The Little Engine That Could

I live in Western Kansas and I’ve always been a Ford guy but have made great strides to work for what I want. Back in 2011, I was finally able to purchase my first brand new Ford F-150. It had 104 miles on it and I was only a sophomore in college at the age of 19. There is a downside though, my mom drives an Expedition and dad drives a Taurus so I am the only one with a truck in the family and guess who gets called when they need something hauled? This particular load was the worst my truck has ever endured. We are Hispanic and my mom is remodeling her house, so we went down to Mexico for her kitchen and bathroom. The picture says it all. I couldn’t believe how low my truck went when that forklift loaded the how-ever many pounds of ceramic tile on the truck. We removed the tailgate and the forklift easily got in there and unloaded the tile. We put the tailgate back on and my poor truck was sitting low. Rear bumper was only inches off the ground. I about had a heart attack and I kept thinking, it has to endure 12 hours on the road like this! To top it off, we still hooked up the U-Haul to it! There was probably close to 2,000 lbs on the bed and we were probably hauling another 2,000 lbs with the U-Haul and its contents. Like I mentioned, I am still a college kid so I couldn’t afford the EcoBoost or the 5.0L so I only had the 3.7L V6. Besides some minor steep inclines on the way to Kansas, my truck traveled the approximately 700 miles great! I even forgot I had the trailer sometimes as I had my cruise on down the interstate. My bed never buckled, and my little engine definitely proved itself so I no longer let people insult my full-size truck with a little V6. Maybe I can afford the EcoBoost next time?

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Ford Social Hi Darell - What an awesome "Feat of Strength" story! We love it when Ford F-150 rises to the challenge. Thanks for sharing your story! - Social.Ford
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The changes Ford has made in the last few years have been very smart but I feel like there's room to play in the Mid-Size Sedan performance market. GM unveiled the Chevrolet SS a few months ago, however, I feel like they completely over did it and made a product people just can't afford. Ford could compete in this market and beat the competition by having svt modify the current Fusion. The 3.5L V6 ecoboost used in the V6 would be perfect. That kind of power in a smaller, lower to the ground, and lighter car would be a phenominal fit. Ford has done a good job with their I4 ecoboosts but I perfonally feel like the Fusion is more deserving of a V6 ecoboost like the Taurus. The Fusion certainly doesn't need 2 different I4 ecoboost engines. That just doesn't make any sense. Also, I'd love to see a return of a rwd sedan. I'd prefer to see it in the Taurus but I think it's currently too cramped and bulky. Maybe the next one. Like the Chevy SS, the performance based Fusion should be rwd. Ford had great success with rwd sedans in Australia, although they sported a beefier 5.0 V8. Many people prefer awd and fwd but I personally love the muscular and vintage style handling of rwd. If a performance Fusion such as this were to be made I'd like to see it wear a "GT" badge. "Sport" was alright but boring and simple. "ST" is cool but already has a reputation with Focus and Fiesta fwd compacts. Ford has a good recipe for the Fusion, but they're just not appealing to their performance fan base with the current model. The ecoboost I4s just aren't enough. Chaning the current Fusion to have a rwd option sound like a lot of work with probably little value in return. At the very least it would be nice to see the 3.5L V6 ecoobost engine available with other obvious performance upgrades.
RWD Ecoboost Fusion
By: Gary G.
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