2010 Ford Taurus Takes on the Competitors

By Ford Social Member

How can a V6 fullsize sedan be faster than a V8? Can the interior of the 2010 Ford Taurus be quieter than a more expensive competitor? Can its paint withstand more gravel?

The answer to these might surprise you. You can view the videos below to find these answers, and more.

Acceleration: Taurus SHO with EcoboostTM V6 versus Audi A6 with V8

Interior Sound Level: Ford Taurus versus Acura RL

Paint Chip Resistance: Ford Taurus versus Lexus LS

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Vince S. 05/13/2010
They matched the SHO against the most comperable car which is the A6. Give the A6 a half car lead and it still comes in second. As for your A4, it would also come in second against my wife's Cougar XR7. Keep drinkning the kool aid though, I''m sure you can beat John Force too!
c leininger 05/06/2010
Right on - not even a close match. I had a Audi A4 2.0T and it would eat alive every Ford it came up against (except my relatives supercharged Mustang). Also if you look close the Audi is late in take off - like the driver wants the Ford to win.
nolander 05/02/2010
This is not a matched test. If they had matched the 2.7T Audi engine it would have been more realistic as this is a bi-turbo V-6 engine. Either way, although nice, (I've driven the new SHO and owned a 99 SHO), Ford still cannot touch the fit and finish of an Audi. Not even close.
Billy B 02/24/2010
I visited my local Ford dealer yesterday and got a shock that I had not expected. As a owner of a 2002 Taurus, a car I love, it was time to consider a trade for a new car. I sat in the car, I kicked the tires, I opened the hood and then I walked up to the price tag on the side window. Half joking I mentioned to my salesman that a typo must have happened with the sticker. I am stunned that FORD has created a really nice car that no one will buy.
Rich folks buy Lexus, Mercedes or other big galdy cars mostly for the show of "look what I bought..I must be better then you". They normally would not buy a lowly Ford Taurus because it just is not appealing to that crowd..it's the name you know.
The 2010 Ford Taurus in my local store is simply not affordable to the core buying group of regular folks. Ford execs have operated their company better then most but this is a HUGE blunder. Get ready...$46,500!!!...nuf said.
james shrum 10/07/2009
you just can't please some people.
TN 09/20/2009
Wow, what an ad. We had a Lexus IS300 when it first came out and the paint looked glossy and beautiful, but the paint did chip, worse than any car I've ever owned. This is pretty amazing.
Jose Gomez 09/09/2009
All we have ever owned is ford cars my father has his 1965 F-100 with all its ORIGINAL Parts and it still runs like new. Ford is not government owned for the simple reason that it has great cars and has and always will be WHAT KEEPS AMERICA RUNNING!!!! GO FORD GO
Dominik 08/30/2009
The new Taurus is a beautiful car and a bold step for Ford. But please explain to me, a LONG TIME FORD FAN, why in good God's name did you guys make it more expensive then the Accord (almost $3,000+)?? Additionally, who designed and approved those cheap-plastic-looking speedo & tach gagues? They look horrible. Look at the Accord or Altima. Nice, simple and refined.

PLEASE change the gauges to something nicer...AND I'M BUYING ONE =)
Dominik 08/30/2009
My dad once owned a 1990 Mercury Sable GS. It was a simple 3.0 V6, automatic car. No fancy radio, no leather or moonroof's etc. I loved that car! Comfortable, drove nicely, had decent fuel mileage, large trunk and BIG on interior space. Then at 147,000 miles it developed a problem no one at Ford could figure out. Regardless, I am very fond of that old Sable. I learned to drive in it, and loved driving it. Now all I drive is Honda vehicles, due to their high-quality, and excellent and highly refined interior fit and finish.

I went to the NYC Auto Show this year. I saw the Taurus and I was stunned by how nice it was. It was plush, quiet, everything looked nice BUT those nasty-cheap-plastic-looking dash gauges (tach & speedo). The gauges look like something a 18 y/o would install into a racer Civic. C'mon Ford =) I know we can do better! Look how nice the gauges are on the Accord. Simple yet beautiful.

I WANT TO BUY THE NEW TAURUS......but it has to match the Accord at least in pricing! I don't see myself paying more for a Taurus then an equivalent Ford.

Car & Driver tested both, and the Accord won every time. Fit, finish, horsepower, handling, braking, acceleration, interior =( Dog gone it.

I am very very disappointed about this. Sad too =(
Billy 08/25/2009
I've learned over the years that you can get a bad car from any auto maker. During the last 15 years I've had approximately 7 Fords and the only time that any of them went back to the dealer was for oil changes and 1 time for a recall. I've been extremely please with Ford, I wouldn't buy another brand. They are the only true American vehicle left, thanks fo not taking government bailout money. Dodge is now owned by Fiat and GM (Government Motors) now belongs to the government. I've got so much confidence in the direction Ford is going, I moved money from my 401K to a self directed fund and purchased 7500 shares of Ford stock several months ago. I'm now up over $35 thousand in profits in less than 6 months. GO FORD!!!!!!!!
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