Behind the Scenes at the LA Auto Show

By Ford Social Member

While it wasn’t a cast of thousands, it does take a lot of people to put the show in an auto show. We captured the action leading up to pulling the silk sheets off the 2011 Ford Fiesta at the LA Auto Show. From executives to Fiesta Agents to the silent people behind the scenes, this video tells the deeper story behind this small car making its debut.

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Carl Genatossio 01/08/2010
I had a brand new Fiesta in 1980 and it was outstanding in its time. I wondered why it went away. Looking forward to getting my next Fiesta! Go Ford!
Sebastian St. George 12/24/2009
OMG! Yes that was such an amazing day for Ford & the Fiesta & ALL of Us Ford Fiesta Agents. Go Ford!!! We are so grateful! We truly love this car!
ParrisHarris 12/19/2009
What a car !! .. What a great time !!. Being a part of the movement has been sensational .....Parris Harris ( Agent 84 Part of the Phashion Armywhich includes Sebastian and Sandy ...)
Kambui Brown 12/18/2009
Great piece! The Ford story is one everyone can relate too.
iivanka 12/18/2009
i bet it was!! britt is the best agent!!!!
Brittani 12/18/2009
That is such an amazing day!!

Fiesta FTW!!

--Brittani Taylor :)