April 2007 I was on my way to drop my 10 month old off at day care, we live in a small mountain top town in western Massachusetts and it had been raining mixed ice and snow all day on our way down the mountain I lost control over my truck a went over a bridge the truck fell some 27 feet landing on its roof and began to sink. water was filling the cab rather quickly i could hear my son screaming from the rear seat hanging upside down i was able to brace my weight on the steering wheel to release my seat belt as i climbed into the back of the truck to get my son out of his car seat the truck began to roll into the deeper water. as i held my son in the cold freezing water i could hear the metal of the truck holding back the raging river i knew if we didnt leave soon we would both soon die the water in the truck kept rising to just a small air pocket was left i took my final breath and went under kicking the window with my feet it broke and i was able to get us to the surface only to find that the river was too much to overcome as i laid on the rocks holding my freezing son i heard a voice yell throw me the baby and old man reaching his hardest was hanging from the bridge with one hand i put my son over my head and jump as hard as i could into his direction letting go of my son hoping that the man would reach him in time he did and as i was swept away by the river i could see him lifting him on to the bridge. I was able to get to the river’s edge and climb out I made my way back to the road and up to the man’s house he gave me my son and we sat in front of his wood stove waiting for the ambulance to arrive .that man and that truck saved our lives that day, i drive 2003 crew cab to this day. and my sons first truck was a ford.

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I am a paramedic and have worked in the emergency medical services for over twenty years and have seen a lot of great changes in the safety aspects of car design. As you already know, driver distraction is becoming or may already be the number one cause of vehicle accidents. Because of this I have wondered what could be done to increase driver's incentive to maintain proper control of their vehicles and minimize driver distractions. In emergency vehicle driving courses we are taught to drive two handed with a 10 and 2 o'clock hand positioning at all times. This is to ensure that we have adequate control over the vehicle as well as to reduce injuries should there be an airbag deployment from a collision. Some insurance companies offer devices to monitor safe driving activities in order to give the customer an option to drive safer and possibly save on their insurance premiums.I was curious as to why couldn't automobile manufacturers incorporate something similar to what the insurance companies are doing into the steering wheel of an automobile. A device similar to what you find on exercise equipment handles that reads a person's heart rate. Flat stainless steel sensors positioned at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel that could read when the person was driving with two hands on the wheel. As an added desirable benefit, the vehicle would obtain greater gas mileage if the driver maintained this hand positioning. Of course audible alarms or messages could also be incorporated to be activated when the driver removes their hands from these positions. I am not an engineer, but think that with the computer technology that is already incorporated into automobiles these days, that something of this nature would be easily accomplished and if it saved lives it would be a great safety option to be placed on vehicles.
Safe Driving Incentive
By: Gary G.
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