Ford Girls' Fast Track Races
We want to help girls embrace the exciting world of STEAM, so in 2016 we brought the awesomeness of car racing to hundreds of Girl Scouts from councils in New Jersey, Detroit, Miami and Dallas. Nothing takes the place of real hands-on experience when it comes to learning the concepts of engineering and design. Aerodynamics. Weight distribution. Picking the coolest color combinations ever. So guess what? We’re doing it again in 2017! Ford Girls’ Fast Track Races are scream-out-loud fun, and the thrill of crossing the finish line first can’t be beat. Keep checking back for more information on 2017 events! We might just be racing through YOUR town.

To read more about how Ford and four Girl Scout Councils teamed up together, click here.


In 2017 we're bringing the races to even more councils.

1. Colorado – September 30
2. Miami – October 15
3. Atlanta – October 21
4. New Jersey – October 25
5. Detroit – October 28
6. Chicago – November 3
7. Dallas – November 11
8. San Gorgonio – November 18

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Race Rules & Regulations
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"Best Design" Rules
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