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On a typical workday, Doug Scroggins is driving onto the lot of a major motion picture in his bright blue 2012 F-150 Raptor, effortlessly towing a mock aircraft. Doug is the owner of Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects, a company that provides aviation props for the film and television industry. It’s a unique line of work for a man with a perfectly unique background.


Doug’s passion for aviation came from his family. “My grandfather was a WWII pilot, flying B-17 bombers over Europe.” His fascination for film came at the age of 12. His friend’s father and uncle were stuntmen for television shows and movies, and taught Doug “everything about the work behind the camera.”


After high school, Doug started his career in production. Almost 20 years later, he had the opportunity to switch to aviation with a job offer that involved dismantling airplanes in the Mojave Desert. “It was like an auto wrecking yard for aircraft,” Doug remembers. Having earned a degree in electronics and automotive repair, it was an easy transition for Doug—and a nod to his roots.


After bringing a prop plane to the set of a network television show, Doug realized there was a business opportunity. He soon launched Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects, with a base of operations in his hometown of Las Vegas, and a warehouse to store and build larger props at an airport hangar in the Mojave Desert.


For this type of work, Doug needed a superior truck. The Ford Raptor became the clear choice. “There were lots of wow factors,” Doug says. Among the perks: the handling and surprisingly smooth ride, the available GPS and off-road ability and the overall space.


The tailgate steps that allowed Doug to easily get in and out of the truck bed became “a lifesaver.” Most important, the towing capacity and strong engine able to haul mockups of cockpits, helicopters, even full-size jets. When properly equipped, the Raptor easily hitches a box trailer and flatbed heavy-weight, along with tools, luggage, and Doug’s team from the desert to the studio lots of major motion pictures. Doug proudly notes, too, how the Raptor commands attention on set. “The Raptor has been the best truck for me. I just love it!”


With 105,000 miles on the truck, Doug is excited about the new Raptor. “The 2018 model looks impressive, and I know it will perform,” he says.


*Available Fall 2017.

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