2017 City Of Tomorrow™ Challenge

Ford and Destination Imagination are thrilled to bring you a challenge that’s great for the whole family. So get all the brains in your household together and come up with the best mobility solution! By entering, you’ll have a chance to win a Ford STEAM Experience-themed trip for the family and awesome scholarship prizes for your child.

The City of Tomorrow Challenge

It’s an exciting time to be an engineer! From self-driving cars to moving sidewalks to smart cities that help you move more efficiently, innovation is everywhere. And it’s all being done with the environment in mind.

Engineers at Ford are working on developing an array of smart mobility solutions that will positively affect the cities of tomorrow and the people who live in them.

In this challenge, your child will have the opportunity to design their own solution to help make future cities more accessible and efficient. Follow and complete the four steps below to enter.

Step 1

Explore the City of Tomorrow

Watch this video to explore all the smart mobility solutions that can help to make cities more accessible for everyone!

Step 2

Explore Different Ford Engineer Profiles

To be a Ford engineer of the future, your child will need to learn some basic skills that they can apply to their future projects. Explore the exciting roles that Ford engineers fill in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Each inspiring profile is based on an engineer at Ford, and shows how different activities, interests and hobbies can also help make your child the best engineer they can be!

Once you have reviewed all the inspiring profiles with your child, help them select a Ford STEAM category and come up with their own smart mobility idea for which they will develop a prototype.

Step 3

Create a Smart Mobility Prototype

Before engineers spend too much time and resources developing a new product, they must develop a model or scale version of the solution to ensure that it can work properly and achieve the desired effect. Using household items, guide your child in building a prototype or model of their proposed smart mobility solution. The prototype does not have to function exactly as planned, but it should represent the concept that your child is trying to create.

Step 4

Share Your Smart Mobility Solution

Once an engineer has developed a concept or prototype, the next step is sharing it with others to get feedback to help improve it. Have your child give their smart mobility solution a name, and then take a photo of it to submit online.

Important: Make sure that the name of the prototype is displayed somewhere in the photo.


Grand Prize
$5,000 Scholarship funding
Ford STEAM Experience in the city where Ford’s innovations are developed, Dearborn, MI

Second Prize
$3,000 Scholarship Funding

Third Prize
$2,000 Scholarship Funding

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Experts at Ford and Destination Imagination will review all submissions and will choose the top prototypes after evaluating them on the following criteria:

  1. Overall creativity* of the smart mobility solution prototype, up to 50 points.
  2. Creative use of materials, up to 25 points.
  3. Creativity of the prototype name, up to 25 points.

*Something is considered more creative when it is a new, unique or creative way to solve a problem, accomplish a task or combine traditional elements.