November 09, 2018 | Dearborn, MI
Second Annual STEAM Day Highlights Importance of Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Ford Motor Company hosted the second annual STEAM Day – showcasing the company’s commitment to STEAM education – encouraging today’s youth to learn more about science, technology, engineering, arts and math.
As part of Ford’s commitment to STEAM, the Ford STEAM Council, which designs, develops and delivers programs to grow a talent pipeline for Ford, held the STEAM Day fair on November 9 at the Ford Product Development Center in Dearborn, Mich.
The event is designed to help increase employee awareness and reinforce the importance of these technological fields and education, as well as encourage more employees to get involved and be ambassadors for Ford’s efforts to become a global thought leader in STEAM.

Ford Next Generation Learning – with a specific mission to transform teaching and learning, primarily through changing the relationship schools have with businesses – was one of many organizations in attendance at the fair, working to showcase their work in STEAM education and how it can be improved.

“To borrow an old phrase, it takes a village,” said Beth Grzelak, coach for Ford NGL. “We need more people that have these technical backgrounds and interest to do this kind of work, so if students, teachers and schools are surrounded by it and have the resources, it can only help.”

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation also attended this year’s STEAM Day – with their mission to grow and inspire girls and women in technology fields. Chris Rydzewski, executive director of MCWT, said one of the challenges is the lack of women in these fields – only 24 percent in technology. Her organization’s goal is to stop the mindset that young girls don’t want to get into STEAM fields by helping them have a better understanding of what STEAM is, what it entails and how fun it can be.  

“The future is technology, it’s all about STEAM, we need to work on getting more people interested, and events like this are a perfect way to do that,” Rydzewski said. “This shows our support for Ford and also helps us with engagement.”

Prashant Javkar, strategy and programs manager for Ford’s corporate STEAM team, said Ford’s investment in STEAM education and programs is crucial in order to fill the large gap between STEAM talent needs of the future and the skilled workforce currently available. Ford’s outreach with events like this also helps give the company an opportunity to learn more about the community.