Thank You Ford Engineers!

We take so many things for granted these days…thank you Ford for letting me and my family stay together! At the start of this Easter weekend, I was squarely hit by a red-light runner going full speed. Timing is everything and thank God I had just dropped off the youngest two of my three boys at preschool. The other truck hit me square on the driver side yet I walked away with minor bruising. The engine compartment took the brunt of the impact and my beloved 2004 F150 is no longer.

The incident hit close to home for my wife. Her father died from complications from an accident before she was born. He left her mother, pregnant with her, to raise 3 kids by herself. Luckily for my family, your dedication to safety has prevented a repeat story for my wife and three kids. Pulling three car seats, stuffed animals, etc out of the truck prior to being towed to the salvage yard was surreal but the lack of serious injuries was a blessing. The other driver was illegally in the US and uninsured which complicates the issue of replacing the vehicle but that is a minor issue compared to what could have happened. I am not sure what the future holds but thank you for allowing a future to happen.

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The F-150 is too damn big; especially for those of us living in larger citys like Southern California.  It is a complete bear to park; I've got a 96 explorer which need to be replaced; preferably with a truck.  Sadly the discontinutation of your Ranger line has me looking at the Toyota Tacoma which has essentially remained unchanged in terms of engine or trans technology since 2005.  A V6 4x4 Access Cab Tacoma, while the perfect size for us city dwellers gets 16 City/ 19 Hwy mpg. That's at a curb weight of 4,100 lbs. An F1-150 4x4 with ecoboost gets 15 City / 21 Hwy mpg. Despite a curb weight of 5,600 lb A 2011 4wd Supercab Ranger had a curb weight of 3,700 lb.  That's 2000 less than the F-150. If you revived the Ranger line, sticking in it the f-150 innovations (Eco-boost, 6 speed trans); You would have a 4x4 truck that could be pulling 25 City/30 Hwy Mpg and could out-haul the current F150. I undestand all of the reasons why you left the small/mid size truck market;  It's dwindling, the plant closed, the F-150 is everything the Ranger is an more.  But a 4x4 truck that can pullover 25mpg on gasoline is something significant and would beat the heck out of anything coming out of Toyota.  In 2011 you sold 70k rangers to 110k Tacoma's In 2012 you sold 19k Rnagers to 141k Tacomas It's in-arguable that the decision to stop producing the ranger has allowed some market share to be absorbed by Toyota. I'm no expert, but all the new F-150 tech in a slightly smaller package would result in what's probably the best small truck on the market. As it stands, I am seriously considering getting a eco-boost crate motor and new trans and sticking it in a old F-100 body.  That gets me a small truck with phenominal gas mileage that can likely out tow the current F-150 while still being able to park in a big city. I'd love to buy a new Ford; you guys are on the bleeding edge of technology.  But the package it's in (The F-150) is just too damn big to be functional in city life.  Short of Reviving the ranger, my only option is to take the new tech and stuff it in an old shell.  Thanks for reading.
Revive the Small Truck Platform
By: Ken A.
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