STEAM Programs

It is our mission to inspire the next generation of inventors and mobility makers. To that end, Ford has been at work over the past three decades creating vibrant, cutting-edge educational opportunities that change lives. These programs engage thousands of students who go on to make a big impact in their STEAM careers.

  • Career Communications Group Logo

    Career Communications Group

    Career Communications Group (CCG) was founded more than 40 years ago with a unique mission: To promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. The people we reach provide top employers a unique opportunity to fulfill their mission of hiring America’s promising talent. CCG offers inspiring magazines such as US Black Engineer and Information Technology magazine, Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine, and Women of Color magazine; award-winning syndicated television programs and national conferences to reach hundreds of thousands of students and professionals who have a determination to succeed and the commitment to be personally responsible for that success. Their attitude of self-empowerment creates a unique hiring environment for companies and other organizations seeking top talent to diversify and strengthen their workforce.

  • DAPCEP Mobile App Challenge Logo

    DAPCEP Mobile App Challenge

    The Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) motivates, educates and ignites students’ interest in STEM. The Mobile App Challenge is a six-week competition that empowers students to develop mobile apps for social impact while fostering innovation and career awareness. The challenge helps unveil exciting new possibilities for their futures.

  • Ford High School Science and Technology Program Logo

    Ford High School Science and Technology Program

    This is one of Ford's first STEAM programs, dating back to 1984, and offers high school students hands-on experiences from varied skill teams around the company.

  • Michigan Council of Women in Technology Logo

    Michigan Council of Women in Technology

    This organization provides after-school clubs, summer camps and technology quests/challenges to increase the likelihood that young girls will be inspired to go into STEAM fields. Summer camps also focus on technology and exposure to web design, robotics, hands-on experiments and expos led by some of the area’s leading computer and information technology experts at Ford.

  • MIND Research Institute Logo

    MIND Research Institute

    Ford has funded ST Math,® a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem-solving to engage, motivate and challenge PreK-8 students toward higher achievement. This has a big impact on schools, students and families in the Detroit region and throughout Michigan.