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I Bought my new 96 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder 5 speed manual trans at the start of my Antique business and if I had the insight to document my buisness activities, oh what a show it would have been!!! But back to my Ranger, it now has 399,572 miles with original engine which has needed no repairs and is still serving me well!, front brake disks changed once! and of course routine maintainence. This baby has hauled well over a Million dollars worth of merchandice!
Thanks and when will the Ranger be back?

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Glen Smith Recently I had to make a decision on either selling my 2010 King Ranch or my 2011 Ranger. In the end the practically of the Ranger won out. Easy to maneuver, park and load over the sides with the the "man-ladder" to climb into the bed. No Regrets.
1 year(s) ago via
Richard christensen I think ford made a huge mistake discontinueing the ranger! the f150 is too big. especily when you try to park it in a tight parking space. ford , please bring the ranger back !
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First of all, I have been "Ford" since I was a little kid -- decided at age 11 that I was moving to Dearborn to work for Ford as soon as I could, and I did in '66; retired in '96.    I've had 3 Mustangs, 2 Broncos, 2 Escorts, and then bought a 1986 Ranger.  I am on my 10th Ranger now -- a 2011 4x4 Supercab like the first 9.  I did not know you were discontinuing them, so waited too long to order one to my specs.   My dealer had to find me an '11, but could only find an automatic; I hate automatics.   But more than that, I hate that Ford discontinued the Rangers and also that they have discontinued offering manual transmissions in everything but a few small cars. I loved all my 4x4 Rangers; they always got me through deep snow out here in Colorado.   I camp in my Ranger under a camper shell.   My two shelties ride in the  back behind my front seats, but they could use more room.   I want Ford to make the larger 4-door Ranger available in the United States.   I am strongly thinking about going to a Tacoma if Ford doesn't announce the Ranger is coming back (my Ford dealer also sells Toyotas, but  I hope I do not have to go that route, as I am against Americans buying imports, but I will to get what I need).   I do not want a larger truck, and I want a 5-speed manual (you don't offer stick shifts in F-Series trucks anymore).   I was on-track to buy a 2013 Escape until you stopped putting 5-speed manuals in them.   Even so, I need a truck with a bed, not a mini-van or similar with too many seats (I only need one seat -- for myself).    I am not the only distraught Ranger owner who is now without a new vehicle to buy.    I like to get a new truck every couple years, so I'm overdue to trade right now, but for what?   A crossover or car would do me no good whatsoever -- except for transportation.   My Rangers, outfitted in the bed for camping, have been my mini-RV's -- I do not need a "suburban" mini van or car.   Please bring the Ranger back.  For the first time in my life, Ford makes no new vehicles that suit me, and I'm not alone.   Ranger owners everywhere mourn that you killed the Ranger here in the States.    How can you make a truck available overseas that we want and not offer it here!?    Well, this is my idea, but it's more than an idea - it's a plea to bring back the only vehicle I can be happy with in the  Ford line.    
Need the Ranger Back
By: Ken A.
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