Venue Logistics:

  • Is parking free?

Yes, the main parking lots at each of our four venues will be open and free of charge

  • Is there a place reserved for spectators who are in wheelchairs?

Yes, we will have an area near the race activity available for wheelchairs.

  • Can I bring a bag or backpack?

Yes, but please be prepared to open it for a quick visual inspection by our event team.

  • What kind of food will be available at the event?

The concession area will be open during the event and will be offering typical packaged snacks and drinks.


  • Who is eligible to participate?

Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts in the Northeast Texas, Northern New Jersey, Southeastern Michigan and Tropical Florida councils.

  • How many times will my vehicle race?

Each vehicle will make at least four trips down the track. All races will be conducted using an elapsed time method, which means that each vehicle will race once in each of the four lanes of the track. The times for the vehicle will be added together for each of the four heats that vehicle races. Race standings will be determined by the lowest combined time of the four heats. The overall first-place winner from each track will compete for Grand Champion. The same elapsed time method will be used in which each vehicle will race at least once in each of the four lanes.

  • What happens if there are ties?

In case of a tie for first place, the two vehicles will complete one additional race (two heats) in which the final winner will be determined based on fastest time.

  • What happens if a car leaves the track and/or breaks during a race?

If a vehicle (or part of a vehicle) leaves its lane and interferes with another vehicle, no speed times are stored for any vehicle, and the heat will be re-run. If the same vehicle causes interference again, the heat will be run again but without the offending vehicle, and the offending vehicle will receive an automatic time of 9.9999 seconds for that heat.

If the vehicle left its lane, didn’t interfere with another vehicle and manages to cross the finish line in its intended lane, the heat is valid for all vehicles.

If the vehicle left its lane, didn’t interfere with another vehicle but did not cross the finish line in its own lane, the places for the other vehicles are valid and the offending vehicle receives an automatic time of 9.9999 seconds for that heat.

If a vehicle remains in its lane for the race but does not cross the finish line, an automatic time of 9.9999 seconds is given for that heat.

If a vehicle breaks down during a heat, the Girl Scout will be given the opportunity to repair the vehicle and race again after it is reinspected to meet requirements, but the heat time of 9.9999 seconds will stand for the heat completed as stated above.

  • Are there any reasons for a car being disqualified?

Please see the Rules document on this website. If a car does not comply with the various weight and design rules, the Race Committee will disqualify the car. This is to ensure a fair and fun event for all the girls.

  • What kind of scale is used for the weigh-in?

An American Weigh Scales AMW13-SL will be used to weigh each vehicle.

  • Can I add anything to the vehicle that makes it move on its own?

No, vehicles with a starting device or other propulsion will not be allowed.

  • Who places the vehicles at the start of each race?

Dedicated race officials will place each vehicle at the start of each heat.

  • How are winners determined?

Race standings will be determined based on the lowest combined score of each racer΄s four heats.

  • Is there prize money or other types of prizes for winners?

There is no prize money for the girls. Trophies will be awarded to the champion, first, second and third places in the Championship race.

Car Production

  • Do I have to use the vehicle kit that was sent to me?

Yes. This ensures an even playing field for all participants.

  • Can I use vehicle parts from other kits?

No. The kit that is provided includes all of the necessary components, so no swapping wheels or axles. Again, this helps ensure an even playing field for all participants.

  • I never received my kit. Whom do I contact?

Please send an email to your council contact with your request. Car kits that meet race rules and regulations, as outlined in the 2017 rules, may also be purchased at local craft stores.

  • The kit I received is broken. Whom do I contact?

Please send an email to your council contact with your request. Ford may be able to provide a replacement kit while supplies last. Car kits that meet race rules and regulations, as outlined in the 2017 rules, may also be purchased at local craft stores.

  • Can I add anything to the car?

Please see the Rules on this website. There are a number of “Dos and Don’ts” when making your car.

  • Who must build the vehicle?

All vehicles are to be built by the participating Girl Scout with adult supervision.

  • Can anyone help me when I build the vehicle?

The vehicle should be built with adult supervision. While the majority of the work is to be done by the Girl Scout, adult assistance may be required with certain tools.

  • Can I decorate my vehicle however I want?

As long as it meets all other requirements, yes! Please see the Rules on the website for further details.

  • What kind of lubrication can I use for the vehicle?

Only dry lubricants like graphite may be used. All lubricants must be used prior to arriving on-site.

  • Can I add weights to the vehicle?

Yes. As long as your vehicle does not exceed 5 oz. you can add weights. No liquid weights may be used, however. Also, the weights on your vehicle must be properly secured – no taped weights will be allowed.

  • How much can the vehicle weigh?

No more than 5 oz. All vehicles will be weighed on-site on the official inspection scale.

  • What if my vehicle is too light?

No problem. There is no limit on how light a vehicle can be; it just can’t exceed 5 oz.

  • What happens if my car doesn’t pass the vehicle inspection?

Don’t worry. You will have an opportunity to fix your vehicle to be brought into compliance.

  • Do I get to keep my car after the races?


Photography & Filming

  • How will Ford use the video and photographs that they will take at the event?

Our intent is to capture the thrills and excitement of this event and share it on our social media channels.

  • Why does Ford require a Talent Release?

In order to display an image of any individual, we are required to obtain that individual’s permission, which is provided in the Talent Release.

  • Are releases required for children other than the participating Scout?

Yes. Great question! All children in attendance who are under age 18 will need a release signed by their parent or legal guardian. If friends of the participating Scout wish to attend, they will need the release signed by parent or legal guardian in order to enter the venue. So please make sure those friends come with a signed release if their parent or guardian is not accompanying them to the event.

  • Will I be paid if I appear in a published video or photograph?

There is no compensation for use of the image of any participant, spectator, volunteer or staff member.

  • Can I take photos and record video at the event?

Yes, we invite and encourage you to take photos and videos at the event and post on your own social media channels.

  • Will Ford post potentially embarrassing images of Girl Scouts or any spectators?

Ford will be collecting photographic and video images during the competitions. Scouts and their families and friends can be assured that images that may be published on Ford websites or on Ford-sponsored social media channels will depict them in the best possible light.


  • Who can attend?

We welcome all friends and family of the Scouts to attend. IMPORTANT: All attendees are required to sign the Talent Release before entering the venue.

  • Will there be a cost to enter at the event?

There is no cost to anyone to attend the event. The Registration Fee (remitted at registration) for the participating Scout is the only cost of this program to the Scouts or their families.

  • Do I earn a badge for participating?

No, but there will be an opportunity to earn a fun patch.

  • Should I wear my Girl Scouts uniform?

We hope that each Scout in attendance, whether as a participant or spectator, will wear their uniform, vest or sash.

  • What should I bring with me?

Just your race car! We will have basic tools on site for vehicle repairs, if needed.