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Fans of the Mustang and all Ford Performance cars can now enjoy the sound of a powerful V8 engine every time their phones ring. Introducing the Mustang ringtone, available as a free download now!


This ringtone captures the rev and roar of the 2018 Ford Mustang, featuring the Active Valve Performance Exhaust. The system is optional on the 5.0L V8 engine available in the Mustang. It allows you to choose among four exhaust modes simply by either using steering wheel-mounted thumb controls or by pressing the new Pony button on the steering wheel and toggling through the menu on the digital cluster.


To create the ringtone that you can download now, Ford engineers mounted microphones on a Mustang GT equipped with the new Active Valve Performance Exhaust. They recorded the sound of the valves opening and closing as the car revved in Track mode.


Click here to download your free 2018 Ford Mustang ringtone! Directions on how to add the ringtone to your smartphone are just below.


Android Devices


  • Download the ringtone by clicking here.
  • From your home screen, open up the options window where all of your apps are located and scroll to the cog icon to enter Settings.
  • Click on “My Device”
  • Click “Sound”
  • Click “Ringtones”
  • Click “Add” at bottom of the page
  • Click “Sound Picker” to find the mp3 file you downloaded previously.
  • In Songs select “XXX-nameoffile.mp3”
  • Click the green circle next to filename.
  • Click “Done” in top right of screen.
  • Your ringtone should now be set to the Mustang Engine.


Apple iPhone


  • Download the ringtone on your desktop or laptop by clicking here.

·       Open iTunes on your desktop/laptop computer.

·       Drag the .mp3 file directly into iTunes.

·       Save the file to your desktop. Next, drag it directly into iTunes. (Make sure you have the “Tones” folder checked in your iTunes preferences before dragging the file.

·       The file will become visible in your “Tones” subfolder. Play the file to test.

·       Sync the ringtone to your iPhone by plugging your iPhone into your desktop/laptop computer and then select/sync the ringtone to your iPhone.

·       Once the file is visible in your “tones” folder in your iPhone menu (in iTunes), you can disconnect your iPhone from your desktop/laptop.

·       On your iPhone, select the “XXX-nameoffile.mp3” ringtone and enable it for a new or existing contact.

Pre-production vehicle shown. Available fall 2017.

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