Sustainability: Going Further — The Right Way

Ford Motor Company

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At Ford, our vision is to make people’s lives better by changing the

way the world moves, just as Henry Ford did more than a century ago.


At the heart of that vision is our commitment to sustainability.  


As a sustainability leader, Ford is the only American automaker named to the World’s Most Ethical Companies® list by the Ethisphere® Institute. We’ve made the list for eight consecutive years, the only automotive company to do so.


Our initiatives to reduce environmental impact are ambitious and global, spanning both our products and our operations. A few examples:


Our Products

Ford is investing $4.5 billion in electrified vehicle solutions and launching 13 new electrified vehicles by 2020.


Our research into biomaterials as an alternative to petroleum-intensive plastic has so far led to the use of eight sustainable materials in our vehicles: soy foam, castor oil, wheat straw, kenaf fiber, cellulose, wood, coconut fiber and rice hulls. We’re currently testing bamboo, as well as collaborating with Jose Cuervo® to explore possible uses for agave byproduct left over from making tequila.


Our Facilities                                                                                                                              

 From 2000 to 2015, Ford reduced the amount of water used for manufacturing by 60 percent, or more than 10 billion gallons.  Our goal for the future: reducing the water we use in manufacturing to zero.


Globally, 74 Ford facilities are now Zero Waste to Landfill. Through recycling, reclamation and reuse, these facilities send absolutely none of their waste to landfills.


And by sharing best practices through our Partnership for A Cleaner Environment (PACE) program, we are lowering the collective environmental footprint of our entire global supply chain.


At Ford, we’re proud to celebrate today’s successes. But we understand that sustainability is a journey rather than a destination, and we’re committed to meeting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


“Going Further – The Right Way” is what sustainability means for us.



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