November 06, 2018 | Detroit
Meet Sarah Makki: High School Science and Technology Program Success

Thanks to the High School Science and Technology Program (HSSTP), Sarah Makki is currently doing a work-study program with the calibration team for 2liter, while completing her bachelor’s degree in Robotics Engineering at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

Makki attended the HSSTP Saturday sessions, and from there was hired as a summer intern at Ford, where she was able to facilitate experiments and contribute to research that helped open her eyes to the possibilities at Ford.

“I love working at Ford, and the high school internship was eye-opening,” she said. “The program helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and all of the possibilities at Ford.”

The student said her experiences with HSSTP and Ford also helped her narrow down what she wanted to study, as well as what she would need in order to do that. Additionally, it helped her see the possibilities beyond school – showing her what’s out there after graduation.

“I want to do something cool and make something that really changes mobility, and I have realized through my experience here that I can definitely do that at Ford,” Makki said.

The goal of HSSTP is to give student participants valuable insights into real-life applications of the skills learned in classrooms, while also giving Ford a chance to promote science and engineering and encouraging students to consider new career options.

“For over 30 years, the program has given students the opportunity to spend time on the Ford campus in Dearborn, while meeting with scientists, engineers and technicians to see how science and engineering can have real-world applications,” said Ken Washington, Ford vice president, research and advanced engineering.

About 200 students attend presentations by Ford employees who volunteer their time each year.


Meet Sarah Makki