The Unwanted Pony With Many Lives.

My Dad owned a small used car lot when one day an old man came in and asked if my Dad would be interested in a Couple of vehicles he had. My Dad said sure I’ll come take a look when we close up. Later that day my Dad and I met the old man at his house. When we pulled up there was a Mustang and a F-150 parked in the driveway with both without tags. The old man told my Dad that these two were the one he wanted to sell. The old man said he bought the Mustang new in 1988 drove it until 1994 when he got the F-150. He said he then drove the car out into the field beside his house and removed the front window and let his dog use it as a dog house. His son had gone off to college and the college did not allow first year students to have a car. while his son was away the old man took the car and started restoring it. The Pony only had 69,000 miles on it but was in really rough shape because of it being used as the dogs house. The Pony was a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder with 5 speed. The old man spent almost $7,000 on the car repainting new wheels and tires all new interior and various other things. He was just about to begin the process of swapping in the 5.0 engine from the F-150 when he and his son had a big fight over the car. The man was fixing it up as a surprise birthday gift for his son, however the boy keep begging him for a car and finally the old man told his son what he was doing. The son had not even seen the car or had any idea what it looked like, he just remembered it as the old dog house. the fight lead to the old man just leaving the car sitting in the driveway still with the four cylinder hoping. That his son would return home one day and see it and actually want it, but 5 years went by and the boy would only visit his mom when he came in and still to this day hasn’t called his father. The old man told my dad for $1,800 he could have the F-150 and the Mustang. my Dad bought them I was 14 at the time.

My Dad set both of them up for sale on the lot. The truck sold in a week, and the Mustang sat there for a year. It looked really sharp and even had a neat dual exhaust system on the little 4 banger. People would stop and look at it every day because it had the 5.0 badges on it since the guy had planned on doing the swap. However when potential buyers found out it was only a 4 cylinder they would laugh and walk away.

When I was 15 my dad gave me the car. He said since it looked good and he had been trying so hard to sell it but couldn’t he thought it would make me a good first car. and at a $900 dollar car he wouldn’t have much invested. It was the first car I ever drove. I never will forget trying to learn how to drive the manual my first time my dad got aggravated very early and said “You see that RPM Gauge, push the throttle down tell the needle starts to bounce back and forth on the red line and let your foot slide off the clutch pedal.” I did and let me tell you for a 4 banger It did a pretty good burnout.

Well I’m 20 years old now soon to be 21. I still have the car It’s survived one crash, killed a dear and a buzzard in one night and is currently sitting in my driveway with a blown head gasket. but I’ve recently gotten a 5.0 and loads of performance parts, that are going in it very soon its my baby and I’ll drive it until it gets completely totaled beyond repair or I die.

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Euromaniac That is a very cool story. I wonder if those people who saw the 4.0 liter engine, laughed and walked away, are regretting not buying the car in the first place!
4 year(s) ago via
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