Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI)
Empowering Creative Thinkers
Kids’ eyes fill with questions and wonder as they explore the world around them. But how do we help students to turn a question into new ideas and positive action? Ford collaborates with the Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI) to provide K-12 students and educators with workshops, professional development and other opportunities to become more innovative and creative in how they think and learn. Through HFLI Design Thinking experiences and tools, they begin to think creatively, work collaboratively with others, and implement innovations. We are amazed at what kids can do when they're empowered and eager to contribute to their teams, schools and communities! To find out more, click here.


Introduction to Design Thinking

Detroit: July 11-13

San Antonio: July 30 - August 1

Innovation Collaborative for Educators

Detroit: July 16-17

San Antonio: August 6-7

Innovation Leadership for Educators

Detroit: July 19-20

San Antonio: August 2-3