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We have had our 1990 Ford F-150 for many years. we have taken it on camping trips ever since i was little. now im of age to drive and that old truck just sits there. It needs all types of work all around. I want to keep this truck running for as long as i can. Before us it used to haul rocks from place to place for years. Then we used it to haul firewood. Now it just ready for a better life and to be taken care of. The truck is a 1990 Ford F-150 Custom with a 300 ci inline six engine. This truck is like a family member to me and i aim to keep it in our family strong and running. Its true that Fords are built tough because no Chevy could take this abusement and still run strong.

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Ian Wise this truck just got its 1st brake job ever. This truck hauled boulders for 5years, logs for 10 years, and now it hauls scrap metal. no offence to you at all but i will never trust a china built chevy over a american ford
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Ian Wise my family has owned 3 chevy cars in the past 10 years and all of them have blown up from some problem. mostly a engine knock got to bad and killed them along with many transmission problems. We have 3 fords my 90 F150, 99 Ranger, and a 85 Bronco and all three still run strong with little to no work in the shop.
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Travis Franitti Hey I am sorry to say but my 1985 chevy sportvan g20 has one 2x more than that and still runs strong but I do have a 1988 Ford F150 4X4 and it is my 4 wheeler and it is tough i don't use it for work because I Baby it but the chevy is still my work van and i am a personal owned auto mechanic who goes to them and this thing hauls my tools all the time but my brothers dodge had been brought to me for a engine rebuild only carrying a chord of wood for its first time
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Ok, about the future Ford Ranger. I am a big fan of Ford, I had a n 85' Ranger that I drove for about 9 years +/-, great truck great style, then recently had a 99' Ranger 4x4 xlt, awsome truck loved it! So I am talking design to begin with, I see picuters of this future ranger with the front end of the Edge strapped to it! This does not settle well with my design eye. How about exploring the idea of, say start with the body style of the 04'-08' F-150's then throw a little Atlas touch to it and I believe you'll have another awsome Ranger on your hands. This is Ford, it must be tough at all costs! The Edge is a Suv, not a truck! I currently drive an 04' F-150 and love it but, would consider another Ranger (midsize truck) if I liked it. Otherwise I might end up with a Canyon even though the simple fact that they spent time to engineer a step in the side of the rear bumper iritates me. Finally, Interior, you guys do nice interiors, best of all, I would just say room for a small family to be comfortable crewstyle cabs thats it. Ecoboost!
Future Ford Ranger Design
By: Ken A.
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