23-Year-Old Ford Engineer Has Nine Patents and Counting

Ford Motor Company

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Victoria Schein, a Ford research engineer, is just 23 but she already holds nine patents. She’s just one example of the world-class engineering talent that Ford is attracting to its Research and Innovation Center in Silicon Valley.


Ford opened the Research and Innovation Center in 2015. The 25,000 square foot facility at Stanford Research Park gives Ford one of the largest automotive research teams in the area and a major presence in one of the most dynamic, innovative business cultures in the world.


Victoria is an integral part of the team Ford is growing in Silicon Valley. Her research is focused on mobility and connectivity, and she’s involved in several projects aimed at reducing driver distraction.


As part of the Palo Alto innovation ecosystem, Ford is creating new connections between automotive and computer technology and turning the energy and disruptive thinking of Silicon Valley into exciting products for Ford customers.

Ford knows that mobility isn’t just about movement, it’s about people. And progress. So we’re always looking at ways to help people move freely to make their lives better, both today and in the future. We go further, so the next generation of engineers can create the future for the next generation of drivers.   

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