 Ford Mustang GT with an Jack Roush’s signature underhood

  • Mike Timoshyk’s 1942 Ford CMP military vehicle built in Canada to British specifications (including right-hand drive)

  • Tom Millar’s 1930 Ford Model A Coupe

  • Dwayne Feitzer’s 1955 Ford F-100

  • Gary and Marilyn’s 1949 Mercury M47 pickup truck

  • Nick Zakarian’s 1964 Marauder

  • Bruce Lapinksi’s 1932 Ford Model B

  • Richard Truett’s 1985 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection Special which he privately imported from England

  • Thomas Partch’s 1978 Ford Fiesta Sport

Check out the photo slide show and let us know which car from the show was your favorite by leaving a comment below.
Randy Wickman 07/22/2011
old vintage iron, the only way to fly.....
Jim Mccravy 07/19/2011
would like to see more Mercury trucks.
Jacob Swift 07/19/2011
Sam Pack has an awesome private collection. I worked for him for a year a few years back and got to check it out. Nice cars.
Dale Stone 07/19/2011
the great thing is that they all still run!!! Go Ford GO!!!!! I am PROUD to sell america's best automobile!!!
Shawn Nelson 07/19/2011
Joe Garcia 07/19/2011
Best in parts neVer the whole thing!!
James McLeod Hayes 07/19/2011
To every man, their own. Its not about how much power it has or how big and "ugly" certain vintage rides may look, its all about the care and devotion people take in restoring these 40-60 year old cars, which help keep our American heritage alive.
Andrew Weigle 07/19/2011
Nope i can't your right I guess it is a generational thing what angers me is that I was in a car show with my gourgouse 1979 Cadillac sden deville (ok as a huge car nut i'd rather have a 1971 chevelle SS myself) at 21 (got a good deal on it) and nobody looked at my car BUT ppl looked a John Doe's 1905 Model t and thought it was the b all and end all I jsut don't see the ""of the older cars compared to muscle cars i'm sorry thats just me older cars literallyy make me sick that caddy wasn't well cared for internally so it;s in a junk yrd when all my bills are paid off i'll get an f150a s i like fords yeah i'm a true car nut too same with being a huge speaker/music nut guess looks are subjective thanks for pointing that out my opinion stays the same but that is a good point..
RobertAmber Brooks 07/19/2011
Loved to go to Car Shows that Fund Chairities. Like Childrens Miracle Network. Use to take My 03 Saleen. Have many Trophies & Plaques. Loved going , thier are so many nice people that would attend we always enjoyed thier company . Feels Good to Help People :)
Jim Bullock 07/19/2011
This is a great slideshow because it shows cool Fords that one does not see at every Ford show. For example and black and gold '59 Ford Galaxie Skyliner (hardtop convertible) and an F1 Canadian Mercury pickup!
Anissa Briggs Musick 07/19/2011
It's all a matter of generation. I was born in '70, so the 60's and 70's vintage cars hold special memories for me. But as a true car nut, I can appreciate all makes/models/years. Don't let the 'older crowd' anger you by prefering the, as you say, old lame cars... if we all wanted the same ones could you imagine what they would cost?
Andrew Weigle 07/19/2011
Ok Anissa i'll give u that one the old pre 60's CAN"T even hold a candle to 60-79 muscle cars EXCEPT for a Vette which came out in 53 the old style is bland i'm surprised anybody would get a 57 bel air as ther are so many better cars out there to chuse from such as a 1974 Barracuda or a 71 Chevell SS what angers me is the old ppl gawk at the old lame cars but not the highly sophisticated muscle car ones enjoy ur Bel air while I enjoy the best muscle car ever the 71 Road Runner or a GTO!!
Anissa Briggs Musick 07/19/2011
Andrew... there are different cars for different tastes. We own 10 Fords from the 64 1/2 Mustang to an '09 Flex and would take a '57 Bel-Air in a NY minute! So would our 19 year old son.
Martin T. Jasper 07/19/2011
Maybe a 427 Thunderbolt? Love
Martin T. Jasper 07/19/2011
I wouldnt mind seeing some of this old iron run on Natty Gas. The technology has been there for decades and is less destructive on engines than running ethanol mixed fuel. If we could get some of those '32-'34 street rods running naturally, the production lines would follow suit. #eliminaTor
Jacob McCord 07/19/2011
i would love a 70' Boss 429
Bear Moreno 07/19/2011
I was a Ford employee for ten years.
Andrew Weigle 07/19/2011
Sweet wishing I had a collector car but being 22 lack the cash a 70's Gran torino would be sweet or a 60's -70's stang neever reallyy did see the colletible "pull" of pre 60's cars as I think they are very ugly and underpowered especially the old ppl who gawk at a 57' chevey bel air when there is a gourgouse 1965 Vette or a 72 mustang fastback or a 1971 roadrunner next too it which does not make sense I feel my generation will let those pre 60's rust out when they are passed down as those are junk 1960 - 1979 musclecars and lux cars from the big 3 (ok ok i'm torn between the big 3 from those yrs as there are several killer models acrossed the boards)are the classiest most interesting cars eevr made....
Ali Kıymaz 07/19/2011
YiNe vUrduN bee zAlİm haYat
Jeannie Spruill 07/19/2011
must be nice
Check Out the Collector Cars that Ford Employees Own
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