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From day one, we have been the car company for everyone, making it possible for hardworking, everyday people to own a vehicle. And not just any car or truck, but a vehicle that was well built. And that people would be proud to own and drive.


One hundred and fifteen years later, that is still the case. Born in Detroit, made in America and famous worldwide: We are the Ford Motor Company.


There’s a lot about us that hasn’t changed, and isn’t going to. We are still a family business. We are still builders. We are still inventor-led. We believe in looking to the future to guide our present. We believe it’s better to be right than to be first. And we believe persistence can solve anything and everything.


We’ve seen a lot of people, businesses and ideas come and go. We’ve seen many in the auto industry turn off the lights for good. But we’ve made it through the hard times and have come out stronger for them.


And soon you’ll see an onslaught of new Ford vehicles in the hot-selling SUV and truck segments. That includes the 2019 Ford Ranger pickup which starts production this month at our Michigan Assembly Plant. And the new Escape and Explorer will be available next year. In fact, approximately 75 percent of the Ford vehicle lineup will be all-new by 2020.


We are proud to be a car company – that’s the center of everything we do and that’s why we put our family name on all that we build. From the Ford family that’s still involved with both future and daily work, to our extended family of more than 200,000 employees worldwide, we build with pride. We build with care. And everything we make is made in one way and one way only: Built Ford Proud.


But what we do means nothing without you. Everything we build is the blank slate for your story. We want to hear how you’re Built Ford Proud. Maybe it’s striking out on your own in a new career. Or celebrating 25 years on the job. Taking a road trip to relive that family vacation from your childhood. Working hard to grow the crops that help feed your community. Or volunteering to provide aid for people around the world. Everyone has something to be proud of. What’s your story?

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