First Ford, First Baby, True Love

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On Dec. 23, 2015, Rebecca McKenna and her husband, Jeff, bought their first vehicle together: a silver F-150 XL SuperCrew® Cab. It was a first in a series of firsts.


“Buying the truck on the eve of Christmas Eve was the best gift,” Rebecca says. Her husband had done extensive research. As a fly-fishing guide on Colorado’s rivers, he required a four-wheel-drive vehicle that was spacious, so he could haul equipment, such as his drift boat and raft, and provide a comfortable ride for clients. “It was a dream vehicle,” Rebecca says. “A combination of looks and functionality. The truck just fit and felt right.” By far the most crucial feature was safety—Rebecca was nine months pregnant.


Two weeks after buying the truck, the couple had their first child, Colton. “I’m a fifth-generation Western Slope Coloradan,” Rebecca notes. “Colton is now the sixth!” It was a new year, with a new baby and a new truck. Rebecca vividly remembers the day they drove home from the hospital with Colton in the rear seat of the F-150. “It was so cool and special,” she says. “I was more sentimental with the Ford than our townhome because it was the first thing we got into from the hospital.”


With the arrival of Colton, the family began new adventures in the Ford. “When Colton was six weeks old, we drove to the White River, hiked in and went fly fishing,” Rebecca recalls. Jeff had added a rod vault, a carrier for fly-fishing poles, to the F-150. Next, they took the drift boat to a local state park and floated on the lake. They hauled firewood up to their cabin at the Blue Mesa Reservoir, which allowed them to test the sport mode of their F-150.


With the available tow/haul mode, the truck shifts gears to easily haul the boat in and out of the river. This feature, along with the 2.7L EcoBoost® engine, became immediate favorites.


By December of that year, Rebecca and Jeff had another first: They bought a house in Grand Junction, CO. “We felt so fortunate,” Rebecca says. The F-150 was there to transport their belongings to their new home.


Their next first? Building a garden near the peach, crabapple and mulberry trees on the property. Rebecca plans to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, pumpkins, watermelons, carrots and lettuce. The couple has been loading wood and pallets for the garden in the back of the truck and will soon use it to haul some dirt.


“It’s our multiuse vehicle,” Rebecca says. “The F-150 is so versatile. We have done so many things with the truck. It’s like part of our family.”

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