A Fiesta in Guam

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There are few activities more stressful than moving, even for a nomad like Becky Wade. “I love living in new places and exploring,” says Becky, who has moved four times in the past five years. “But the act of actually moving, where you pack up your stuff, then rearrange it in a new place—I hate that part.”


One thing has remained constant throughout all the upheaval in Becky’s life: her compact, blazing-red 2011 Fiesta. “I call it my party on wheels,” Becky says. Her trusty vehicle has traveled with her from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania to California and even to Guam, where she and her husband relocated for his military job in September 2016. (Becky works remotely for a mobile marketing company based out of Wisconsin.) “It’s kind of like bringing a little piece of home with me no matter where we go.”


When Becky was growing up in Wisconsin, her family owned a Ford dealership; her brother is still in the business. “I’m a Ford girl through and through,” she says. Whether stuck in traffic in Philadelphia or cruising down to the southern tip of Guam (if you consider driving the island-wide speed limit of 35 miles per hour “cruising”), the Fiesta serves as a pleasant reminder of Becky’s roots.


Becky has always loved cars, but she has a special connection to the Fiesta—after all, they’ve been through a lot together. “You know when you get in a car and it just feels right, like it fits you? That’s how it felt,” she says, recalling the first time she got behind the wheel. “And I have been amazed at the amount of stuff we have been able to pack into that car when we’ve made cross-country moves.”


The Fiesta has also helped Becky adjust to a variety of driving styles and terrain. “Whether you’re driving in the city or in the country on more windy roads, it works well,” she says. “It’s enjoyable to drive.”


No matter where Becky’s life takes her next, she knows she’ll be able to rely on her Fiesta: “It’s nice to have something consistent every place that I move—she’s making the trek with me wherever I go.”

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